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What Is a Thesis Statement -Definition and Tips to Write

Student's Assignment Help 08/19/2019 502 Views

Almost every top college and university requires persuasion in the work that they assign to their students. Persuasion means convincing your readers with your logical and exciting point of perspective on the topic of your study. It is an art that you frequently exercise in your everyday lives. You convince your parents, roommates, friends, and others for various works like clean your bed, let you not to go to school, gift you a new dress, etc.

College students are generally asked to create a persuasive argument in their paper writing. It’s the very duty of college students to convince the audience with their point of perspective. Through these arguments only, readers get to know about the central idea of your study. It requires you to follow a foreseeable pattern in your paper writing to persuade others, often known as academic arguments. You should be more focused while writing the persuasive statements. As it is the only way available to you by which you can attract others to read the entire paper.

You have to state this argument in your own point of view generally covered in one phrase just after giving a concise introduction to your subject. This phrase is a thesis statement. And it works as an abstract for the arguments that you are going to create in the remainder of your article. Be sure while writing the thesis statement as it should not comes at the beginning of your paper.

You should write it after the introduction section and sometimes in between it. The argument should be compelling enough as the rest of the work should be entirely focused towards this statement only. Now let’s study further about these thesis statements in detail.

Meaning of the thesis statement

The thesis statement is one of the most significant parts for most of the academic paper writings, be it an essay writing, or any other research paper. Every document that college students write should contain a critical point, a principal concept, or a key message.

This primary concept should represent the argument(s) students make in their article. A dissertation argument or a thesis statement is a phrase that reflects your stance on this primary concept. A declaration of the thesis is a phrase that says what you want your article to demonstrate what you want your readers to be convinced of after reading your thesis.

What thesis statements actually do?

It is the basis of the work as a whole and tells the reader precisely what you want to demonstrate or refute along with what you want to do with the document. Whether you are publishing a research work or writing a strictly scientific essay, your paper should be entirely based on the proposed thesis statement. Therefore it tends to be correctly figured out.

  • It informs the audience how you are going to interpret the importance of the topic that is in consideration.
  • Through this, readers get to know what they should expect from the remainder part of the article. In short, it acts as a guide map for your paper.
  • It responds directly to your question. A thesis is not about the subject itself, but an interpretation of the topic or a question.
  • It usually comes in the starting of your paper (or sometimes at the end of the introduction section) and completed in a single phrase. In the rest of your essay, you have to collect and organize the proofs to convince your readers with the arguments of your interpretation.
  • It affirms that other people could dispute.

If your project requires you to take the side or present evidence on a topic, you might have to communicate that stance or claim throughout a thesis statement nearby the starting of your proposal.

Generally, it is not explicitly stated in your project work to write a thesis statement, but your supervisor presumes you to include at least one. If you have some doubt, you may confirm from your teacher whether a thesis statement is required or not. When your project involves evaluation, interpretation, cause & effect, to take a stand or speak on an issue, you are likely to be asked to create a thesis and persuasively promote it.

How long does it need to be?

The primary purpose of these one or two sentences or a thesis statement is to focus on your main ideas. It should be adequately able to present your paper’s subject matter, along with remarking on your role in the subject. Through the thesis statement, readers should get pre-knowledge about the entire article, and it also guides the rest of your arguments to be focused.

It is a fair practice to write the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph or introduction section. It is so to let it led the body section of your paper. This practice allows you to keep your main focus on the thesis statement rather than to make a direct dive into the topic.

If you position the thesis statement in the starting of the introduction section, by the moment your reader reaches the end of the introduction, they may get confused or even forget about the primary concept. Always remember, the thesis statement is conceptualized and anticipated by an excellent presentation.

Tips for writing a good thesis statement

A thesis statement (or control concept) in composition and scholarly writing is a phrase in your research paper that defines the text’s primary concept and central intent. A claim is alike to a thesis in rhetoric.

A thesis statement is one of the essential parts of any paper writing. Its primary purpose is to persuade your readers with the central idea of your work and even your entire job revolves around the thesis statement only. It can be a challenging task to create a thesis statement, especially for college students. But knowing how to write one is essential because a thesis statement is the core of any paper writing.

Following are some tips that students can use to write an effective thesis statement:

  • Knowledge about the subject matter: Students should choose the topic of their interest and with which they are at least a little acquainted. With some research and personal experiences, it becomes easy for you to collect more useful information about your subject matter. To write even a thesis statement on a totally new topic is extremely difficult. You can’t give an effective or even a good thesis statement for the text of which you have a null idea. Be much active, provide a proper concern and focus while selecting the topic for your research work so as to develop a much attractive central plan for your paper.
  • The motive of the thesis statement: The declaration of thesis statement works as the text’s organizing principle and appears in the top section, i.e. the introductory section. It is not only those statements that contain facts. Instead, it includes the opinions, ideas, interpretation, or a claim that can be disputed by others. College students should perform their task as a writer to convince their readers that they have used valid arguments. They can do so by giving a thoughtful analysis of the subject matter along with appropriate examples.
  • Developing your argument: College students must give a deep thought before writing the thesis statement. It is one of the most important parts of your paper writing. To develop an effective thesis statement, you need to refine your ideas until you get the best one. When you finally commit the thesis in your paper, it’ll become more comfortable for you to improve your research along with drafting your essay. As we all know that every argument has two facets, so you can also refine your thesis by considering the legal claims and disproving them in your article.
  • Scope of your topic: The thesis statements also depend upon the scope of your project. If you have to limit the length of your project, narrow down its scope. Try to consider just a small section of the topic. And when there is no limit on the range, you can cover every part of the subject matter and write the thesis statement accordingly. So it is necessary to determine the scope of your project first instead of directly jumping to the thesis statement.
  • Make a statement: The most common mistake commit by the college students is to end their thesis statement by asking a question. It is not a good practice. You have to grab the attention of your readers by making a concise, clear, and attractive statement that gives them the idea about what your paper is going to say further. It defines the central purpose of your paper so it should itself be much able to explain how and why both.
  • Compare the sources: Firstly read your sources with focus and care to compare them whether they have any conflict with each other or not. If they are making some points, then tries to find out the motivation behind these points. Don’t just try to summarize the claims that your sources give.
  • Be concise and clear: College students must know that the thesis statement is of just one or two sentences long. You are not allowed to make it long. The thesis statements must have the ability to answer the question of readers correctly “so what?” in the body section. They should be much aware while maintaining its concise form that your fundamental idea could be easily understandable by your readers. As the entire paper is going to revolve around this statement only, so try to give a much effective thesis statement that will be easy for the readers to retain in their minds. Don’t be imprecise or don’t care about your readers.
  • Brainstorm: If you are facing any type of trouble in writing a thesis statement about your topic, try to roughly write down whatever comes in your mind on a paper. Then try to generate useful ideas and use them to give a proper shape to your thesis statement and the document. This way is used by many of the college students, mostly when they have no other choice to do. Brainstorming also helps with those topics that are entirely new to you. You can get a little knowledge first about the issue through original research, and then generate ideas for the thesis statement through that knowledge.
  • Don’t be confrontational: You can’t force your will on to the readers; you have to prove your point to them through your thesis statement. You have to put your efforts into making the thesis statement much persuaded that you could convince your readers with your concept through the thesis statement only. It the heart of your paper writing as your entire data revolves around this statement alone. So you must write a much attractive, clear, and concise thesis statement that can help the readers to prejudge the subject matter of your article.

What makes a thesis statement much stronger?

If you are asked to analyze, compare & contrast, argue, give a cause & effect your assignment, there may be chances that you have to base it around a concise and clearly defined thesis statement. It lays out your place, and in some manner, each portion of the document will have to refer back to it.

You should follow these points to create a strong thesis statement:

  • A compelling thesis statement of any research paper provides the paper direction and limits what to write about. It also works to tell your readers about what you are going to talk about in the paper’s body section. Your thesis should be explained, supported or argued by all paragraphs of the essay.
  • The proof is required for a persuasive thesis statement; as the statement doesn’t only define the facts. You should give various supporting evidence in support of your comment that could motivate your readers to continue their reading with the entire paper.
  • In your research work, it is sometimes helpful to highlight your supporting points. It can help you to control your ideas by mentioning such points in your thesis statement.

How do students know if my thesis is strong?

If you have much time available to you to get some feedback, try to get it from your teacher or some writing centers. They are the only sources that you can use to get accurate reviews on your work. You can do your own thesis evaluation if the deadline to submit your work is nearby and you can’t run elsewhere to get reviews.

Most important questions that you should ask to yourself while reviewing your working thesis for the first time are:

  • Have I responded to the prompt? After creating your working thesis, reread the question prompt. It can help you to rectify all those arguments that don’t go with the main focus of your prompt.
  • Did I take a place that other people may oppose or challenge? If you are stating just facts that no one can ever deny, or can’t put questions on it, it means you are merely providing a summary to your readers instead of giving them arguments. If it is so, you definitely need to change the content and provide a strong thesis statement to your audience on which they can argue or put questions.
  • If the thesis statement is sufficiently specific or general? There is often no compelling argument in thesis statements that are too vague. If your dissertation includes phrases such as “good” or “successful,” try to make it more precise. Give the reasons for the goodness of something and what makes something so successful.
  • Is your thesis going through the “So what?” test successfully? It is a common question asked by the readers after reading the thesis statement. So make sure your paper and even the thesis statement itself is very well able to explain this question that could quickly satisfy them.
  • Does your thesis statement is appropriately lined with the rest of the content? If your argument doesn’t seem to fit well with the body section of your paper, try to alter either of them. It is the real demand for any research paper to revolve the entire content around your critical statement. It is best to make changes before actual submission to enhance the quality of your paper. Don’t forget to recheck and revise your writing as needed.
  • Check whether your thesis passes every test or not. Consider a situation where your reader might ask you why your argument is not explaining correctly about a particular section of the subject matter. You should be prepared from the beginning to give appropriate and satisfactory replies for each, and every possible question started with “Why and how” mainly.

Above are the most important questions to test the strength of your research work. If you lack behind to any of these, try to alter the content according to the need. It may enhance its power. Give a review to your paper before submission, and submit it only when you are delighted with your work.

How do students create a thesis?

A thesis is an outcome of a long process of thinking. It is not the first step you do in your project. First, most things should be to gather as much information as you can about the subject matter. After collecting the data, arranging the claims & evidence, establishing the possible relationships between arguments, and creating their contrasts and similarities, then you can think of developing a case for your thesis.

You can create a working thesis your main idea along with the argument that according to you can support your evidence. The thesis statement and the content should go side by side. Don’t lose your focus out of your main idea. It should revolve around your crucial comment.

Authors use every possible technique to enhance their thinking to reach a final thesis statement. Their efforts to explain the relationships among the ideas or understanding the subject’s broader meaning are an indirect result to get the best thesis statement. The thesis statement that is generated with all your knowledge will attract more readers and convince them of your research work.

How to write a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a small sentence in which you define the central idea of your paper. The declaration of a thesis is the phrase that states the primary concept of assignment writing and helps to regulate the thoughts in the document.

It’s not just a subject. It often represents a writer’s view, opinions or judgment on the personal experience. So you should be more concerned while creating your thesis statement. A due focus must be given to this task. It should have a much convincing ability to convince the readers with your arguments. You should apply every possible technique to generate a thesis statement as it is the heart of your project.

There are mainly four keys with the help of which you can write a good thesis statement.

  1. Assertive: You should be cautious while creating a thesis statement as it should include what you have decided to prove in your paper. The report should be strong enough to sustain your points efficiently.
  2. Singular: It is generally recommended to include one particular concept in your thesis statement, which should keep your paper focused.
  3. Specific: The statement for your thesis should not contain any general argument; rather, it should be much specific. As it should be of shorter length, generally in one or two sentences, so don’t try to include any illogical statements in it.
  4. Well-positioned: If you include it in the very beginning of your paper, there may be chances that readers forget about its vital concept. It should either be placed in between the introduction section or near the end of it. It helps to maintain the understanding and readability of the paper.
  • Assertive: It is an extremely complicated task for college students to write an effective thesis statement. As getting the prior knowledge about what you are trying to achieve and commit in your paper writing is difficult too. You should make sure that the statement is conveying the specific aspects that you want it to do.

The statement neither contains any facts or general statements nor does it include the topic itself. Instead, it gives an interpretation and your point of perspective regarding the subject matter. It is just a claim that you are going to argue in the remaining sections of your paper. The spare part should revolve around your thesis argument only.

You are not allowed to distract your focus from the statement. You should collect the required information, make prior plans to compare your ideas, and do other tasks that are required to produce a final thesis statement that you are going to write in your working project.

Don’t be in a hurry while stating your argument. Give due consideration to your ideas and collected information and then brainstorm them onto a rough paper. Try to find out the relationships among them to get the best arguments for your article.

  • Singular: The main idea behind this crucial point is to use a single concept in one paper. It also depends upon the scope of your writing. If you are dealing with the more complex subject, then you require giving more than one concept in your paper to broaden its reach. The same case may happen when you are going to write a document which has various loosely coupled and scattered ideas.

But most of the academic papers work on this phenomenon only, i.e. one article requires one concept to elaborate. If you try to include more concepts in your scholarly essays, you may lose its efficiency. There may even be chances that you get confused about which concept requires more focus. So for good practice, use a single concept in your thesis statement, and make your discussion on that idea only in the rest of your paper.

  • Specific: Your declaration of the thesis should bring the entire context in your introduction together and transform it into a single, reliable explanation. You should be more specific with your arguments instead of using some general statements or facts. Try to keep your focus to keep your entire content to go together with your cases.

You should not give a brief re-examination of the introduction section in your thesis statement. Instead, you have to tell your respective position in the project along with the critical concept. It should be able to precisely clear to the readers about your intentions or at exactly which point you want them to keep their focus after reading the thesis statement.

  • Position: You can define your thesis statement wherever, according to you, are best to use it. But it is a good practice to write your statement in the introduction section of your paper and generally took the space of one or two sentences. You should avoid using it at the beginning of this section, which is the most common mistake committed by college students.

It can reduce its efficiency even if you have the best thesis statement to write. So it is necessary to choose the perfect position for your thesis statement that can retain in readers’ minds for so long. It won’t allow them to lose their focus throughout the paper.

The generally recommended positions for your thesis statement are either within the introduction section or at the end of it. If you use it in the end, it will work as a mini conclusion or mini argument to the introduction section of your paper.

The choice of its stance totally depends upon your style of writing, teacher’s demand, and most probably the requirement of the topic. Position affects its readability and understanding level, so be more cautious while choosing it for your thesis statement.

The statement of the thesis can be changed

Composing a thesis statement for your paper need not be the first thing you should do even though it serves a base to your writing. You should make your aim after reading the background information. The statement is not something like written with a permanent marker, and you can’t modify it.

There may be some cases where you need to alter your decision and hence the statement slightly. You can refine your arguments whenever there is a need to. Even it is also generally recommended to the college students to review their paper and make appropriate changes in it if required.

Although it might require more effort you to put, you will end up getting the best thesis statement for your paper. Consider if you are writing an argumentative essay. In this type of essay, there may be many cases where you want to shift your favour or sometimes even the decision. Which ultimately requires you to make slight changes in your statement as well? You are allowed to make such changes in the thesis statement by refining it as many time as it needed.


A thesis statement is written to explain the fundamental concept of your paper. It is used to persuade the readers with your point of perspective about the subject matter. As it is the heart of any research paper, so it should be written with your due consideration. Don’t try to write in a hurry as according to most of the students, it the first most task to perform in their paper writing. But you should first collect every possible aspect that is required to write an effective thesis statement.

The statement should be much argumentative, and it should be able to answer the basic questions asked by the readers. You can make your thesis stronger by following the tips defined in this handout in your writing style. You even can refine the statement along with the other sections of your paper from Students Assignment Help if there is any need to until you get utmost satisfaction with your work.

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