What is HNC – Definition,Types and Difference B/w HND & HNC

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The higher national certificate(.HNC) course is the most popular course in India, Scotland, UK and USA. Students pursue the course in order to get a job after finishing the course immediately. But many students are not even aware of the idea about what is HNC course actually. Here step by step detail is given about the higher national certificate course for such students by the experts. By seeking these details it becomes easy to understand the fundamentals of the course before joining it. Things like eligibility for course and its part-time or full-time duration are described here in-depth. Also, the difference between HNC, HND, and DiPHE is also clear for the students who want to take a plunge in the arena of the higher national certificate course. So read the following guide about the higher national certificate to know everything about it before getting enrolled in it.

HNC meaning and Full form

HNC stands for a higher national certificate which is pursued by the students for one long year in the subject of their choice. This is a type of vocational learning provided to the students pursuing it on a skill basis. Today almost one-third population of the world believe in such skill-based courses like HNC. Most of the national and multinational companies are hiring people who have done higher national certificate course from authentic universities. We can consider this course in the higher study certificate courses that are provided to the students in the UK, Scotland and even in the USA as well. There are multiple numbers of subjects like biochemistry, marketing, mechanical engineering, personality development are available to oft for students in HNC courses across the different universities.

Importance of HNC for students

The higher national certificate course is one of the most renowned courses of higher education which help students to learn on a practical basis. Students pursue these courses to get a direct entry in the best job sector open for them after this HNC course. This is because of the fact that these people are already aware of the minute details of the profession on a practical scale and do not require much time to operate machines and other equipment on the ground level. That is why we can consider this course important for those who want to pursue their study on a skill basis and do not want to mug up the things. So that is how we can say that students can reap a good benefit for pursuing higher national certificate course from the relevant university.

The qualification required for students to get admission in HNC

The higher national certificate is a higher study diploma given to the students and to get admission in the course on must be clear of A-level in school. Those who are not having the mentioned eligibility cannot step into the HNC course at any stage. So one must be aware of that school education and its completion is very crucial for the students if admission is needed in the higher national certificate course in the United Kingdom, Scotland and even in the United States of America. That is how the admission can be managed for the HNC course in a reputed university by the students. You cannot even enters the higher national diploma certificate course if you have not passed only one subject in your school level or A level education also known as level 3 education.

Type of training given to the students in the higher national certificate

The higher national certificate is particularly designed for those students who are curious to get a practical and real education. For example, if a person is doing an HND course in agriculture then he will be educated about the type of soil best for agriculture by field visit and not in books. That is how the case with other professions likes engineering and biochemistry as well. The stress is given to training the students towards the practical knowledge in HNC diploma and not understanding the facts related to the topic. So those who get bored with traditional study type can switch to these courses easily. This is the best way to master a subject by enjoying the study. Apart from it, some basic type of education is also given to the students in the HNC course where they learn on a theoretical level.

Why students prefer HNC than a degree

A bachelor’s degree takes a minimum of three years for its completion to the students on the other hand in case of HNC course it can be completed in one year only. Talking about the type of education and assignments given to bachelor’s degree students they include essays and thesis or other research work but very little practical work. This is not the case with a higher national certificate where students are mostly asked to learn from the practical things and experiments. So in order to start earning early and enjoying their study in one-year duration HNC courses are getting more popular than the degrees. These days most of the new generation people are heading towards courses like HNC and HND only and not for degrees to waste their long three full years.

Major subjects that can be studied in HNC certificate

HNC course offers a wide range of subjects to the students like engineering, photography, biochemistry, marketing, and business management, etc. Students can take a subject for the HND course according to their need and choice easily. For example, if you want to take photography as your subject it is possible for you to pursue an HND course in photography. At the same time, many other subjects can be taken by the students pursuing a higher national certificate course. So decide your subject according to your choice and learn it without any boredom in the university. Enjoying your study always give you the best experience than taking it as a burden on your head which can cause depression as well.

How HNC can provide you a bachelor’s degree

If you have completed a higher national certificate course and now want to have a bachelor’s degree then you can add that one year of your course to the degree easily. There are so many universities which are offering this scheme where students can give two years to their higher education along with HNC diploma and can get a bachelor’s degree easily. So it is very easy for the students of the higher national certificate to manage a bachelor’s degree from their diploma course in HNC. If you have also an HNC course certificate then just pursue the second year of bachelor’s degree directly in university. It is not important to enroll for the bachelor’s degree just after HNC completion you can also take a break as from the education in between as well.

Difference between HNC, HND, and DiPHE


There are some related terms which are used by the people in substitution to HNC by mistake and have a different meaning. For example, HND is often confused with the HNC by the students while both are different from each other. HND is a higher national diploma which is giving the skill-based education to students for two years. On the contrary, in the case of HNC it is the same kind of diploma but for the one-year duration only and has level 4 while HND has level 5. Similarly, DiPHE is a post-graduation diploma and got nothing to do with both hands and HNC.

Importance of HNC in the job market to the students

A huge number of jobs can be managed by the students after doing this professional course from the reputed universities of the world. HNC is a skill-based course like said earlier and that is why students are prepared to meet the real job challenges in these diploma courses. Business requires only this type of fresher at low cost which is available from the HNC course. Thus we can say that the job opportunities for the higher national certificate holders are no less in the market once they complete their diploma with good grades like distinction. So if you have an inclination towards the best job in the market just take this course after finishing your school.

Time is taken to complete a higher national certificate for students

The HNC course can normally be completed in one year of duration by the students. But in case you are not able to give the required hours in your course study then you can complete it in up to extended four years of duration. The full freedom is given to the students to learn the things according to the time they have after doing their personal goals like job work and household chores. One who wants to improve his grades in the course can also study the course at certain points again for improvement of the score. Only those fields are covered by the students again in which he failed to do well in the course of HNC.

Role of correspondent study in HNC course

If you are living in an interior area of the world and want to pursue the HNC course then it is possible for you as well. The correspondent study is available for the higher national certificate to students easily. So many universities are offering this scheme to the students who are getting failed to enroll them for the regular classrooms. Nowadays the internet and technology have changed our life to a great extent and we cannot forget its vital role in e-learning and distance learning as well. One can easily pursue an HNC course from correspondent and get all updates related to the course online.

Tips for deciding a subject for HNC to students

When it comes to choosing a subject for the higher national certificate course students often get panic about it. Most of them fail to decide their interests and end up taking the wrong subject in which they are not interested at all. To solve this issue one can go with previous accomplishments in various areas. The interests from school time and reward given for those interests can be considered for this purpose. The area in which you are doing excel must be in the priority list while choosing a field or subject for the HNC course. That is how the students can opt for the best subject of the higher national certificate for them easily.

How we can compare an HNC certificate to higher education

The higher national certificate is given by the universities to students after they finish one full-year course in the university. The entrance to this HNC course can be managed by the students only when they finish their A level study in school. The HNC course is also counted as level 7 course in Scotland whereas level 4 is considered in the United Kingdom for it. We can consider it equivalent to higher education because if a student imparts two years further after HNC completion a bachelor’s degree can be obtained by him from the university. That is how the HNC course and a Bachelor’s degree in a higher study can be compared on a parallel scale.

Affiliation of universities for HNC course in UK and USA

Well, when it comes to the affiliation of the universities which are running higher national certificate courses for the students it becomes very crucial for the students. Studying an HNC course in the university which is not affiliated by the standard authorities can put issues for the students. The BTEC is the highest affiliation authority for giving a node to the universities for providing HNC courses to the students. So when you are getting admitted to the university for the given course does not forget to enquire about its affiliation. Knowing it on later part of the course can cause serious depression for you as you will feel cheated at that time. So it is better to clear the matter, in the beginning, to avoid any further issue with your study.

Money required for doing a higher national certificate course

It is very tough to give a strict stat for the money required to pursue and complete a higher national certificate in various countries of the world. But still, we can make out a rough estimate for the cost that is needed to complete such an HNC course without any trouble related to the financial matters. Mostly these courses can be completed within $2000 to $5000 USD. But sometimes there are universities which are expecting higher payments for the fee because of the best world level facilities and labs provided to the students to get the best concept clarity and skills. So it depends upon your budget and interest that which university you want to join in order to pursue an HNC course in America, United Kingdom, and Scotland or for that matter in Malta as well.

Financial help and funding to pursue HNC course

There are students who are unable to pursue the course of the higher national certificate because of the poor financial background. As a result of which they have to suffer a lot on financial grounds. But there are agencies and education funding available throughout America, UK and India to the students for a higher national certificate course. One can easily approach these funding agencies to get the loan in the form of education loan at low interest. So if you are also suffering from the issue of money then get an education loan to support the financial requirement of the higher national certificate course anytime. The loan will be given according to the need and you can raise an application for it according to your requirement only by showing your expenses.

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