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What is Literature Review -Definition,Purpose And Outline [Complete Guide]

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Generally, a literature review refers to the secondary sources which do not report about the new or innovative experimental work. The college students have to work efficiently on the writing procedure of the literature review so that the readers can find interest in going throughout the entire report. Literature reviews form the basis for any the research which the students have to include nearly in every academic paper.

Today it has become the part of the education found in the graduation as well as post-graduation that the students have to work on the literature review whether it is about the preparation of the thesis, research proposal, or any journal article.

The process of reviewing any literature requires that the students put various kinds of activities to think impressively.

  • Methods of thinking
  • Remembering the things
  • Understanding
  • Analyzing
  • Applying the process
  • Evaluating
  • and then finally creating

It explains the readers a lot about the literature review prepared by college students. It is not crucial that the students have to use only the searched sources for the preparation of the literature review rather than they can use their thinking and reasoning skills.

What is the meaning of the literature review?

The ability of the school or college students to review plus to report on relevant literature is the key to get high academic success.

The best meaning of the literature review can get defined as the excellent review which identifies a gap within the literature about which the research addresses. By reporting the critical evaluation of the relevant researched essay, it helps in situating the focus on the research within the required context. To some extent, the literature review becomes a significant project, especially in the case of post-graduation research.

The process of reporting plus conducting a literature review help the students of schools and college to clarify their thoughts regarding the study done.

In addition to it, a proper literature review helps in establishing a required framework among the students, which help them to present and analyze the research findings. When the students are capable of producing a clear and concise literature review, then it makes the readers assure that the students are up-to-date and aware of the relevant research.

It can be beneficial for college students to say that the solution found by them can solve a problem or can be suitable to make a significant change. It would be precise and safer to ensure the readers that their research is realistic enough to address a gap rather than filling it.

Why do college scholars need to conduct a literature review?

When the school or college professors assign the students with the assignments, thesis, dissertations, or any of the academic paper, then they want to know the understanding capability and reasoning skills of the students. Instead of assuming that only doing active research is enough, it is better to persuade the readers that it is relevant to make a desirable change. It will not work for the students if they do not even have adequate knowledge about the literature review and the procedure for conducting it.

It can be useful for the students of graduation and post-graduation to get ready to answer the questions which the readers can ask from their research review. The literature review conducted by the students must be having more worth than only the list of references and short description paragraphs. The college students have to critique their interpretation regarding the material so that the readers can easily follow their thinking.

However, the students can also if the research constructed is well for synthesizing it or not by supporting with the comprehensive literature review and pieces of evidence.

When can the students review the literature for the research conducted?

Probably before the students begin their writing procedure, it is likely to do the literature review for only once along with the small scale writing assignments.

However, the college students can extend the literature review when it comes about the longer projects like dissertation for a master’s degree or post-graduation degree and many others.

The students have to know about the essential three stages with the help of which they can review literature efficiently, namely;

  • Stage 1st – An early literature review is useful plus required to establish a context. The students can rationale their study part and can easily confirm the choice for questions or focusing statements in terms of research.
  • Stage 2nd – When the study period gets longer and longer, then the students must keep in touch with the relevant and current research related to their field. The college students when are capable of knowing the study published in the period of their started work then they can quickly review literature.
  • Stage 3rd – When the college students are preparing the final report or thesis projects, then they need to make the relationship between their findings along with the results of others. It can make it easy for the students to identify their implications related to the story, theory, research, or even with the practice.

By getting used to the literature review, the students can even do the mastery for extended projects.

However, the necessary condition is that the students have to demonstrate that there are well-aware about the current issues and research conducted. It can help the college students to show how the study conducted by them in relevant within addressing a changing context.

Best sources to make students productive in the literature review

  • When the students are looking for the relevant literature review, then they can take the help of seniors and staff having copies of articles on which the students can work.
  • If the students have the habit of attending workshops and conferences, then they can get the opportunity to ask for their recommendations related to article or book journals.
  • Any of the book or article relevant to the area of research done by the students can help them to conduct an efficient literature review.

Importance of literature review in the field of conducting a research

When the college students are writing about the study at any of the level, then it is sufficient to do a careful and thorough literature review about the topic. It is the necessary homework that the students have to do seriously and primarily for all types of research papers. By including the useful literature review before the thesis statement in the starting of the article, students are telling the readers that have not neglected the basics of the research while completing the study. The comprehensive literature review surveys the best information related to the topic chosen for conducting research.

In addition to the appraises, the literature review also helps in comparing and contrasting plus correlating the relevant resources that are entirely related to current research done by them. If any of the research paper lacks in terms of the expert literature review in the beginning section, then there is no need to proceed further.

There are some of the best features for concluding a literature review in the field of research writing:

  • An efficient literature review helps the college students to create a sense of rapport with the readers or audience so that they can trust the students have done their homework excellently.
  • One of the initial steps for any paper writing is to check or find the facts. By providing a comprehensive literature review, students can give the readers a chance to appreciate or credit them for their intelligence.
  • In many cases, students think that they are not expert in the research field, so listing a thorough literature review can tell the readers about the essence related to the concept being discussed.
  • The extension of the literature review mainly depends on the nature of the research paper and the assigned topic to the students. The key to dealing with the literature review is first to understand it properly.
  • Sometimes the students get stuck with the material prepared by them that come out to be duplicate while publishing the paper. However, doing the proper literature review can help the students to find out the significance of repeating identical words.
  • By knowing the fact if someone has already done the research which the college students are doing through literature review, it becomes easy to change either the topic or tweak the study conducted.
  • When the students are working on the research projects, then they came to know about some exciting and interesting facts. The process of literature reviewing will help the students to condense, synthesize, evaluate, and paraphrase the concepts which they have searched.
  • The excellent literature review helps the school or college students to compare and contrast what they are doing in the research of historical context as well as recognize that how the study conducted by the students is different from the others.
  • It becomes easy for the students to rationalize why they have to do particular research based on a specific topic.
  • The method chosen by the students for dealing with the literature review is quite different that allows them to collect the informative data more precisely as well as accurately.
  • A proper literature review can guide the students to shape their research conducted in the correct direction by offering some of the different but unique perspectives based on the research topic.

Purpose of a Literature Review

A literature review is mainly a summary related to past research, which was the first standard in the field of physical or social sciences.

However, now it has become necessary for the humanities as well. It is usually a part of the academic paper, including thesis or dissertation along with and it sets out the perfect background about which the study is taking place.

No students can show their interest in working on the review procedure unless they get to know about the primary purpose of the review. Whatever is the ways or methods chosen by the students to prepare for the literature review, they cannot get succeeded until they have known about the actual purpose behind creating it.

The primary or useful purpose behind the preparation of the literature review, students can understand from the following points.

The central importance of including the literature review is:

  • A useful literature review enables college students to continue the tradition clearly and to integrate historical works and sources. It can be helpful if the students add some resources of information and knowledge to say something creative about the past researched events.
  • It becomes easy for the students to identify the gap among the sets of theories if it exists.
  • To check the level of consistency as well as continuity for the already existing studies, approaches, and their results.
  • The review on the researched study enables the students to delimit the chances or to narrow down the problems related to research. It becomes convenient for the students to find out the specific solution to the researched issue.
  • The availability of the expected data gets increases, plus there is an enhancement in the techniques related to finding a correct answer for the problem.
  • The college students can avoid the addition of the duplicate content or similar context by getting in use of the literature review.
  • The new lines of approach start coming into the student’s minds when they begin working on the literature review correctly.

Useful tips for writing a good literature review 


  1. It is sufficient to be selective as well as systematic while producing a literature review.
  2. It is essential first to find out the primary purpose and function of the text which the students are going to use throughout the entire research.
  3. Identifying how the information was organized in the content is useful for college students to make suitable notes.
  4. Students can use the symbols, shorthand of words, and some of the standard abbreviations to make the proper notes for the literature review.
  5. It is better to distinguish between the source information and the useful thoughts by including the columns in the technique of note-making.
  6. Using the headings as well as sub-headings is useful that can quickly clarify each point about the concept.
  7. It is essential to highlight the outline of the review and the main idea used throughout the entire context.
  8. Following the perfect format or pattern helps the college students to prepare for the best analysis in terms of the researched techniques.
  9. Some of the diagrams and the flowcharts can clear the notes and highlight the concise information about the researched topic.
  10. It is crucial if the students put the most critical idea near the central part of the review.

Essential methods to start a literature review

Reading anything related to the research area of the students is the best way to start a literature review. After that, the students can begin the procedure of evaluating the researching quality and relevance of what the readers are going to read.

When the students are going to start with the literature review procedure, then they should keep the following points in mind:

  • Pieces of evidence and proper proofs can support the interpretation of the available sources. So the college students can make the use of such relevant tests to complete the review.
  • It is essential to limit the researching sources pertinent to the topic already selected by the students. Being selective and choosing only the most critical points to include in the review can be beneficial for the students.
  • The college students can compare as well as contrast the views related to different authors. Even organizing the material for the readers can make them exciting to go throughout the entire review.
  • It should be essential to include the quotes only when the students are not able to rewrite it in their words. The students must put the focus on reviewing their interpretation and summary of the literature to show the original analysis.
  • The students can even paraphrase the words for explaining efficiently to the readers. In addition to it, the students can provide proper references related to the sources when they start writing with their ideas.
  • It is beneficial for the students to summarise and synthesize the literature review with the appropriate use of sources. It becomes more comfortable for the students to identify the main points clearly and concisely for the audience.
  • Consider the strengths and weaknesses by evaluating the resources plus the students can compare and contrast to discuss the actual depth of the evidence.
  • Looking for the gaps if existing in the research can be useful to clear the point of view. The students can think about the topic related to the literature review, which had not yet explored.
  • Try to be creative and smart while working on the literature review process. Even the students can work on improving the quality of the review by editing and proofreading.

Impressive literature review outline necessary to get included

When the college or school students are dealing with the literature review task, then their primary step must be to outline the writing. Most of the students are no awareness of the proper definition of the literature review outline, which makes it challenging to go throughout the entire reviewing procedure perfectly. It is not similar to the shape required for research paper or bibliography; instead, it is quite more than that. An overview created for the literature review outline is a sufficient update on the status of the actual research conducted along with the solution related to the question.

A perfect outline of the literature review can create a brilliant paper that can amaze the readers easily. No matter whatever the formatting style college students have chosen to create a literature review outline; instead, it is essential to follow some of the rules for creating a robust framework.

Some of the standards required are:

  • As the literature review outline is not the outline of the research paper, so it is not essential to explain each method or step briefly. Instead, the college students have to focus on the central issues related to the current research. It can also be beneficial if the students discuss the main features of the procedures.
  • By using the sub-paragraphs for at least two in between the points. It is essential to make sure that every aspect explained by the students has a logical meaning plus sequence to build up the interest among the audience.
  • A useful outline is the one which can reflect the specific issue and ideas in front of the readers so that they cannot face many distractions which describing it.

Those students from different school or college who wonder that how they can prepare a proper outline of the literature review can take help from the following steps:

There are five main steps required to include in the draft of the literature review, namely;

  1. Introduction: The starting of the literature review should primarily get written with attractive or impressive words. If the students get succeeded in making the perfect introduction paragraph, then they amaze the readers for reading the entire review. There are many things which the students have to include while preparing for the literature review introduction like an excellent title or topic plus exact definition related to the subject. It is not simple for the students to write an effective introduction paragraph, but they have to overcome the difficulty by involving some of the main points like;
  • The proper definition of the topic by providing an appropriate statement so that the readers can find the literature review exciting and perfect to go through.
  • The students can establish the essential reasons which can gather the attention of the readers why they should go throughout the report.
  • The proper sequences and statements which the students include in their literature review depending on their research. So it is better to trust the facts instead of focusing on the irrelevant resources and false statements.
  • The readers can only feel attentive if they find any of the strong points at the beginning of the literature review. So it becomes crucial for the students to include only the essential and necessary stuff in the complete report.
  • By stating the scope of the research and point of view, college students can successfully clarify which solution is enough to solve the significant problem.
  • There are large numbers of sources available for the students from which they can check out the examples or statements for preparing the new literature review.

By presenting the efficient methodology and the useful results that the students are going to discuss in the entire literature review can make the readers curious to know about the procedure. The college students have to formulate the research questions which they are going to present in the complete literature review.

However, the students have not to provide every single detail in the starting of the literature review as it can already explore the useful information in front of the readers.

  1. Central body: The main body section can include subheadings, which can help college students to clear their point of view quickly. Mainly, the central part of the literature review consists of the three paragraphs, but the students can complete the central body with the five-paragraphs. It is better to concentrate on the main topic and useful information for a better explanation.

The students have to keep the following three things in mind while preparing for the main body paragraphs of the literature review:

  • Description of research studies: The students have to conduct comprehensive research on the topic which they have selected for the literature review. The material collected by the students can help them in organizing the data excellently so that the readers can find it interesting to go throughout the entire literature review. According to the frequent references plus themes, college students can focus on the procedure of the literature review efficiently. It can help the students to describe the central concept fluently.
  • Exclusive research with preliminary results: The research done by the students does not get completed until they can conclude something interesting from the study. For dealing with the structure of the literature review, the students have to complete their reviewing research by mentioning all the useful tricks and ways with which the readers get attracted to it. Providing the actual and in-depth relationship between the chosen topic and the broad subject area, the students can prepare an excellent literature review. It depends on the methods and the selection of the problem about which the students are going to discuss in their literature review.
  • Fully developed research studies to make an interesting point:  The students have to keep their focus on the necessary points and explanations so that they can explore more and more data exclusively. By moving from the general view to the broader perspective, the students can easily specify their focus and information to amaze the readers with the content. When the students are done with the active introduction part of the literature review, then they can analyze the stuff for making a better middle part. The college students can also consider the broad aspect related to the particular subject by keeping all the essential point in the mind.

It is useful for the students if they consider all the notions and general terms related to their literature review so that they can prepare the best report. It can be better if the college students narrow down their primary subject or an aspect by analyzing the central element efficiently. By giving the readers a chance to put some of the questions and problems related to the topic being discussed can make the literature review useful.

However, the students have to get prepared for answering all such questions put by the audience.

  1. Conclusion part: While preparing for this part, the students must make sure that they have included pros and cons related to different approaches. By reading and analyzing the whole procedure effectively, the students can prepare a valid conclusion or end of the literature review outline. It is essential to finish the work by including the proper concepts as well as information required, which can put a substantial impact on the minds of the readers.
  • It is essential to summarise the useful and the entire data in the ending part, which the students have discussed in the literature review.
  • By talking about the critical aspects of the current information related to literature, the students can make their literature review perfect to represent in front of the audience.
  • When the students identify the significant flaws plus gaps in the existing knowledge, then they can easily find a solution to cover up all that irrelevant stuff.
  • It becomes comfortable for the college students to outline the areas or sources with the help of which they had prepared the literature review.
  • The college or school students can also link the research conducted to the already existing knowledge for making their paper efficient.

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A literature review has become a significant part of any top college academic assignment about which the students have to review several credible sources.


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