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Tips For Students Who Want To Study In Singapore

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Singapore is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city at the heart of Southeast Asia. Singapore is characterized by an excellent education system, a literacy rate of 96%, well-established business and industrial community, a strong financial center, a vital regional trading center and the world’s busiest port. Over the years, this small country has created up an international reputation as a hub for world-class education and research, attracting overseas students, professionals, and researchers from all over the world.

Education system-

Singapore has various polytechnics and national universities which provide various college or university education through its diploma courses. These courses are practical in working which requires abundant of team work. The degree is offered in Biotechnology, Tourism, Mass Communication, Hospitality Management, Digital Media and much more.
Popular and Favorite student destination- The renowned Singaporean universities are National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Institute of Management University (SIM), Singapore Management University (SMU).

Referencing Guide

Safe and secure environment-

Singapore is a safe and secure city to live in. Students can remain here safe as the percent of crime occurring in this city is less as compared to other nations. Singapore have a safe and secure environment.

Singapore holds a society with different cultures where Chinese, Malay and various Indian traditions coincide with the western cultured outlook.
Students’ life


First of all, you have to choose that you desire to live in a private flat or the university accommodation. If you choose to live with private landlord then remain assured to read the agreement before signing it.

Extracurricular Activities-

Apart from facilities in sports, universities also provide extra-curricular activities to students with a broad experience- cultural, intellectual and relaxing. Music, literary, drama and science societies are presented in all the universities and there will be chances for some external learning and other pleasure tasks.

Living cost-

The cost of living is highly dependent on which area of Singapore you want to live. Few of the essential attributes that you must know for while living in Singapore as an international learner-

• Food and groceries

• Rent of the accommodation

• Textbook and reference books

• Phone bills

• Utilities like water, power, Internet, gas

Few of the additional attributes which may vary from person to student to student would be:

• Vacation and Travel

• Dining Out

• Cable TV connection

• Car rent and car insurance

Once you land-


It is a common trouble that most of the students come across. It will pass, remain uncomplaining. Search for your counselor workforce to talk about your homesickness or your other problems.

Learn basic cooking-

Learning some basic cooking will save your money. It will also meet your desire to eat ‘your food’ during time of homesickness.

Post study options-

Work visa-

If you are studying in any of the university in Singapore and before finishing your studies you accept a job offer then the employer need to apply for employment pass on your behalf.

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