Types of Research

02/11/2020 | George Orwell | 1099

What is research

Research is basically an activity that you can conduct for gathering useful and value able information about a specific subject or topic. The research is very much crucial whether you are in a scientific or non-scientific field.

It is the research activity which will help you in increasing your knowledge about specific topics or fields. Research can be helpful for you in relation to finding a solution to the number of problems. Types of research you need to perform completely dependent on the nature of the problem.

Types of research

The research can be categories into two these are fundamental and applied research.

  • Fundamental research: The main purpose of such type of research is to bring improvement in scientific theories. You can conduct fundamental research for gaining new knowledge about the subject or specific field. By conducting fundamental investigation you can develop an in-depth understanding of specific phenomena. Fundamental research will help you in developing an in-depth understanding of specific issues and allow you to provide an explanation or conclusion for the same. You can’t find a solution to the problem by conducting fundamental research. It will enable you to address the root cause of the occurrence of a particular problem.
  • Applied research: It is the type of investigation which students conduct for identifying quick solutions for the issues. Applied research allows you to find quick solutions for the issues by making the application of different principles or theories. The research findings of such types of investigation procedures can be applied immediately.

Types of research

Classification of applied and fundamental research

Applied and fundamental research can be further categorized into different forms these are:

  • Quantitative research types: You can conduct quantitative research for gathering numerical data about the phenomenon. Quantitative research is basically an iterative procedure where the evaluation of evidence is done. In addition to this, graphs, tables, charts are utilized for presenting the outcome. Such types of investigation are conclusive in nature. By conducting such type of research you can easily make a comparison between data and could easily reach a conclusion.
  • Qualitative research: Such type of investigation is mainly performed for gathering non-numerical data. By conducting qualitative investigation you can detail facts about the phenomenon. Qualitative research allows you to provide detailed information about the situation. It also enables you to explore hidden aspects of research.
  • Mixed Research: It involves both qualitative and Quantitative research.

Other kinds of research

Exploratory research types

You can perform such types of research for the issues that have not been studied properly by other researchers. A few of the techniques which can be utilized for gathering information about the specific topic or subject are interview, case analysis, etc. You can perform exploratory research by engaging yourself in guided discussions, developing research which addresses risk factor, accumulating information about the market, appointing an expert person for conducting an interview. Exploratory research will help you in the selection of the best research Design.
You can utilize this type of research for gathering and describing the characteristics of the population. For instance, a fashion retail company intends to gain information about fashion trends in the market. A firm by conducting a demographic survey could accumulate detailed information about the population and then could perform descriptive research.

Explanatory research

The primary purpose of performing such type of investigation is to provide an explanation of the relationship between different variables. Correlation is the statistical formula that is utilized for developing an understanding of the relationship between different dimensions of the study.

Longitudinal research

In such types of research, You need to collect information at different points in time. The students can conduct longitudinal research  in different forms such as:

It involves investigation performed for studying the characteristics of the population. For example the percentage of absentees in a class.

Cohort study

It addresses the subpopulation. For example the percentage of absentees in the marketing department in an organization.

Panel study

You need to perform such studies for tracing a similar sample over a period of time.

Cross-sectional research

In such type of research, you need to collect data on the research topic in a week or month. Students perform such kind of research with the purpose of analyzing the present situation.

Action research

It is a kind of research that you can conduct for collecting the information or facts for bringing positive change in society.

Policy-oriented research

Students perform such types of research with the aim of determining the way they can solve specific issues.

Comparative research

It is the type of investigation which allows you to analyze the similarities and enables you to make a comparison between different units at various levels.

Casual research

By performing such type of research you can develop an understanding of the relationship between cause and effect between different variables.

Theory testing research

It is a type of investigation which is executed mainly for judging the validity of hypothesis or new concept.

Theory building research

You can perform this type of research for formulating new concepts or theories.

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