How to Write a Market Research Report

04/12/2019 | 1748

What is the market research report?

A market research report talks about the actual situation of the market and how it is going to affect your business. a research report writer considers all aspects like market forces, consumer behavior, and prices to find out useful inferences to take an important decision. Such reports play a significant role in giving a direction to make a planned decision for business marketing.

Steps/ Procedure of Writing Market Research Report :


  • Carry out some basic research before writing market report

The primary part of writing a research report is that you have to understand the basic things before writing your report. For example, if you are thinking to launch a new product in the market then you have to prepare a market research report. In this report, you will analyze the things like what prices for the product will be suitable when to launch the product and which offer must be given to customers. But for this analysis data and surveys are important to conduct by basic research.

  • Write a summary of your report in the beginning

In the next part of your report writing work, you need to be very careful to write a summary of your research report. In this summary, you will talk about your plans, the way of research and other major parts of your report without revealing the gist of your report.

  • Proceed further towards writing an introduction to your report

Market research report introduction is the next part of the job while writing a research report. Here you have to explain the purpose of your research that the resources that you are going to use for this purpose. Also, a brief idea about the way of doing research will also be explained in the introductory part of the report. That is how you can prepare a base for your report without any issue.

  • Talks about the market conditions and your stance

In this part of the report, you are supposed to write about the scenario of the market and how it is going to affect your marketing plans. Your budget and plants along with their success expectations are written here by giving suitable examples and reasons. You have to explain every point in detail in this part of your market research report.

  • Give a brief idea about your research methodology and research point

In the penultimate shell, you are supposed to talk about the type of research methodology you picked up for doing research. You have to explain the points of research with valid data to justify your methodology of research.

  • A good conclusion of the market research report will complete your report

Finally, give an end to your market research report by writing a relevant conclusion at the end. Here you need to explain whether you become able to find out whatever said in the introduction of the report. Also, cite some examples from the report to substantiate your conclusion in the best way.

Points that must be considered while writing a report on market research

  • Introduction Writing: Your market analysis report introduction should contain the following points in it to make it more authentic and appealing;
  1. The background and topic of the report should be mentioned in detail.
  2. Try to clarify your vision and motif of writing the given report.
  3. Do not forget to elaborate on the basic detail about the market report for which you are doing research.
  4. You must set an agenda in your report in the introduction part.
  • Main Body Part:  This is the most essential and vital part of a marketing report that must be written with the utmost attention.

The major points must not be skipped and some market forces that affect the scenario of the market should be included in the main body of the report. You can use some figures and statistical data to illustrate your points in the report as well.

Here are a few major points that must be included in your market research analysis.

  1. Inflation and deflation of the product in the given market.
  2. How the customer’s behavior affects the requirement of the product.
  3. The control of demand and supply theory on the price
  4. How business rivals are active in the market
  5. How the lowering in price can affect the sale of the product
  6. Major issues that are giving competition to the product in the market.
  7. How to fascinate the consumer by providing attractive offers.
  8. The exact time of launching the product in the market.

These are some points that should be clear in the mind of a person who is writing market analysis report after doing research. These points can be supported with the market data and figures as well to enhance the authenticity of the research.

Conclusion Writing: Here you need to analyze the research and market report at a glance that what is the overall market scenario. Based on his own experience report writer can reflect on the consequences of the figures mentioned in the main report. The report can also be left for the open discussion to the intelligentsia of the market.

Sample Marketing Analysis Report On Food Giants In The World

Here is a free sample of marketing analysis report on several food giants that are active across the globe. You will be able to understand each and every aspect of these foods giant’s success globally after going through the given sample of the marketing analysis report.


The busy schedule and online delivery by various food chain restaurants globally in the past couple of decades have brought a new boom in the market. We come across a new food restaurant every other day. But if we observe meticulously few names are shining in the market like jewels. These food giants include Dominos, KFC and McDonald which are popular among the people of every age group.

The rate of their success can be given to multiple reasons discussed below in the report. Also, we are evident to the fact that other businessmen who are involved in a similar business are not doing that much well in spite of giving similar services. The reasons for the success for these food giants are figured out hereafter in-depth critical analysis.

Main Body

Dominos, KFC and McDonald are the major food delivering and providing giants in the global line which are holding 30% to 50% of the market alone. The reason for such a successful business globally can be given to the cheap products, high quality and firm deadlines that are completed mostly. In case they fail to meet their deadlines customers are rewarded with the lucrative offers. Thus they become able to win the trust of their customers with time.

If we take a look at the other restaurants like Taco Bell, Barclay prime and Buccan they are not that much successful globally. The charm of these restaurants ends when people come out of America. The reason could be given to the poor consumer behavior analysis, cross-cultural barriers and many other points. This is the reason why they form 5% to 7% of the total food market in the world. The rate of success for Dominos and KFC rise because of its best cross-cultural examination and consumer behavior analysis.


So we can see how good strategies and business policies are also crucial along with the best product and services for business growth in every area. You must win the trust of your customers to succeed in the market. Bringing regular updates and new innovating or luring offers to clinch your brand in the market to gain success is also important. These are the reason why Dominos and other food giants ensure their success in the market than any other rival.

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