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Why Is It Crucial For Students To Unplug The Digital Life?

Student's Assignment Help 09/10/2015 217 Views

Why is it crucial for students to unplug the Digital Life The today’s era is the digital era in which every next person is depending on the digitization. It’s a huge demand of present time due to which our life has been digitized in all the way.

It has several advantages in the human life. We have overcome several issues that were not likely to be solved ever. At the same time, It is pushing human beings towards stress, anxiety, depression, trouble, tension and several other physical and psychological sufferings.

The internet is one greatest inventions of the digital era. It has encouraged the use of different digital instruments (gadgets) on which we can easily access the Internet.

The digital instruments have become an essential part of the students’ life. They cannot imagine learning without them. However, it is making them lazy and arrogant.

A number of students who use the internet for such activities which are not related to studies. Most of the students spend their long hours on social media, watching videos and surfing the Internet, searching for assignment help services. It is not bad to explore the facilities over the internet, but being an addict of them is a major drawback.

Students have costly gadgets which are their best friend. They cannot live a second without them. The major bad effects on the students that have been seen in recent years through the digitization are -

  • Loneliness
  • Health issues
  • Lack of focus
  • Lower Grades
  • Stress
  • Depression

Students who spend their more time on social media and with gadgets are unable to focus on their studies resultant they get poor marks in the exams.

They engage with late-night chats due to which they do not attend the regular classes in the college. The assignment writing is a crucial part of each college’s curriculum. Those students exhibit the inability to follow this schedule

Just for a few days or only for a day, unplug the digital life and leave out the virtual friends. Believe us, it will give you a different feeling that you never get through the digital life.

While students spend only a few minutes daily with friends and dear ones, they perform better in the class compared to other students who always remain engaged with internet and gadgets.

Someday, come out of the digital life and spend some time with your family members, they would feel good and you would also enjoy those moments of the life. Always keep in mind, when you will be in any trouble, these real people will be only there to help you.

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