Different kinds of Plagiarism

05/15/2019 | 970

The authorities which look after intellectual rights of human has taken efforts to abolish the plagiarism.

Different kinds of plagiarism are listed here, If you are also a college student it is very important for you to know about these plagiarism facts to avoid such blunder in your own work. So just go through these free tips given by Students Assignment Help professionals. That is how you will be able to get a good score in your assignments of college.

1. Paraphrasing of the original 

If you are paraphrasing the original words, then plagiarism detector tools will catch it within seconds. Try to avoid such paraphrasing where you are not even changing the original words of the text. It is always good to rise with your original thoughts in the essay rather than stealing from other’s ideas. Copying own text in order to prepare own assignment is a self-plagiarism which is also an offence.

2. Using too much quotation 

When you bombard your essay with a lot of quotations collected from various sources they look like forcefully adjusted. So try to reduce the number of quotations in your essay as per the requirement.

3. Not putting quotations in inverted commas

Even if you have written very few quotations still there is a chance of plag. in your essay. This is because you are not bothering about adding inverted commas for your quotations. Make sure to minimize the level of such mistakes in your assignments to turn them plagiarism-free. By learning the basic rules of writing plagiarism free work you can grab the best marks in your thesis.

4. The wrong citation of the sources 

Students who try to fly with the wings of arrogance and openly talks about plagiarism free assignment can also be caught by plagiarism. This is because when you are citing your reference in the essay citation of exact format is not followed. Read the rules of assignments citation in MLA as well as APA format to avoid such mistakes.

5. Stealing argument

Even you are writing your essay on your examples and using unique vocabulary even then plagiarism can catch you at certain steps. For example, taking the line of argument from someone else’ is also plagiarism as per premium plagiarism detecting tools.

6. Skip the step of essay

Forget about the wrong citation of the reference texts in case you are not even adding the step of citation. It is going to be very tough for you to stay away from plagiarism.  Most of the students do not write a citation of their work as a result of which they have to face the frown face of professors for committing plagiarism.

7.  Merging two or more essay

Sometimes students cleverly merge up two or more than two texts in a single one to claim it as original work. But such tricks do not work very well in their case. Copying of the same content is plagiarism. Only use your unique ideas to write your essays and term papers.

Hyperlinks are the link that is given by the students at the end of their essays. The main purpose of these hyperlinks is to work as a reference for the resources used from online research. Sometimes hyperlinks fail to take the person towards the referred text, so your work is counted as plagiarized.

9. Modification of quotations

If the quotation does not fit in the context of the topic on which you are writing you cannot modify the statement. When you are doing such things it is very much definite to see the plagiarism in the essay. So make sure that you write the quotation as it is within inverted commas of your text.

10. Alteration of words

When you try to change the words randomly from the given text it is also considered as plagiarism.

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