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How to Write a Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation methodology is basically the techniques or approaches which researcher uses for performing an investigation. In this article, our professionals are giving guidelines related to the How to Write Your Dissertation Methodology?

What is research methodology and why it is Important

The research methodology is the synopsis of your dissertation. It is considered to be the procedure that the researcher will utilize for performing the different functions during the time of the investigation. Making a choice of appropriate research methodology is very much essential as it has a significant influence on the research result. It is the methodological section that helps you in demonstrating that investigation on a specific  research topic or subject has been conducted in a systematic manner.How do you write an undergraduate dissertation methodology gives a glimpse of the work that you are going to do. Students should follow the proper structure for writing the methodology section for the dissertation. It could be done by going through the multiple research methodology examples from reputed sources. By doing so, students can submit a good research methodology to their teachers on time.

The dissertation is an elongated essay on a specific topic. Methodology section basically describes the various philosophical assumptions which have been made by the researcher while selecting a specific technique or approach for collecting, analyzing and interpreting information. After the selection of the topic and before writing an introduction you need to make a choice of methods for performing an investigation. Writing the methodology section in a proper manner is important as this section in a dissertation helps readers in making the evaluation of validity and reliability of research.

After developing the understanding about meaning of dissertation methodology, lets gain knowledge about How to Write a Methodology For a Dissertation? 

How to write a dissertation methodology?

In order to start writing a research methodology, it is very important to opt for an authentic and correct methodology for conducting the research. This is because a wrong research methodology for dissertation writing can create serious problems for the students.

How do you write a methodology is completely based on  type of research you intend to perform. Before selecting the approach you first should be clear about the type of research you intents to execute for collecting, analyzing and interpreting information related to specific subject or topic.

For instance, there are dissertations that are given to the students on Economics Assignments as a result of which the research needs huge numerical data analysis.

Things to consider before writing dissertation methodology

There are few things student show know before writing  dissertation research methodology .

  • You in order to start a dissertation methodology need to make the choice of the research methodology. At the same time you are required to consider the aim, objective and problem.
  •  After that, you need to choose a specific methodology for performing each task during the investigation
  •  Then after that, you are required to introduce your approach or technique used for performing the study. It is very much important for you to clearly specify whether you are using the qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method for performing the investigation.
  • After making the selection of the research methodology, you should perform the evaluation, as this technique will help you in determining whether the approaches which you have select will help in getting the answers to the research question .

Different Types Of Research Methodologies In Dissertation Writing

There are different types of research methodologies which students can opt  for writing their dissertation. Some rely on Qualitative data while others prefer quantitative research. There are some who manage to include both qualitative and quantitative research in their research methodology. Every type of research methodology has its own features and way of research along with data collection.

Let’s look at undergraduate dissertation methodology example

Example Dissertation Methodologies  

Below are example of methodologies  which can write in an undergraduate dissertation methodology section.

Qualitative Research Methodology

Researcher prefer to use qualitative research methodology for writing a dissertation on the subject that needs an analysis. You need to do deep analysis of the statements and research to know the truth .

  •  Anecdotes – These are the live examples which are there in the museum and help to know the multiples things about historical research. Students can choose these types of methods for the sociology and literature-based dissertation topics as well.
  •  Autobiographies – Autobiographies become important when when you need to write research and dissertation  on a specific person.
  •  Interviews – Interviews, it is basically a technique that can be applied for the collection of the  Qualitative facts directly from the respondents.

In qualitative research methodology, thematic analysis is  Qualitative method  which you can use along with thematic analysis technique for performing data analysis.

Quantitative Research Methodology

Researcher use quantitative research methodology  for the accumulation of numerical data about the phenomenon.  There are a number of ways through which you can collect data. Here are some of those methods  which you can use for gathering numerical data relevant to the topic are :

  •  Surveys – Surveys through authentic resources could be an important medium for collecting data for quantitative research. It is the technique that you can apply for the collection of the high volume of information about the subject or topic.
  •  Questionnaires – Questionnaires are also equally important to know the opinions of people on a given topic.
  • Authentic Government Documents Some authentic government documents are also helpful for numeric data collection.

In Quantitative research methodology you need to use statistical and Mathematical techniques for analyzing information.

How long should a dissertation methodology be?

The research methodology chapter of a dissertation consists of 15% of the whole dissertation.

In case , the word count of your dissertation is 10-,000 then you need to write methodology section in 1500 words. Within word count of 1500 only you will need to provide complete structure and information about style of dissertation.  At the same time, you will also need to provide complete detail about techniques you will utilize  for analyzing data .

Writing your dissertation: Methodology tips 

Before writing the research methodology for the Dissertation Assignments you can take tips from the professionals. These tips will help you to write an attractive research methodology for your dissertation.

  •  While making the choice of specific methodology you need to consider the purpose of your dissertation in the very beginning.
  •  Make sure to describe the type of research you are going to include in your research methodology. It means that students have to choose between qualitative research and quantitative research very carefully.
  •  If you are choosing quantitative or Qualitative research describe the way it will help you in the collection of data. Similarly, you have to do the same thing for qualitative research. in simple means, you should provide a proper reason for selecting a particular method for investigation.
  • There is a general dissertation methodology structure which students need to follow. In the methodology structure part it can be useful both for you and your readers if you recapitulate the main problems that you will be researching on.

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