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In order to write a good case study analysis, the writer should have good knowledge about the case study. A writer is required to read the case study carefully before writing the analysis of the case study. In addition to this, reading the case study more than once also helps the writer in understanding the case study and the issues concerned with it.

Case study analysis is the method to present the analysis of several different cases related to the existing problem. The method is used for a generation as the most relevant secondary data. The student must have a clear understanding of this method as it provides the solution of different real-life problems in the most effective manner. There are several important points that are needed to be considered by the student while analyzing the case.

Once the case study is clear then the writer is supposed to follow some guidance to write a good case study analysis. In the case study is concerned with a company or organization then it is necessary for the writer to completely analyze the growth history of the company. The past growth of the company has a great role in its further expansion. Initially, writer should analyses some basic information about the company like structure, incidents, and growth of the organization.

For instance, the writer needs to identify a particular and the most relevant case related to existing problem. As a case can be described as a sketch of a real life problem or situation related to a particular topic, the author should employ a significant amount of time and efforts for the purpose of finding a case.

After having a particular case, the author should decide his approach while solving the case, for instance whether he wants to utilize qualitative approach or quantitative approach for analyzing the findings of the case. At the time of writing, the writer must provide a brief summary or introduction of the case before analyzing it. This will provide some crucial information, which can be used in the analysis.

After the introduction of the case, the author needs to retrieve some crucial facts and findings related to the case. The author should try related such facts and findings with the existing situation. A proper and comprehensive conclusion and recommendations are required for making a good case study analysis.

The next step for the writer is to identify the strength and weaknesses of the company with the help of case study. With the help of information collected initially it is easy for the writer to analyze the various strengths and weakness of an organization. The next in the case study analysis involves the evaluation of the external environment of the company.

Once the whole information is collected, then writer is expected to analyze the whole information. The writer should compare the strength and weakness of the organization with the threats and opportunities present in the external environment. In the final section of the paper, writer should give a recommendation for the organization for it’s future growth.

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