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Writing A research paper is basically a difficult task for college-going students.  They face a number of issues in writing the research paper. Students also have confusion between thesis and research paper.But they need to understand that there is a difference in the structure of writing both papers.  Considering the issue of students, our professionals are providing a complete guideline on How to Write a Research Paper?

Meaning of research paper

A research paper can be defined as a detailed essay that is written after a proper analysis of the perspective of different people on a specific Research paper topic. It also includes the interpretation of information that has been collected.

The process of writing a research paper includes executing field research. You can write a research paper once you have gathered all the relevant information related to the subject or topic. Before writing the research paper you will need to perform different activities such as investigation, evaluation organization, and decomposition of information about specific subjects. It is the objective of investigation which helps in the determination of whether you should write an argumentative or analytical research paper.

The objective of writing a research paper

The main objective of people behind writing a research paper is to increase their knowledge about specific subjects or topics. It is the research paper which helps you in exploring different research questions and answers, Research paper helps you in reaching a conclusion about the problem

Characteristics of good research paper

Some important characteristics of a good research paper are:


It is another crucial characteristic of research paper which means that all the information to be included and different activities are to be performed according to the plan.


The important quality of good research is that it contains reliable and accurate information. You should perform various tests such as for quantitative research you can perform the ANOVAs test for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data before including it into the research paper. In the context of Qualitative research, while writing the literature review section you can put references to the sources from where specific information has been gathered. You should review the interpretation as this ll help you in eliminating the chances of error.

For example: A research is conducted for analyzing the effect of  changes in organization on employees behavior. You should avoid biases in selection of sample participants. If the interview method has been applied for the collection of information then in such case you can record the responses provided by the participants As this technique will help you in eliminating chances of mistakes.


it is one of the important quality of good research paper is that it consist of all essential and relevant information.


It means that good research has an appropriate length. Nether it is too long or too short. Validity also refers to the situation where research measure what it supposed to.


It is one of the basic but key Quality of research paper is that all the headings need to be arranged in a logical way. All the topics in a research paper are arranged in a systematic manner. While writing the research paper you should make sure that the sequence of headings in a research paper is organized in a logical manner.


You should make sure that your research is complete and all the information which you have collect is there in your paper. In addition to this, you need to make sure that there are sufficient numbers of evidence for supporting arguments.


A good research paper always contains the original information to gather thorough research by the researcher themselves. You can use secondary data in your research paper for writing literature review section but you need to rephrase that information in order to avoid chances of Plagiarism in content. While writing a research paper you cannot utilize the findings of investigation performed by another researcher for providing justification for your work.

For example: Researcher is executing research for analyzing the living style and culture of Aboriginal people. But due to less population of Aboriginal people in the UK researcher has to face difficulty in selecting sample. But in such situation investigator cannot use the finding of research conducted by other scholars in order to support their work.

Generalize findings

A good research paper is that Research findings can be applied in different situations.

For example, A researcher conducted for identification of the best treatment or medication of cancer.  The findings of such investigation are useful for society and  other health care institutions can utilise it.

Ideas for good research paper writing

The different techniques which you can apply for writing a good research paper are :

  • Understanding of assignment: Developing an understanding of the requirement of assignment is very crucial for writing a good research paper. After analyzing the requirement and developing the understanding about the same, you should make a list of key points, as this will help you in writing a good research paper. While preparing to write a research paper you need to consider time, word limit and objectives.
  • Identification of audience: While writing the research paper you need to think about the effect of your writing style on the audience. Before making a choice of specific writing style you should consider the knowledge of the audience. The choice of words and sentences used has a significant influence on the quality of the research paper.

Useful  suggestion for a research paper

There are few tips which you can apply while writing a research paper these are :

Steps for Research paper writing


Selection of topic for a research paper

There are many new techniques that you can apply for developing the idea about the topic for writing research papers such as freewriting, brainstorming, etc. While selecting a particular topic for writing a research paper you should make sure that it is specific and unique.

Execution of preliminary Research

You need to conduct the preliminary investigation, as it will help you in identifying the significant discussion related to the subject or topic that you can include in your research paper for making it more interesting.

Witting thesis statement

It is the statement that consists of a set of arguments. A thesis statement summarizes all the arguments in one sentence. It is the statement that will provide guidance throughout writing a research paper. While writing the thesis statement you are required to make sure that it is coherent and clear.

Preparation for an outline of a research paper

Research Topic is basically a list of topics or heading that you need to further categorize into sub-sections. This is the technique that will help you in writing the research paper in a more effective manner.

Structuring and organization of the paragraph

The different paragraphs you need to concentrate that everyone emphasizing on one claim which further assists in accomplishing of desired objectives.

The first draft of the research paper

While writing the first draft for the research paper you need to consider the objective of the investigation. In the first draft of your research paper, you need to provide information related to different arguments.

Writing introduction

It is the introduction is the most impotent section in the research paper. You should write the  Research paper introduction clearly as this section has a significant influence on readers minds.  While writing the introduction you should mainly concentrate on the formation of sentences. In addition to this, while writing the first draft you need to keep your argument more flexible.

Compilation of the main body in research paper one of the biggest issues faced by students in a research paper is related to arranging the information. You can write a thesis statement or topic sentence as this technique will help you in remaining focus.

Conclusion: You are required to be very much conscious while writing a conclusion for your research paper. It is the section in the research paper that assists readers in addressing the key points. It is the characteristics of a good research paper that contains the basic consequences of debate.


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