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Student's Assignment Help January 12, 2016

Roommates are the second family for a person who lives away from his/her family. Many students leave their family, city, friends and country for higher studies. They share rooms with other students to reduce the financial burden and loneliness. Having roommates in an unknown city or country is always beneficial. You can share your problems, take help and also can get financial help during an emergency from roommates. So, it is necessary to build good relations with roommates.

Here are the Tips to Maintain Good relationships with roommates: –

A) Involvement: –

Involvement is the basic thing required to build good relations. Your roommates are also facing the same problems like you. Don’t live as an alone entity in the room, treat your roommates like a family. Involve with them. Discuss everything with them and also, listen to their problems. Value your roommates and they will also value you.

Tips to maintain good relationships with roommates

B) Make a proper schedule: –

Roommates share work between them for ease. Distribute the work equally and follow the work chart.

C) Weekly discussion: –

It is necessary to discuss things with your roommates. Arrange a weekly discussion with roommates. Talk about bills, living arrangement etc with them. Don’t take the decision by your own, involve them also. Value their suggestion.

D) Neither a borrower nor a lender: –

For a happy and long-time roommate relationship, it is necessary to keep your relations away from money matters. Don’t be a borrower or lender. In case, you or your roommate is in a serious financial trouble, then you must help him financially as a good friend. Otherwise, you must avoid it because money issues tarnish relationships.

E) Divide the rooms equally: –

All roommates are paying room rent equally. It is necessary to divide the room in equal proportions.

F) Respect your roommate’s freedom and privacy: –

It is necessary to respect the freedom of your roommates. If you smoke or drink, then ask your roommates about it. Don’t smoke or drink inside the room without their permission. Don’t play music with high volume, if roommates dislike it. It can spoil the friendship.

Similarly, you must respect their privacy. Don’t use their clothes, products etc without their permission. You may also don’t like this kind of behavior. Avoid using stuff of roommates without permission. Always take permission of your roommate before taking his/her food. This type of activities leads to fighting.

G) Resolve issues quickly: –

Roommates must resolve issues quickly when they are little. A small issue can turn into a big trouble that can end the friendship. So, resolve the issues on the spot.

H) Be open for new things: –

It is not possible that you roommates may belong to the same culture, community or country. So, always be ready to adopt new things quickly to enjoy room life.

Tips to maintain good relationships with roommates

I) Invite your roommate out with you: –

Plan a movie or go for dinner and lunch outside once in a week or month with a roommate. It will develop personal relationships with a roommate. You will understand your roommate’s likes and dislikes easily.

J) Keep room clean: –

It is necessary to understand that there’s a small difference in your home and sharing room. Don’t keep your clothes and other items here and there in the room. Many roommates dislike this habit. You must keep your stuff in your area.

K) be careful who you bring into the house: –

You must understand that you are sharing space with the roommates and you can’t take anyone to your room without their permission. They are also paying the rent of the room like you.
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