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Student's Assignment Help November 26, 2015

Answer by Students Assignment Help:

Have pointed out some unique problems related to academics only, as other answers above have ample issues mentioned, which you might face as a student in the USA.

The major problem faced by students in the USA related to academics is the change in their study pattern.

In India students have a writing system in, which there is no concept of plagiarism and referencing system till masters, this is asked at PhD level mostly. Students don't even know the meaning of plagiarism as they follow the learning and writing pattern in most parts of India.

So, students find it very difficult to prepare assignments and dissertations as they are unaware of the study pattern followed in the USA. It becomes problematic for them to understand how to do research and prepare a proper referencing list and format any essay, or a paper or report.

A major challenge they face is how to write different papers like essays, reports, etc., as each has a different format and pattern of writing. They also come across a problem named as "plagiarized content" which they majorly receive in their remarks file provided by their professors. As their written content is checked with Plagiarism checking softwares like Turnitin etc.

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