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What is a Problem Statement – Definition,Purpose And Useful Tips To Write about

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A problem statement is a clear researched description related to any of the issues which have to get address quickly. Whether it is the wrong condition or the issue, it needs to get improved. An efficient problem statement recognizes the gap between the current issue and among the desired goal which the readers had expected about a process.

If the school students focus on the facts, then they can design a problem statement which can easily explain the issues to get worked upon. The first thing required for solving any of the big problems is to understand it correctly, which students can easily do with the help of the problem statement.

Generally, problem statements get widely used by different organizations and businesses to execute the process of improvement projects. A well-defined or the straightforward problem statement is used primarily by the project group so that the team members can easily understand the problem associated and can work appropriately towards developing a correct solution.

A problem statement can also offer proper management along with the specific insights into the problem so that the college students can make critical project-approving decisions. In short, the students have to be clear plus unambiguous while dealing with the problem statement.

How to define a problem?

It is all about human nature to begin for finding the solution instantly before even knowing that what actual problem is. Before the students start their work with the problem statement, they have to know the correct meaning or definition of the problem. A problem gets defined as the statement about the condition which has to get improvement, a concern which has neglected as soon as possible, a difficulty which the students have to eliminate quickly.

Frequently, an issue or problem refers to a troublesome statement that can exist in the theoretical part or actual practice. It mainly points out the need for careful investigation as well as meaningful understanding.

A poorly defined issue or a problem can increase the risk of finding the solution if the college students directly start searching for the answer without knowing the roots of the actual problem. It is not simple to see where the real challenge lies, which can instantly increase the stress level among the students.

However, the students can go with the five “why” questions to go in-depth of the problem. It can help them to add some of the additional items in the statements. Many times the problem gets extended to multiple functions or areas to which the students are not aware of. The college might have the information about what is happening to their project, but they might not have any idea that what is causing the problem.

Key elements to get included in a problem statement

A perfect problem statement should describe or explain an undesirable gap between the current level of performance and the desired goal to achieve. Sometimes when the production has not done according to the required standard, then it directly shows that there is some problem which has to get eliminated.

A problem statement should involve relative and absolute measures of the highlighted problem that quantify the gap existing. However, not every question statement includes possible solutions or the causes due to which the problem got created.

There are some of the key elements in the problem statement which the college students have to include, namely;

  • Gap: The problem statement element gap identifies that if there is any gap existing that can decrease the level of performance.
  • Location, timeframe, and trend: It involves the description of details like when and where the problem has observed the first plus which of the pattern it is following.
  • Impact: It quantifies the cost, quality, time, environmental, and other gap issues.
  • Importance: It should get involved to understand the urgency better and required to the individual, organization, and many more.

Purpose of writing the problem statement

The primary and most practical meaning of the problem statement is to find out the actual problem and explain it deeply.

It includes some of the specific elements like;

  1. Explanation about the existing environment
  2. Location from where the problem started
  3. What can be its effects on the users
  4. Finances
  5. other activities

In addition to it, a clear problem statement describes that what looks of the familiar environment are. When the students are capable of defining the desired condition, then can quickly provide a complete vision related to the product or process.

  1. It makes the purpose clear required for starting the improvement project and the goals set-up to accomplish soon.
  2. It the critical function of the problem statement to get used as a communication device.
  3. A problem statement helps in defining the scope of the project, which helps in keeping the concentration on the entire goal.
  4. At the end of the project, a problem statement can get used to check whether the solution suggested had solved the issue or not.
  5. It can get used in performing the root-cause analysis. It means that college students can understand why the problem had started.
  6. It can become comfortable with the help of problem statement to ensure the measures which get implemented to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

Throughout the entire project, the problem statement gets referenced, which helps in establishing the focus or concentration within the project team. The students or the members of the project can verify to remain on the right track.

It is important to note here that any of the problem statement does not provide any methods or solution to reach the solution.Simple, a problem statement identifies the gap due to which the students are lacking in meeting the desired achievements.”

However, there are several solutions related to solving the problem defined by the problem statement.

A problem statement is essential just like it is necessary to collect the information, knowledge, and current affairs from the subject related to the project. It can be helpful if the students are searching for additional research materials, user manuals, work instructions, and workflow charts to work on the problem statement.

Once the students can understand the main problem, then they can easily prepare for the academic projects in which problem statement is helpful.

Why is it challenging to write an efficient problem statement?


One of the major problems faced by the school or college students while working on the problem statement research is the distractions that can be from the following sources:

  • Symptoms: The related symptoms with the main problem can add confusion for the students when they are preparing for the problem statement. It is essential to consider only the main issue which can help the college students to make the academic paper on the valid problem statement.
  • Solutions: It usually comes when the students have done with the searching for the problem. The early consideration or the solution related to the main problem can get implemented as soon as possible. When someone gets stuck with the question, it becomes necessary to go in the roots of the problem which can help in finding the correct the solution of the problem. However, it is essential to not switch minds between the different solutions related to only one problem. The right answer is the only one which is reflexive and natural to achieve the desired goal.
  • Causes: The search for the leading reason responsible for the problem is a natural reaction found from many of the academic students. However, when the students are first describing the problem, then it becomes better to avoid the causes. Establishing the root-causing problem is better, but the students can reserve it for the appropriate problem-solving method, which can further be used in the process.
  • Blame: When one gets afflicted with a problem, then it is a natural reflex to search for the blame. The students cannot get succeeded with the technique of problem statement until they start to begin to blame someone rather than trying to solve it.

Importantly, a proper problem statement should be free of multiple solutions, causes, and blame. In addition to it, college students have to be aware of the various symptoms so that they cannot face distraction.

Useful tips for writing a problem statement for Business Analysis

The primary use of the problem statement is to gain project support plus quick approval to achieve the goal. If the students want to deliver successful results to the audience, then it would be better if they focus on making the problem statement essay clear and accurate. An incorrect or poorly crafted problem statement can lead to a distracted solution as well as can waste much time. To decrease the risk of failure associated with the project, it is essential to include the necessary critical elements into the problem statement.

It is important to note that it is not required to make the problem broad but what matters is to better the why questions which create the entire issue.

The college or school students can provide useful details for better understanding of the problem and developing an appropriate solution to the problem.

In addition to it, the problem statement is not perfect if it is too narrow. There are several templates available for the students with the help of which they can create a problem statement.

However, it is useful for the students if they take support from the following format, mainly used in Business Analysis while preparing the problem statement.

  1. Ideal: It is highly used to describe the desired state of the process as well as product. It can quickly identify the goals of the customers as well as provide the information that what they required by defining the scope. Also, it can help the students to illustrate what the expected environment looks like after the solution gets implemented.
  2. Reality: The section can be better used for describing the current issue or the process. It helps in explaining the better points for achieving the desired goals. The involvement of insights and expertise of the project team in this section makes the format impressive and attractive as well.
  3. Consequences: If the problem does not get fixed over the required time, then it can put an impact on the project. The section provides useful information to describe the symptoms which can find if the problem had not improved instantly. It can include the costs associated with the loss of time, money, competitive advantage, productivity, and many more. The magnitude of such effects can help to determine the priority related to the project.
  4. Proposal: To describe potential solutions, this section has to get used. Once the reality, ideal, and even the consequences section get completed or approved, then the project team can start providing different options to solve the problem. It can also involve the suggestions by the proper list of references and research.

After following such a problem statement template, the college students can easily prepare the best problem statement to provide the correct solution related to any of the problems.

How to write an effective problem statement?

Generally, a problem statement is a succinct and short explanation of a problem that any of the business is facing. The college students working on the problem statement can identify an ideal solution to solve the issue. Before the students start their task for creating the problem statement, it is essential to think about the problem first and then to prepare it with facts.

  • Explained the ideal state of issues: There are several ways found to start the problem statement task. Though students get to know that they can start it by describing the direct problem, there are some of the sources according to which it is better to provide the background information first so that the readers can understand the concise statement.

If the students know that they had gathered the proper information for describing the problem, then they can include some causes in the writing process.  It is more important to write the clear and understanding concepts which the readers can easily capture.

Before the students mention the problem in the problem statement, it is better for them if explain few sentences which describe how the problem has started. The process of giving background information about the issue discussed provides the reader with the idea that what they are going to get from the complete problem statement. The efficient solution is the one which describes how the performance gets levelled up by knowing that what actual problem is.

  • Describe the main issue: One of the essential parts for writing any of the problem statement is to find out the problem and then address it clearly in front of the readers. The audience will find out that the report presented by the students is easy to understand or not if the college students have to discuss main points. Summarise the problem which the students want to solve or intend to solve it. The readers can show their interest in the problem statement if the students have provided critical problem which requires to get addressed urgently.

The critical information included by the students in the problem statement can discuss the main issue that requires the most prominent and effective solution. To show that the problem highlighted is essential to consider, college students can use many of the ideal visions rather than focusing on imagination.

By wasting time on thinking about the clueless or unsolved problems, it is better to stay focused on reality. The college students can discuss through the problem statement about how the implemented solution can solve even the big problem.

  • Explain the problem statement by including the thesis statement:  When the students have decided that which of the problem will be best to discuss in the problem statement, then they have to start preparing for the thesis statement. The process required to write the problem statement is the same, whether it is about the businesses or academicals work.

However, for the school students who get assigned with the problem statement task, then they cannot skip thesis statement part at any cost. To assure the right grades or to impress the readers, it is essential to include the efficient thesis statement while dealing with the problem statement.

The thesis statement can be only a single sentence in which the school students have to summarise about the entire problem or argument which they are going to discuss. A good thesis statement for the problem statement is the one which includes both terms, namely, problem and correct solution to improve the performance decreased by the question.

For writing the effective thesis statement, students can put a strong argument or highlighting sentence either at the beginning of the problem statement or at the end. It is not less than a reliable tool for amazing readers to build up their interest in the discussed problem statement.

  • Fill up the gaps, if existing: No matter how much efficiently school students have written about the problem statement, they have always had to keep some of the things evident in their minds. The first thing is that only specific problem discussed can show the readers that some condition requires to get improvement or some gap has to get filled.

Another thing is that only a particular solution can fill up the difference or can improve the condition. When the students have understood the main points for writing about the problem statement, then they can impact a powerful and positive impact on the reader’s minds.

Even the school students can make the use of some pieces of evidence and proofs to support the problem statement. When the readers are going to find some facts in the comments, then they can understand that the problem needs to get solved as soon as it is possible.

  • Propose the correct solution: When the school students have adequately explained the problem and the issues and the importance to resolve them quickly, then they can proceed for the solution part. The best solution is the one on which the readers can easily show their interest plus which can ensure that the performance would get better after its implementation. The students have to focus on critical, concrete, and significant concepts without leaving even a minor mistake. There are plenty of opportunities available for the students with the help of which they can present an inspirational or impressive solution to the discussed problem.
  • Explain the benefits of choosing that solution: The school students have talked about the main problem, and the answer to solving then there next should be to highlight the points which make the solution best as compared to others. It is a perfect and ideal point if the students highlight the main sentences that why the solution discussed by them is better to implement. Since the academic assignment is essential to improve the communication and researching skills of the school students, so every student should respect it.

The problem statement provides an excellent opportunity for the students in which they have to discuss the big problems and the perfect solution to improve the performances. If the students are not able to work according to the satisfaction of the readers, then it directly shows that they have not highlighted the main problem and neither the best solution to improve it.

  • Conclude by giving a summary of the problem and solution: After all the points mentioned by the students in the problem statement, they have to move on the conclusion part. It the final piece in which the students have to conclude about the main arguments and the points which they have discussed in the entire problem statement. When the school students can complete the problem statement efficiently, then they can leave a good impression on the minds of the readers. It is the crucial step which no student can deny to skip.

It is not essential to write substantial sentences or long paragraphs in the ending part, but it is necessary to cover up the main points or solutions. The school students have to think about the impressive ideas or solutions which can solve the problem quickly.

Examples of the problem statement

Statement of the problem on social media

The problem statement: Real vision VS Screen time

There is no doubt that social media has provided teenagers with lots of opportunities to communicate efficiently. Today it has become the critical part in the life of the adults to remain active on social media. Whether it is about being famous or to follow up on the new trend, people prefer to use the internet in day-to-day life. Social media has become the main priority for many of the teenagers.

It is because of the social media that people can contact their friends and relatives quickly. Despite thinking about addiction, everyone is enjoying the usage of social media. There is no one to stop teenagers from getting addicted to the internet, and even some more techniques have invented to make social life convenient but quite dull. College students are checking and updating their social profile on daily purposes, which mean that social media has impacted profoundly on the student’s minds.

  • Argument1: Shift behavior to maintain balance in relationships: Though social media is helping to communicate with the friend who is living far from you, still it is creating distance between people who are living closer to you. So it is essential to maintain a proper balance between the relationships so that every person can stay happy. It is necessary to stay close with people who can handle mood swings and can calm the anger quickly.
  • Argument2: Shortage of emotional attachment:  When people are not sharing their happy and sad situations to others, then surely they can start feeling depressed. It is highly essential to contact friends and relatives who are not living nearer through social media, but it does not mean that you do not have to gather socially. Social media is impacting lives severely, and people know this very well, but still, they are avoiding it like hell. There is a lack of emotional attachment among people, and it is only because of the high usage of social media.
  • Argument3: Improve the quality of relationships:  The only thing which is responsible for spoiling the real friendships is a high usage of social media. Teenagers prefer to visit social media sites again and again, but it is only because they are losing people closer to them. They think that they cannot match their level, but the reality is that the internet or social media had made the life of ordinary people poor.

As a result, high usage of the internet, especially social media, has its pros and cons. It can either make the future of people or can spoil it. The rest depends on teenagers that how much time they are spending on the internet and how much they are giving to their family.

Statement of the problem of education

The problem statement: Is school became a business?

Government has made many strict laws according to which every child has the right to get an education. Education plays a significant role in shaping the career as well as in the development of the nation. If every child is getting proper training, then no one can stop them in building up the inspirational goals for others. However, not everyone thinks the same.

There are still many people who either are not able to provide education or who do not want to provide. In short, it is the future of the child, which is getting damage. Today education has become like a business for many people who wants to earn only money. It is about respect and proper training, which makes a person stand out among other illiterate people. So every child should get treated like precious to get an appropriate education.

  • Argument1: Necessity to improve the education system: If the education system of the country gets improvement, then undoubtedly many people would prefer to give their child a proper education. However, it is about modifying the education system not to change it completely. There are already many laws based on knowledge according to which everyone gets the proper education if they want to get.
  • Argument2: Is school education enough for students?: The answer is absolute, no. When the students are not getting the proper education, including the ethics, moral principles, and school education, then it means they lack in something. A well-educated person is the one who knows the etiquettes, manners, behaving principles, and more other things which can attract any of the human behavior.
  • Argument3: Modify some educational basis:  Though every student who is getting an education is supposed to get employed still there are many students who do not like studies or find it annoying. If the teachers or parents change or modify the ways of teaching, then every student can study with the proper interest. So sometimes even the small change is good to make a significant change.

It has become the need of an hour to provide the students with the correct education and moral principles so that they can never stop to prove themselves. If the students want to achieve something in their life, then they have to learn how to fight in difficult situations and how to maintain a balance between the challenging conditions.

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The school students have to prepare a proper problem statement by including not only the problem but also the solution to solve it effectively.


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