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Writing a college and university assignment demand a good knowledge of grammar from the students. There are various types of sentences that are used for essay writing or any other formal piece of writing. It is crucial to have a complete idea about the difference between the multiple types of sentences to write grammatically error-free assignments.

Students Assignment Help experts have described the various types of sentences differences between them here for college students. So if you are writing your college research paper, essays and term papers than it becomes important for you to go through the difference between the multiple types of sentences.

What are the different types of sentences?

Students of college and university need to write their assignments inappropriate way by following the grammar rule and format. For example, if you are given with 500 words essay writing then you must frame the outline accordingly in three layered essay format. Similar is the case with the grammatical rules as well.

Graduates are supposed to write their assignments in correct grammar be that, spellings or type of sentence used at proper place. So if you are writing a college assignment or school homework then here is a step by step guide for you to know the different types of sentences. By reading these steps you will be able to differentiate between the various sentences and their types very easily.

  1. Affirmative sentences

As the name of the sentence speaks for it this type of sentence are used in academic and formal writing where you have to give a firm statement. You do not need any further explanation or discussion on such a sentence. The sentences of this sort are commonly closed by putting a period at the end. They are complete in themselves and need no clearance further. These are also known as simple sentences that are used too often as compared to any other type of sentence in the writing of essays, term papers, thesis, etc. For instance

  • Ram is a good boy and always finishes his homework on time.
  • It is always good to worship God in a good time as well as a bad time.
  • Sun always rises in the east and not in the west, north or south.
  1. Imperative sentences

Imperative sentences are written while you are exerting a command on the person in front of you. Such sentences are not mostly in use while writing an essay or thesis but still, you should have a fair idea about them in order to master the grammatical errors in your assignments. That is the actual way by which you can get the best marks in essay and thesis writing from college and school teachers easily.

  • Give me a glass of mineral water for drinking.
  • Solve these questions before 12 A.M and show me the answers after the deadline.
  • Write an essay on domestic violence for scholarship.
  1. Interrogative sentences

While writing these types of sentences a person asks several types of questions from the other people. Interrogative sentences are usually there in the essay while addressing an argument or issue on the topic of the essay.

  • How did you manage to lose that game even after so much practice?
  • What are the reasons behind being late in the class on a regular basis?
  • How you are going to earn so much amount of money within one month to give the EMI or your bank loan?
  1. Exclamatory sentences- The exclamatory sentences reflect the joy, sadness and sudden reaction of a person towards a given situation or state. The sentences are not often in use but still, you should have the best idea about their use in various scenarios to make your assignments free from any sort of mistake. That is how you will be able to omit the level of grammatical errors in your essays, thesis, research papers, and term papers as well. For example
  • Oh my God her dog has charismatic and charming eyes!
  • That lady is beautiful! Is not she?
  • Alas! Her father died of throat cancer last week.

Why it is important to know the difference between various types of sentences?

It is important to know the difference between various types of sentences.

For example, while writing a college essay students often mistake to use the right type of sentence. As a result of which it becomes difficult to cope up with such mistakes for the students when it comes to gain a good score in their assignments. That is why a proper idea about the use of sentences at the proper time, like that if the diction of the words is crucial. It will raise the quality of your essay and other college assignments as well.

How to write grammatically correct assignments with apt format and sentence type by the students for college

By following the above ideas and suggestions you can write top quality essays and assignments for college by opting appropriate kind of sentences. First draw the outline of the essay according to the limit assigned for words. For this purpose you need to know that how many pages in 500 words can be written in case of short essay and vice –versa. Assignment help can be taken by the graduates and masters in writing their college assignments from Students Assignment Help.

So make sure that you are heading towards these services of professional and most talented online assignments helpers. That is the way by which you can grab best score in your assignments without any mistake in the grammar.

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