What is an HND (Higher National Diploma) Course

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Higher National Diploma(HND) is very popular among the students in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Millions of students are pursuing an HND course from different universities to extract the benefits out of it. There are several other similar courses are also offered by the universities like HNC course but higher national diploma course is considered as supreme amongst them.

If you want to pursue a higher national diploma course then it is important for you to get an in-depth idea about the course and various aspects associated with it. Here is an in-depth guide about the HND course like cost, significance, eligibility, and subjects of the course to enhance the better clarity about it. The understanding of the course is always a positive point for students before they seek admission in any course whether it is HND or HNC course.

Higher National Diploma(HND) Course: Definition

“The higher national diploma(HND) course is a type of higher education diploma in which students are trained for professional work on the ground level. For example, if someone is pursuing an HND course in Photography then they will be trained for the skills to click better pictures more than theory.

Students are fully prepared to meet the challenge of their profession once they complete a higher national diploma from the recognized university. The period of the HND course ends after two years and after that students can seek a job in their respective field easily. It is just like industrial training that is given in different nations and considered as a part of higher education.”

The DiPHE stands for the diploma of higher education and HND stands for higher national diploma and both the terms resemble each other to a great extent. At the same time like said earlier HNC stands for the higher national certificate. All of them have a great difference to each other.

While HNC is a one year course in higher education HND is a two-year foundation course in University for vocational education. Talking about the DiPHE it is a diploma that can be done after graduation. So if we define them on the basis of their level and arranging them in that order HNC will fall first then HND and finally DiPHE diploma considered for the post-graduation in university. These three diplomas and certificate courses are often confused with each other by the students.

HND course through Correspondence for students 

If you have to visit your workplace on a regular basis this question is going to be of utmost importance. There are several options that students have about pursuing their HND course in UK and USA or India for that matter. For example, you can enroll yourself in HND course for full time, part-time and even through distance learning as well.

Those doing jobs and have to pay a visit to the office are eligible to apply for the course very easily. Just get your admission for the distance learning and become a professional in your field. Online study has enabled the students more comfortable to understand the things minutely about their training as well. So get rid you your worries and take admission in correspondence HND course if you are getting fail to visit your classes physically

Major areas in which HND course provides vocational education 

When it comes to the field in which a person can get the training through HND course mechanical engineering, photography, electrician and business marketing are few to highlight with priority. Apart from it, there are so many other fields in which one can get admission for the vocational training in different parts of the world.

Nowadays education is getting very easy to obtain even for those who earlier used to dream for it. The distance between learner and education is getting reduced day by day with the help of this type of courses which offer a wide range of freedom to students for studying according to time availability and interest as well. So choose your subject for the higher national diploma very carefully by analyzing and pondering over your interests.

When to look after for pursuing an HND course?

Those who want to complete their bachelor’s degree after school should not plunge into HND course without knowing its minute details. Well, it is a course specially designed for those who are unable to pursue their education after school owing to multiple financial obstructions. Just take the course when you want to pursue your education along with your work to freak out your livelihood.

At the same time, those who want to complete such education that can directly make them acceptable in the job sector can also take a plunge in the HND course. People having no intention towards the job in the early years of life and want to do research should always continue with the pure subjects. This is because the HND course is especially for those who have an inclination towards the skills and not theory and research part of the field.

Is it possible to pursue a higher national diploma(HND) after a long gap in education

You might have finished your school education or A level of education years ago and suddenly realize of pursuing HND diploma to enhance your skills and thus salary. Under such conditions, it becomes necessary to know the age limit to enter a given university for HND course. Some universities do not allow the entry in such vocational courses like higher national diploma and HNC after an age of 25 years to 35 years.

At the same time, there are other universities that are ready to welcome the old students as well to back their interests. So it is important to choose a university that supports your dreams and allow you to enter in the course irrespective of your age.

What type of education can be obtained from HND Courses


An HND course like said earlier is based on the skill-based education and do not make the people clear about the fundamental concepts. The main motive of the course is to prepare the students towards an environment where they can adjust them as professionals of their field.

These courses are taking sheen in USA and UK these days owing to the quick job opportunities available to the students once they pass the course successfully. The trend of the traditional long course that continues for three to four years is receding with random pace these days. People finish their national higher diploma course in two years after school and then directly plunge into the earning sector.

Eligibility for getting admission in HND Course for students

A huge number of Universities are offering higher national diploma courses to the students in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The role of the universities behind offering these courses is to ensure education to one and all in the country. The students who have successfully finished their school level or A -level education can get them enrolled for the HND course easily.

If you are a school dropper then you will find complications to get the admission in the course. It is just like a part of higher education and one cannot be eligible for getting enrolled to it without doing the school education. Some universities which are reputed in nature also conduct entrance test for the admission in the HND course as well.

Things to keep in mind before getting enrolled for HND course in a given University

Most of the students do not bother about the affiliation of the university in which they are going to pursue an HND course. As a result of which they have to suffer a lot in the later part after spoiling the money in unaffiliated universities. Be aware of the fraud universities and try to know the sponsor who is affiliating a given university for the HND course.

For example- BTEC and confederation of tourism and hospitality are some important nodding bodies which are giving their node to a higher national diploma from several universities of the world. So before you take admission just find it out that whether your university is recognized by the BTEC or any other such body or not.

How we can compare the HND to a higher education degree?

  • A higher education degree is completed in a minimum of three years which is considered a bachelor degree in any field.
  • But on the contrary, if we talk about the higher national diploma(HND) it needs just two years for the successful completion. We can consider HND just like a foundation course of any subject taken by the students.
  • The people who are enrolled for the Higher education degree are taught with theoretical concepts and fundamentals of the subjects.
  • But in the case of the HND course, the skill training is the priority of the course rather than the clarity of the concepts.

Thus we can say that HND and higher education degrees are way different from each other in various aspects.

Importance of doing higher national diploma for students

The students who are pursuing a higher national diploma can get a royal entry in the job sector. The businessmen and industrialists are waiting for skilled people to join their business and industry respectively. This is because no extra efforts are required to train the students when they are coming from the professional skill-based higher national diploma. At the same time, students find it easy to make their dream of higher education real by pursuing even part-time education for the given course.

Some universities even accept weekend visiting classes for the diploma as well along with online study throughout the week. So it gets easier for the students to switch these HND courses according to the time they get. The increase in the salary of the employees once they finish an HND diploma can also be seen in most of the cases. So it is always an icing on the cake to do an HND diploma even if you are already doing a job in your field.

HND Vs HNC: Difference Between HNC and HND

There are several courses that confuse students about HND, for example, HNC is also pursued by the students in higher education. But there is a vast difference between HND and HNC courses.

Sr.NoHND (Higher National Diploma)HNC (Higher National Certificate)
1While HND stands for higher national diplomaHNC is a higher national certificate
2HND to make the people skilled about their profession By Diploma Courses. It is just like a level 4 course and can be pursued by the students to get an idea about their interests in the given subject and also for managing a basic jobThe HNC is just a one-year-long certification program offered by the universities.
3Poor people having low income are doing such courses to support their families with their little income earned from such coursesOne cannot expect to be professional in the field by doing an HNC course.

Thus we can see a big gulf of difference between HND and HNC course.

Is it possible for a financially backward student to pursue an HND course?

Well, when it comes to the cost of the HND course most of the students become eager to know about it. The cost that you are going to have for the mentioned course varies from $3000 to $10, 000 university to university. Some universities are less expensive than others owing to their fee structure, skill techniques, and tools used to make the students learn and so on.

But if we compare it to the cost of a bachelor or undergraduate degree the HND courses are always cheaper than the UG course. At the same time, HND courses are costlier to that of HNC courses in the USA and UK as well. So one should always, intervene in the matter regarding the fee of the college or university before taking admission in it for a higher national diploma. Taking education findings is also possible for the students if they cannot afford to pursue the course from several funding agencies.

How to get a bachelor’s degree after completing an HND course?

The biggest benefit of completing a higher national diploma is that one can go for an undergraduate degree after completing an HND course as well. The HND course serves as the primary two years of graduation degree and enables students to directly appear in the final year of the UG courses. Just figure out the universities that are available for the higher education degree from an HND course and get you enrolled there.

You can complete your final year of the bachelor’s degree anytime according to the guidelines of the university. Thus if you are unable to continue your graduation after HND course completion just reserve it for a later time period without any issue.

Where to pursue a higher national diploma course

There are several Universities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Argentina along with various other nations of the world offering the HND course to students. For example, Cranfield University, Kingston University, De Montfort University are some of the major universities in the world where students can pursue a higher national diploma course easily.

Just apply with your application for admission in these mentioned universities for a higher national diploma and get your admission there. This is the best way to reach out to vocation training education for the students who are inclined towards it out of their interest or helplessness to earn money. Also, notice that your university is properly affiliated by the BTEC and other bodies involved in this pursuit.

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