Visual Analysis Essay – Step By Step Guide

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A Visual Analysis Essay is a type of academic writing that many students find daunting. An essay, by definition, requires the student to provide an explanation and analysis of a text.

Visual analysis essays are a common part of literature and history courses that are given to graduates by professors. The purpose behind assigning these essays is to make students proficient in studying historical monuments or artwork like paintings etc. Writing a visual analysis essay always starts with preparing its outline. But those who write such essays for the first time then they should seek visual analysis essay writing tips from proficient essay writers. By reading this article, you will be able to prepare the superior outline of your essay on history, English literature, and any other subject by reading these ideas of essay outline.

Definition Of The Visual Analysis Essay

A visual analysis essay basically requires you to provide a detailed description of a specific visual display. In doing so, you need to analyze the visual display and describe the elements in detail. You will also need to explain how different concepts fit together and make the whole visual stand out.

Moreover, these concepts include basic visual elements and principles of design. Therefore, students need to understand these concepts for writing an effective visual analysis essay. For analyzing an image or any other visual that has some amount of graphical element in it, you look at:

  • The audience
  • How an image is formed
  • The historical context

For example, while writing a visual analysis essay on an art painting it is important to understand the socio-economic situations of the time when it is prepared. Then you need to understand the glimpses of these situations in the painting through different ways of critical analysis. Likewise, we can also write the visual analysis essay on a monument by explaining its features and how they correspond to age. The critical analysis of the cinematography of certain Hollywood movies is also sometimes given for the visual analysis essay to college students.

Elements In Writing An Visual Analysis Essay

Based on the preceding section, one of the concepts that students must consider when writing a visual analysis essay is visual elements. In essence, these elements give an image of its visual characteristics.

For example, common visual elements are composition, elements of design, focal point, color, line, texture, shape, form, value, size, and symbolic elements. In turn, it is practically impossible for a student to analyze an image or visual display without describing how some of these elements exemplify the subject’s visual characteristics.

  1. Composition
  2. Elements of Design
  3. Focal Point
  4. Color
  5. Line
  6. Texture
  7. Shape
  8. Form
  9. Value
  10. Size
  11. Symbolic Elements

Principles Of Design In Writing Visual Analysis Essay

Besides visual elements described in the preceding section, artists also apply design principles when creating images or visual displays. In turn, such principles help to exemplify the visual characteristics of an image or visual display. For example, some of the common design principles include balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, variety, contrast, hierarchy, and rhythm.

  1. Balance
  2. Emphasis
  3. Movement
  4. Pattern
  5. Proportion
  6. Variety
  7. Contrast
  8. Hierarchy
  9. Rhythm
  10. Layout

Steps To Write A Visual Analysis Essay

Visual Analysis Essay Outline Writing – Step By Step Guide

The six steps of  Writing Visual analysis are:

Step 1: Describe the subject

Before beginning to write a visual analysis essay, it is very much essential for you to develop an understanding of the artwork.  At the initial step of writing a visual essay, you need to closely analyze the mood, character, and features of a specific object.  By closely analyzing the object you will be able to generate thoughts. You should note down all the thoughts. After noting down all the thoughts you need to now concentrate much on artwork.  After analyzing the object, you should start writing a visual essay by describing the visual components of the topic.  It is the tactics that will help you in providing the reader with an idea about what you are going to portray.

Step 2:  Respond to the subject

It means drawing a reaction. At the time of writing the visual essay, you should describe your reaction when you look at a particular thing. For example, if you are writing a visual on  Red Fort, then you should describe the feature of it.  At the time of responding to the subject, you should answer to following questions such as: What was the purpose of the artist behind portraying Red fort?

Step 3: Closely analyze the artwork

You should provide information about the finer aspects of artwork like its background, color, composition, textures, etc.  It is the tactic that will help you in filling missing gaps.

Step 4. Develop a thesis

After closely analyzing the artwork,  you need to write a thesis statement for your visual essay.  At the time of writing the thesis statement, you need to consider the purpose and subjects of the visual analysis essay. After writing the thesis statement, it is very much essential for you to ensure that the thesis statement which you wrote represents your main idea.

Step 5: Prepare an outline and write a visual analysis essay

After writing the thesis statement, you should begin writing an introduction for your visual analysis essay. It is very much essential for you to write a good introduction to a visual analysis essay. While writing the introduction section, you need to ensure that this is a specific section that will enable you to make the reader understand your intention of writing a visual analysis essay. Below is the outline of the visual analysis essay

(a) Introduction

The essay introduction of a visual analysis essay should educate the reader about the subject on which the essay is being written.

For example, if you are writing a picture analysis essay then the background of the picture must be clear to the readers. The artist who prepared the picture, what were the situations of society when the picture was prepared and the author’s main objective.

Also, you have to describe your stance in the essay writing that what you are going to make out of the given picture or painting for that matter. Writing to the short or too long introduction of a visual analysis essay is always harmful and that is why it should be in a balanced word count. The element of interest must not be missing from the essay introduction and the essay hook plays a significant role in it. You can also start an essay with popular quotations in the form of an essay hook for as it will help you in enhancing the quality of your essay.

(b) The main body of a visual analysis essay

You can create the outline of the main body by having a rough idea about the arguments of the essay. It can be done when you are sure about the points that are going to form a part of your essay.

For example, if you are writing your essay by analyzing the Gothic architecture of the ancient period of Europe then your main body should include the reasons for which this architecture  is developed.

How the cause of feudalism leads to Gothic art and its effect on society. One can also look at the subject diversely by comparing the literary work. Then reasons about these arguments should also be prepared at a glance in the outline.

(c) Conclusion

A conclusion consists of the main points from the thesis statement and main essay. Here the writer needs to set coordination between the that the thesis is justified through the essay.

Step 6: Organize your analysis

Students have several options that they can utilize for organizing their visual analysis essay.  The selection of options for the organization of an essay is completely dependent on particular situations. Some of the options which you can use for organizing  thoughts in a visual analysis essay are:

  • Spatial: This structure of the visual essay follows the way the eyes follow the visual text.
  • Elements: Each body paragraph in the visual essay mainly concentrates on an element of the text that is images and colors.
  • Rhetorical appeals: You can categories the different sections of an essay.

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