Evidence-based practice in research

The expression evidence connotes the process of collecting, compiling, linking, aggregating, processing, and executing the objective of extracting such evidence. Evidence-based policy in research refe

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research
Research is basically a progressive study that involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. The main objective of the study is to discover the relationship between different variable

Research Findings – Meaning , Objectives , Importance and Techniques

Research Findings
Meaning of findings in the research paperFindings are basically the key outcome of the investigation. It is basically a key facts which you can discover during an investigation. (more…)

Paragraph Structure in Research Paper – Meaning & Importance

Paragraph Structure in Research Paper
Meaning of paragraphIt is basically a piece of writing which consists of a series of sentences that are link  in order to develop a single main idea.  You need to present  main idea at the beginn

Types of Validity in Research – Meaning and Types

Types Of Validity
Meaning of ValidityValidity is basically a degree up to which specific tool able to measure the thing in an accurate manner. In addition to this, validity is an extent up to which research findings

Research Discussion – Objectives, Importance, Basic Rules, and Techniques

Objectives of Research Discussion                               Discussion in the context of research means an in-depth analysis of the argument in order to reach the conclusion.

Reliability vs. Validity in Research – Overview and Comparison

Reliability vs. Validity in Research
Research has design Overviewing Reliability and validity represent the effectiveness of the different methods applied in investigation. They are basically two crucial parts of the research. There i

Writing Good Research Paper

Writing Good Research Paper
Writing A research paper is basically a difficult task for college-going students.  They face a number of issues in writing the research paper. Students also have confusion between thesis and researc

Textual Analysis in Research / Methods of Analyzing Text

Overview of Textual Analysis in Research
Text  a transcribed conversation. In relation to research, the text is could be any object about which the researcher intends to provide a great description. (more…)

Discourse Analysis Research Methodology – Meaning, Uses and Procedure

Discourse Analysis Research Methodology
Discourse analysis is basically an analytical technique that researcher utilities for analyzing language. You can also utilize it for identifying the way people use language. (more…)

Topic Sentences in Research Paper – Meaning, Parts, Importance, Procedure and Techniques

Topic Sentences in Research Paper
The topic sentence is basically unique sentences that act as a guideline for both reader and writer. It provides the idea of information in the content. It is the first sentence of the paragraph. The

A Guide to Start Research Process – Meaning, Procedure and Tips

A Guide to Start Research Process
The research Process is basically a systematic study on specific subjects which includes different activities such as data collection, data analysis, and interpretation. (more…)

Overview of Research Design – Meaning, Importance, Types, Characteristics and Key Considerations

Overview of Research Design
Research design is basically a model that consists of techniques or methodology which you can apply for performing the various activities during the research procedure. It is an appropriate design of

Formulating Good Research Questions

Guide to Write Research Questions ?
After defining and writing the problem you are required to design a research question. It is basically a set of questions considering which you need to perform your investigation process. (more&hellip

Overview of Relevance in Research – Meaning, Types and Significance

Overview of Relevance in Research
Relevance in research is a interconnection of one research topic with others. It is basically the level up to which you can apply findings of research in real life. In simple words, the investigation

Research Paper Introduction – Meaning, Elements, Importance and Techniques

Introduction in Research paper
Introduction in the research paper is the first paragraph that provides a detailed background of the topic it could also be referred to as the formal presentation of the topic or subject. (more&hellip
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