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Student's Assignment Help September 5, 2016

“Education” as a word posses a number of meaning and definitions. As a common term many of think education is what a teacher teaches to a student. The meaning of education can be instruction or teaching to an individual. The essence and scope of education cannot be viewed without various aims and purposes of education. Here are variety of education aims that a students might need to adopt.

• Knowledge and understanding they receive-

Schools provide students with great knowledge in their daily life. They get to understand how to write,read and do calculations which forms the basis of life.

• Subject matter Knowledge being taught-

The primary aim of education to few teacher is to convey understanding about a particular subject to the students without focusing on other matters. These teachers keep their subject matter more essential than what learners study in other lectures.

• To gain self-esteem and confidence-

Students must feel confident with their understanding and learning abilities. They must gain much confidence and self-esteem to face all the obstacles that come their way.

• Will to become a thoughtful and responsible citizens-

Students will in future become part of the society and they will require skills to subsist within the society. Therefore education plays a necessary role in creating thoughtful citizens.

• Understand to learn-

This is one of the another element of education. School teaches students on how they will find data once they will leave the school and face the outside world.

• Long-lasting working habits-

School teaches students life long habits of completing all their task on time and behave suitably. These are the daily lessons which students learn and school and work out in their daily life.

• Students to recognize how to live-

Students not only learn basic teaching lessons in the school but also various life long lessons that make them survive in the society.

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