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Student's Assignment Help August 29, 2016

Pressure is a wider term which may denote stress, strain, load; demands .

If not handle properly or balanced it will have a huge impact on your lifestyle, health, relations, work and job. It affects both the physical and mental health by factors associated such as, late nights study, poor health, eating disorder, lack of exercise. They sometimes self medicated with alcohol, drugs, smoke and results can be very harmful to them. So it is essential to maintain balance at your work place and your college. Few valuable points will help you to lessen your pressure and make you at amity and tranquil.

1. Get adequate sleep:

getting enough sleep is very important to keep yourself relaxed and your mind free .National sleep foundation recommend 7 to 9 hours sleep for college students. Eat in the pink and nourishing so you have full energy at your work and college; make a diet chart which will balance your intact of protein, carbohydrate and fats to include. You can always eat in regular intervals to avoid health problems within your body due to lack of energy needed. This will make you more energetic and healthy.

2. Have a strong support system:

one cannot do everything by its own; he needs someone to be there with you to support you professionally and personally. It can be your family member, friend, manager or colleagues at work. They can help you to juggle in case of dilemma at work or may be difficulties in college assignment. It will make you more optimistic and satisfactory. If you have team with you it will be an Asset for you.





3. Look for flexible job:

try to find out the job that is flexible with your college timings. If your employer understands you, it will be easy to uphold balance at your work and job. An understanding employer may give you schedule off during your midterm and final exams, it will lead you study in an effective manner and further will give you good results and grades too.

4. Time management:

time management is a wider term, not restrict to particular vicinity. It is very crucial and necessary at every level and every work to complete it with full application, and to finish your work or the college assignment within the prescribed time limit and the deadline. You can also take help of online classes, or attend weekend class or evening class to deal with the study part that has been missed due to work.

5. Have a societal circle:

having social circle not only bring change in day to day life but also make us contented and tension free. A good circle of friends or family will make you positive, free from anxiety and make your mind composed and calm. You can also have consultation when you are in a problem or feeling low, only a piece of advice and sharing will reduce your stress and burden. You can also indulge in activities you like such as music, party, watching movie. It will always make you rejuvenated and refreshed.

6. Yoga and Meditation:

try to incorporate yoga or meditation in your daily practice. Yoga helps you to access an inner strength that allows you to face irresistible fears, frustrations and challenges of everyday life. A complete breath method is a must for everyone who often feels stressed out; it will cool your mind and help you to cope up with complicated situation. Daily practice of complete relaxation and meditation is vital; just a few minutes of meditation during your work will make a difference. Meditation let you in touch with your inner resources, which means less dependable on medicine, better self awareness, self-reliance and a more contented life.

7. Love your learning:

if you are sincerely passionate about your education and career, love what are you doing, it will make your work and study more agreeable and free from burden and strain. Think of inspiring your mind and enhancing your job. Dream of completing college with first-class grades and job with improved incentives and better opportunities in future. “If you can dream of it, you can achieve it and if you can achieve it you can become it “’.

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