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Types of Essay And Basic Introduction

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Writing an essay on various topics is generally fun for the students instead of writing their homework on any subject. Essay writing is the most common type of assignment assigned to the students. It is a practice adopted by the professors to test their students writing skills and ability to bring out their understanding of the given topic.

Writing essays, for the students on different topics, is like the activity of mood changing. They have to think of the given topic before they started writing to bring out the best ideas for their essay. To enhance the effectiveness of your work, you should maintain the standards by using the proper structure of the article.

There are both formal and informal essays. Formal essays are more educational in nature and cover mainly serious topics. But informal essays are more personal in nature that is given mostly to the students in their academics. It can be of any type, either short, descriptive, long, explanatory, etc.; each type has its different structure and format that students should apply while writing their essay.

They generally get confused or sometimes even don’t remember every form and ends up using the basic or incorrect format. A reflection essay is a type of informal essay in which they have to explain their experience about the delivered lecture, class, article, etc.


An essay is a piece of writing that describes the subject matter in a short story. Students must acquire writing skills and creativity in drawing their thoughts on paper for effective essay writing. It is a common practice adopted by almost every educational stream – science, arts, commerce, geology, etc. to discuss a particular issue.

Every student has undoubtedly heard the word “essay” during their academic life. They even sometimes asked to write an essay for the given topic on the spot. At that time, even with the best ideas in their minds, they get stuck in deciding the type of essay they should use. So you can get a better understanding of every kind of essay, best explained in this article. To enhance the efficiency of your work, it should be free from plagiarism.

Different types of essays important for the academic life of students

You must know about every kind of essay so that you wouldn’t ever face any problem in writing on the spot essays and writing articles as homework as well. There are various types of essays, but here listed the most important types that are assigned to the students during their academic life.

  1. Narrative Essay:  It is a type of essay in which a narrator or writer narrates their story in the form of essay. As the narrative essay is all about the real-life experiences, so it must be in 1st person (I, me) form. This type of pieces requires skills and creativity in drawing the scenes on paper through words. Narrative essays are short stories or novella in which writers explain their emotions and experiences about a particular incident that happened with them, or they can also narrate an imaginary tale. It should be as real and vivid as possible that it could create the scenes in readers’ minds. The essay should have the power to involve the readers as if they were a part of the story.
  1. Persuasive / Argumentative Essays: The only purpose of this essay is to convince the readers with your viewpoint about the particular problem. The writer should present both sides of the arguments. In the persuasive or argumentative essay, the main aim is to persuade the audience with the writer’s arguments. This essay requires research, opinions, logic, facts, and appropriate examples to prove their point and get the readers on their side.
  2. Expository Essay: The expository essay demands extensive and real knowledge about the subject matter. In this type of essay, the writer presents both sides of the story, i.e., against and favor. To prove your stand, you have to do lots of investigation to collect the shreds of evidence in the form of statistics or examples. There is no space to explain your emotions in this essay. The essay is incomplete without any evidence to prove your statement.

An expository essay is also known by the name “five-paragraph essay.” This extended article is divided into five parts – general explanation essay, definition essay, cause & effect essay, reflection essay, and critical analysis essay. It follows the basic format of an essay – introduction, body, conclusion apart from dividing it into further parts. In the conclusion section, a summary of the entire essay is given.

You should not summarize the introduction section in conclusion and even don’t introduce any new idea in it. The only purpose of writing an expository essay is to explain your stand and try to convince the readers with your points. It could be possible only if you have enough convincing proofs to show the readers. You have to elaborate the issue in detail to give every likely dept of the matter to the audience.

  1. Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay is that type of essay in which you have to give the descriptions of the subject. It provides flexibility as there is no proper structure or format of a descriptive essay is defined. So writers are free to design their views by keeping in mind the type of readers.

You are free to show your emotions and create a picture of the subject in readers’ minds. Writers should use various adjectives and adverbs to explain their topic more efficiently. Some most essential literary tools that writers use in descriptive essays are metaphors, personification, analogies, etc. You have to stick with describing the matter; don’t try to go off the topic that could reduce the effectiveness of your writing.

These basic types of essays you should always remind as it can help you in structuring your views and knowledge in the correct format even on the spot. You can easily score good academic grades by impressing your supervisors with quality essays.

Always try to write more organized essays. Your essay should be simple and more readable. Try to stick with the topic; don’t get off from the main idea.

Everything those College Students must know to write 4 Types of Essays!

Students can start from the most time-consuming type of essays that is an expository essay. The four main types of essays come under the academic life of students are;

  1. Expository essay
  2. Descriptive essay
  3. Narrative essay
  4. Persuasive essay

Take a look at each type of essay in the description so you will always be ready for writing battle;

  1. Expository Essay

There is a need for a great time to write up an expository essay because the volume of this essay is large. This essay can be divided into several categories. These several categories of an expository essay are;

  • A basic interpretation essay: it refers to the process of interpreting some topics step-by-step along with providing the detailed instructions of the topic. Such type of assignments answers about “how” question of the topic. The topics under this type of essay can be like; the way how the president of the US is elected and describe the means by which chocolate factory creates its best candies.
  • A definition essay: it is the simplest form of essay. However, you cannot describe it in a single definition taken from the English Dictionary. If you do so, then plagiarism will be there in the content. College students should include both the personal understanding and official definitions of the specific phrase or word. For example, you can define words like hatred, justice, and school bullying in your essay.
  • The cause and effect essay: It is one of the types which show that things are interrelated in the world. In this type, college students should draw a parallel situation between some events by describing some reasons for the consequences of the things. For example, students are given to write on the cause and effect of the civil war in the US.
  • A response essay: This kind of essay is also known as a reflection essay. In this type, University students need to explain the main topic of the essay on the basis of evidence and facts. It will be best if you focus on personal opinions regarding the subject of the essay.
  • A critical analysis essay: this type of essay makes the students understand the material covered in the topic. The students have to choose the related piece of the text or content to write up, analyze, and interpret the results in their way. The university professor compares the entire essay with the interpretation of the essay. Students need to explain line by line to clearly explain this essay.
  1. Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay answers for describing something in the topic. This type of essay is an original essay which is entirely based on detailed analysis and description of the topic. While writing this type of essay, college students have to deal with adjectives, adverbs, and more.

Students can use several descriptive words to describe the essay topic in different ways. Students can use these most popular literary tools like metaphors, analogies, similes, personifications, and allegories in descriptive essays. These words help to visualize things clearly. Such types of essays are assigned by English literature and composition teachers to their students. Students can have several options like describing a personal experience in details, sharing emotions, and explaining the different ways to cook pizza.

  1. Narrative Essay

This type of essay reminds us of a short story by the author, like Old Man and the Sea. In a narrative essay, the students can write and explain about the weirdest thing that they met in their life. Students can also talk about the story of the first love of their life.

It is the other best idea to write up a narrative essay. Many college and university students choose to narrate about the particular day of their life to show how one says can change someone’s life. This type of essay is written to describe all about the experiences of the writer about various things and moments of his life to target the audience and create a reader’s interest in someone’s life experiences.

College students do not need to take help from the external sources to write up the narrative essay. Declining the use of external sources to write up the narrative essay makes this essay easy for all. However, students in graduation have to develop a creative and practical approach to get good grades in academics.

  1. Persuasive or Argumentative Essay

The persuasive or an argumentative essay is one of the types of essay in which students in university has to insist on the particular point of view regarding the problem chosen for writing the essay. In this category, there are two different types of essays.

In a persuasive essay, the student has to convince the readers about the truth of the main argument or issue of the essay topic. However, in an argumentative essay, college students in graduation must write up the thesis statement and defend this statement with other more related evidence and arguments. It is a very challenging task for college students to write up the persuasive essays. A college and university student must learn how to write up the argumentative essay first.

List Of some different types of essay for college students

It is not ample for you as a writer to just perceive the main types of essays. You also need to know the best-suited categories of academic papers at each educational level. Essay writing is an integral part of mainly these academic levels – middle school, high school, and College. These are the fundamental levels of academia in which teachers adapt the exercise of assigning various types of essays for students to enhance their writing skills.

Scholars at other academic levels like Masters (MA, M.tech, etc.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) prefer to write more serious, lengthy, and time-consuming papers like a research paper, thesis, dissertation, etc. Essays for the academic life of students act as a source of improving the ability to understand the things profoundly and write down the acquired knowledge on the adequately formatted, structured paper.

Types of essays for Middle School

However, the simplest types of articles given to the students at this level, but if considering their age, they require much efforts and time to accomplish the topic. Here are some tips that could help them.

  • Opt to write narrative, descriptive, reflective, illustrative, or story-telling essays to start composing the articles for middle school.
  • Prefer to write prompt opinions based on your hobbies, talent, skills, or abilities.
  • Give personal preferences and accomplishments on the methods of cooking a dish, studying, playing your favorite game, etc.
  • Describe every point in detail when writing on fashion, people, religions, eves, etc.
  • Understand the expectations of your teacher, and focus on that to earn the highest grade.

Types of essays for High School

The articles assigned to the students in high school are bit more tangled than the middle school. Students can use the below-defined pointers to write varied kinds of essays in high school.

  • It is necessary for high school students to concentrate more on writing comparative, expository, narrative, cause & effect, and the essays that involve personal statements. As they have to prepare themselves for their dream colleges, so they must include critical thinking in their writing.
  • Try to write an expository essay with a five-paragraph structure. There should be one paragraph reserved for the introduction, and then come three body paragraphs, and the ending section for the conclusion.
  • Don’t get off the topic; try to stick with it strictly.
  • Cover a single topic with various reticulated ideas.
  • Practice hard to write quality essays by inculcating personal statements and critical thinking in your work for a better career.

Types of essays for College

Essays are much confusing and complicated at the college level. But by following these tips, students can submit various kinds of college essays winningly.

  • Regardless of whether your professor assigns a topic for the essay, or you choose that for yourself, you must first understand it and then move forward. It is recommended to note down the ideas roughly before starting your research to collect the information.
  • Narrow down the broader subject to create a short story.
  • You can give suggestions regarding the matter, but avoid giving your personal opinions in the essay.
  • Give accurate personal statements without any editing.
  • Use plagiarism free content and protect your content as well from being duplicated by anyone else with the copyright.
  • Reread your paper to ensure any mistake, readability, etc. before submitting it.

Some more types of essays that college students must know to write up!

There are even more types of essays exist other than those four which are mentioned above. Students can take a look at these essays also to include in their academic homework essays.

  1. Admission or Scholarship Essay: The admission or scholarship essay is a ticket to a higher level of education for the students as post-graduation. After completing graduation, students would write admission essays to take admission and enter the colleges. To succeed further in these essays, students have to do the following;
  • Explain why the students have chosen the specific field of study
  • Give a reason why the student needs to get a degree
  • Reflect one’s strength and weaknesses
  • Share your knowledge about the college of your choice
  • Share the ways by which you can contribute to the community and society of the college

A scholarship essay is a close type of essay. Students in colleges write these essays. The main objective of these essays is to persuade the College Board that students deserve a scholarship. The scholarship is financial support given to the student from the college side. Colleges pay to the best students for their high achievements in academics. A student can become wealthy by writing an impressive scholarship essay.

  1. A Cultural Identity Essay:  The US initiates many activities to unite various countries, being a mix of cultures. Teachers and professors of school and colleges assign cultural identity essays to the students to make them understand the international peers in a better way based on the customs and traditions of them. This type of essay covers many things. It may include all the information about religion, personal viewpoints, customs, language, cultures, and many more reasons for the students to move to the US to study. College and school students should not get confused with a personal essay and cultural identity essay. This essay does not focus on any single person. Students in this essay have to write for a group of people with their rich and fascinating cultural background.
  1. A Process Analysis Essay:  This type of essay can be included in the list of expository essays. Students of college and universities should know why this type of essay is important in their academic life. Students who can write an impressive and effective process analysis essay, in the future, they can become an excellent technical writer. In this type of essay, students need to describe the process step-by-step. Students have to answer for “How to” in this type of essay. College and university students should keep their focus on the topic while explaining the purpose of the process step-by-step by discussing each step of the process in details.
  1. An Informative Essay:  An informative essay is a common type of essay among the different kinds of essay for students. Students may argue that this type of essay contains specific information. Students must cover the topic of the essay with the help of descriptions, in-depth analysis, and special terms in details and support all these by credible evidence. Students writing this type of essay should be a real expert in the subject he chose to come up with writing a compelling essay.


After getting about various types of essays which students must know to write in their academic life, students can write each type of essay according to needs. If lacking somewhere while writing an extended essay for academics, students can get a universal solution for their essays. Students can select their essay topic and subject in which, they want to make the essay and can ask the essay writers of Singapore Assignment Help for help to write an essay for them.


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