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Guide for Writing Research Methodology – Procedure and Guide

Student's Assignment Help 02/18/2020 74 Views

Basics about writing research methodology

While writing a research paper or dissertation, you are required to provide detailed information about the strategies, techniques, approaches or philosophies that you will be used for performing investigation on specific subjects. In addition to this, you will also need to provide the proper justification related to the selection of a particular research methodology.

While making the choice of the methods to be used for performing you need to be very much careful and understand that it is the section that will enable the reader to ensure the validity as well as reliability of results.  If you are writing the research proposal then you will write the methodology section in the future tense. Otherwise, the research method logical section is always written in the past tense.

The different elements that are to be included in the research methodology section are:

  • Type of research to be performed
  • Techniques that would be applied for gathering facts about topic
  • Strategies applied for analyzing information
  • Reason for selecting the specific research methods.

The procedure for writing research methodology

Approaches for Research Methodology

The procedure of writing the research methodology section in the dissertation includes different stages these are:

Explanation for use of specific approach: Before beginning to write the research methodology part in the dissertation you are required to define the problem statement and design the research questions. It is the aim, objective and research question which will help you in determining whether to conduct qualitative or quantitative research.  As each research method is suitable for different purposes. For example:

  • Qualitative research: This type of investigation is most suitable for gathering detailed information about specific problems.
  • Quantitative research: It is most appropriate for the identification of patterns and making a generalization.
  • Mixed research: It enables both in detail exploration about the topic and allows numerical measurement.

For example: if you have selected to perform the qualitative research then you will state that qualitative research has been conducted considering the nature of problem. The reason for performing a specific type of investigation is that it enables the gathering of high volume of data. In addition to this, qualitative research also helps in developing in depth understanding about the topic.

Defining techniques applied for gathering information: At this stage, you are required to provide the complete detail about the research methodology which you have applied for performing investigation. In addition to this, you need to provide proper justification for selecting the specific justification for selecting a particular method of data collection. You should also clearly define the sources from where the facts about the phenomenon have been gathered and do the citation, as this strategy will help the reader in ensuring the reliability and validity of results.

For instance, you have conducted the study for gaining people’s opinions about the launch of new products. The online survey is the technique that has been applied for an accumulation of facts related to the topic. The justification for selecting the online survey technique is that provide ease in a collection of data easily. Secondly, specific technique helps in gathering information from a large number of people.

Explanation for specific technique applied for analyzing facts

 It is a stage where you are required to provide detail about the procedure you have conducted for processing and analyzing data. You are not required to provide a detail description of the technique. In quantitative research, analysis is being performed on numbers. At this, the phase you are required to provide information about the way you prepared data and then performed analysis. If you have used any kind of software for analyzing information then you need to provide a description for the same. In quantitative research, statistical tools and techniques you have sued.

Justification for the selection of specific research methods

Here, you are required to provide advantages and disadvantages of different techniques applied in research methodology.  You need to provide a proper explanation about the way the methodology selected by you is most suitable for the other techniques or approaches.

Guide for writing good research methodology

While making the choice of selecting specific research methodology you are required to consider the aim of the investigation. In addition to this, you are also required for providing a proper explanation for applying a particular strategy or method. You should understand that it is the research methodology section in dissertation that will allow you to prove that investigation has been conducted in a systematic manner.

There are following tips that you can consider while writing research methodology section in a dissertation these are:

  • Concentrate on objective and research questions: While writing the research methodology part in the dissertation you need to concentrate mainly on three things these are the purpose of the investigation, research question. In addition to this, while providing the justification you need to provide detail information about the way specific techniques that you have applied will help you in accomplishing your desired objectives.
  • Citation using the relevant sources: By doing the citation and proper references you can prove that the information about specific phenomena has been gathered from authentic sources only. It will also help the reader in making sure that you have followed the proper practices. In addition to this, you need to provide a description of the technique which you have applied for selecting the different research techniques.
  • Consideration of audience:  While writing the methodology part you are required to consider the audience and accordingly you are required to provide the detail. If you are writing a dissertation related to your field than in such case you are no required to provide too much background information and detail justification. You should avoid providing the technical details while writing the research methodology.
  • Discussion on obstacle:  While writing the research methodology section you can involve the somewhat detail about the problems which you have faced while gathering the information about the topic and how you have overcome them.

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