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Student's Assignment Help August 9, 2016

Every year thousands of learners come to the UK to gain education from its top universities or colleges. There are many world’s renowned universities situated in UK where every student wish to gain education from. The standard of education given in these universities is what make them best and more number of students are attracted to pursue their education in.

The UK is a world leader in many areas of education including science, engineering, business and management, art and design, law and finance. The UK offers a world-renowned education system with a qualification that can make a real difference in your future. It attracts international students each year to a variety of programs ranging from English language courses to PhDs.

The leading educational publication, Times higher education, has released the rankings of top 10 UK Universities for students’ comfort. By separate 21 separate indicators or measures, the survey result is determined, based on the response of over 14,700 undergraduates. In this prestigious list, only the universities with more than 50 responses have been included.

Here’s the list of top 10 universities:

No matter how much you already know about university options in the UK and you can learn even more details about individual universities and how they compare with each other by using the University rankings. There is no shortage of eye-catching institutions and cities full of character. Here the list goes-

 Rank 1-

University of Bath: The University of Bath bettered its ranking this year by one place, securing the most prestigious position. It scored the most in a campus environment, industry connections, security and library facilities from its one hundred and eighty respondents. Previously it holds 2nd position and an overall score of 83.6. It is every student’s dream to get admission in the top UK University, and the University of Bath holds this position.

 Rank 2-

Loughborough University: Don’t worry if you cannot get registered with the number 1 rank holding university. The list is not over here. Appearing for the first time in the top 10, Loughborough University fascinated its respondents with the best quality facilities. To secure the runners-up position it climbed nine places. Previously the university was at 11th position and managed to appear at 2nd place with an overall score of 83.3. The University commemorated its 50th foundation day in the year 2015. This remarkable achievement escalated the celebrations.

 Rank 3-

University of Sheffield: Although it lost the top rank; still this leading research and teaching University secured as admiring the third position. Scoring high ratings in all the indicators, The University of Sheffield received 272 responses overall. The University received the best grades in students’ union among all the categories. Its overall score is 82.9, and the previous ranking was 1st.

 Rank 4-

University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge, ascending two places, scoring the most in extra-curricular activities and quality of staff and lectures. For this illustrious institution, two hundred and nineteen students voted, which provides higher education in more than 100 subjects. The University of Cambridge was previously ranked at 6th position and an overall score of 82.9. It is among one of the most respected and reputed universities in the world.

 Rank 5-

University of Oxford: Securing the 5th position, the oldest University in the English-speaking nations that slipped one place. Scoring exceedingly in all the major categories, The University of Oxford received 219 responses. The University also became the joint first for the best quality staff and lectures. The university also offers best extracurricular activities and previously was ranked at 4th position and an overall score 82.7. Throughout the centuries the Oxford University has seen some of the world’s greatest writers, politicians, thinkers and scientists study or teach at its colleges.

 Rank 6-

University of Surrey: To jump 28 spots to secure the joint sixth place, University of Surrey has performed exceedingly well this year. Scoring the excessive in sports facilities, the ratings increased notably with the increased intake of high-grade students. This university secured its 6th position with an overall score of 82.3.

 Rank 7-

University of East Anglia: Jointly ranked at sixth place, it fell three places from the last year’s ranking which was 3rd. For this 50-year-old university, one hundred and fifty-seven students responded. The University received stable and consistent ratings in all the fields, scoring excellent grades in the library and sports facilities. Its overall score is 82.3

 Rank 8-

University of Exeter: Dropping one place from last year’s ranking, i.e. 7th, The University of Exeter secured the 8th position. Located in South West England, it has scored the most in a campus environment. From its 193 respondents, the University also received excellent ratings in quality and opening hours of the library, with an overall score of 82.

 Rank 9-

University of Leeds: The University of Leeds retained its position, with a response from 248 students. In the quality of the students’ union and extra-curricular activities, it secured the highest rating. It last year rank was also 9th and an overall score 81.9

 Rank 10-

Newcastle University: This public research university was established in 1834, and to enter the top 10 for the first time it jumped six places. The Newcastle University received 170 responses, scoring the most in library opening hours and social life. Its previous ranking was 16th and overall score 81.6

Without a doubt, it can be easily concluded that securing the top slot has made University of Bath the best institutions in the UK for students’ satisfaction and experience.

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