How to Write Discussion Paper

11/30/2019 | 1090

In some cases, students believe that writing a discussion paper is easier than writing any other kind of writing. They are right to some extend. A discussion paper provides you with a unique opportunity for discussing an opinion. Many students don’t take writing an academic paper a serious manner and as a result, they fail. Other students take it too seriously manner.

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What is the Discussion Paper?

A discussion paper is a discussion about a topic. If you don’t have good writing skills, then it might be difficult for you to write a discussion paper. You need to first select a specific topic for discussion. At the time of writing a discussion paper, it is very much essential for you to express different ideas and opinions on a specific topic.

If you need to write a good discussion paper then you need to express different ideas on a specific topic. You need to write a discussion paper based on ideas and opinions.

Purpose of Writing a Discussion Paper

The major purpose behind writing a discussion paper is to come up with a new conclusion on the research topic.

For example, the old research used to convey that earth is flat but the new research obsolete that idea and justifies the round shape of the earth. Similar is the case of a discussion paper to reach a more authentic conclusion by analyzing a statement of fact.

How to write a Discussion paper?

Free tips and suggestions for writing a discussion paper for UK colleges and Universities like Kingston University, University of London, and Exeter University are here.

Before starting to write you should have an idea about the structure and format of such an academic paper.

Step 1: Understand the Topic and Perform Quality Research

Before writing a discussion paper, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the research topic. It can be done by conducting debates, forums, and discourse on the subject of research.

Step 2: Write Down the Outline Paper

The outline of the discussion paper should be framed in a very subtle way so that you do not end up writing something irrelevant to the topic.

A good discussion paper outline possesses an abstract, introduction, main body which includes methodology, results, debates, and conclusion in the form of inferences. Finally, citations and references of resources are done.

The research paper abstract and discussion paper abstract are the same.   The abstract is a summary of key points in the main paper. It represents the motive of writing a particular academic paper. In this section, you need to specify the technique which you are using for writing a paper.

At the same time, you also need to provide detail about how these resources will help to reach the motif of paper and what is the inference of the entire paper. The different elements are:

Step 3: Introduction

A good introduction makes its reader aware of the basic background of the paper.

Also, the opening of the paper must be catchy to hook up the readers with it till the end.

Step 4: Main Body

Here in this section, you need to introduce your topic, main ideas, and experts’ opinions. You need to discuss the main ideas and opinions in this section. There are different techniques that you can use for discussing these are :

  1. Students can discuss one idea and then can state the advantages and disadvantages of it.  They can implement a similar process for sharing other ideas as well.
  2. You should also share personal ideas and then based on them can discuss them. You can also utilize the ideas of other people for proving your opinion.
  3. Students can categorize ideas based on some features and have discussions on different ideas groups.
  4. You can also invent your unique methodology for organizing such an academic paper.

The main body of such an academic paper comprises the methodology, results, and debate on main arguments. The things you need to include in the main body are :

  • Research Methodology

Research methodologies include the information of types of research you are going to perform. The resources and arguments of the research methodology should also be clear while writing it.

For example, there could be qualitative research as well as quantitative research.

  • Results

The results will analyze the inferences of the research on given subjects that are the outcome of such an academic paper. Whatever consequences are deduced from the research should be incorporated in the results part of the paper.

  • Debate

The results of the research on the topic are subject to Debate and analysis in this part. The purpose behind analysis and discussion is to reach a result.

Step 5:  Conclusion

The final step is its conclusion which talks about the major hypothesis given in the introduction section.

What is the length of the Discussion Paper?

The length of the discussion paper is not rigid and it varies as per the direction and guidance of an instructor who has assigned the paper.

But a general academic paper lies in between the word count of 3000 to 3500 words.

Step 6: Editing and Proofreading

Now when you have written the entire paper by doing the authentic research from the genuine resources go for its editing and proofreading. The checking of the mistakes in a paper is very important as it is common to commit different mistakes for students and even professionals. Punctuation, editing, grammar errors, spellings, and sentences need to be edit before the final submission of the paper by graduates in the UK.

If you are unable to edit your academic paper it is good to fetch some editing and proofreading help for the discussion paper. Submitting a discussion paper without editing and proofreading and increase your chances of a low score in college essay assignments in the UK.

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