Introducing Great English Dissertation Topics of [ 18th,19th,20th Century] for College Students

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For university students around the world, it is hard-bitten for them to find a fresh and new English dissertation topic. Therefore, many of the students are searching for someone to provide them with the best Dissertation Topic in English.

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It requires students to look into many books and novels from the fault-finding point of view for writing an English dissertation. You may pick an author and his work or a series of books written by various authors or may investigate a typical style of writing and his development over the period of time by writing a dissertation. Our writers will not only help in writing an English dissertation topic but also excellent English academic writing help. Some of the dissertation topics provided by our experts

Seventeenth-Century English Dissertation Topics Ideas –

The seventeenth century is known to be an era of revolution, and all the turbulence is taking place around have an effect on the thinking process of writers too.

They used poems, stories, satires, etc. to convey their views on what is happening around. Some examples of English dissertation topics for seventeenth-century literature are:

  1.  Role of discoveries in shaping the literary legacy of the seventeenth century.
  2.  Analyzing the work of George Herbert: Rise of metaphysical poetry.
  3.  Paradise Lost: Analysis of Redemption Poetry and its relevance in the seventeenth century.

Eighteenth-Century (18th) English Dissertation Topics –

The eighteenth-century is the era of restoration. New religious beliefs, the contour of spiritual practices, nationalism and other feelings controlled the literary scene in this period. Some instances of dissertation topics examined by University scholarly person are:

  1.  The age of satire: how satire ruled Eighteenth-century literature.
  2.  Use of wit and comic in literature and how it changed the image of epic heroes.
  3.  Arising of modern novel writing- important aspects revealed.
  4.  Dryden’s work: The most versatile writer of the revolutionary generation.

Contemporary And Nineteenth-Century (19th ) English Dissertation Topics –

The industrial revolution, urbanization, and the introduction of technological innovations marked the nineteenth century. There was an inherent comfort in the thinking, and so a lot of satirical and comical writings were shaped up by the pieces of literature. Interesting dissertation topics for 19th century English are:

  1.  Love and communication in Elizabeth Barett’s work.
  2.  Trollope writing and its significance in provincial life: analysis of Austen’s work.
  3.  Thomas Hardy: How love and loss ruled Hardy poems.
  4.  Gothic novels: Peculiarity of gender presentation.
  5.  Rustic writing: How it defined nineteenth-century literature.

Children Literature Dissertation Ideas –

Writing for children needs oceanic imagination. Some thought agitating children literature dissertation writing ideas are:

  1.  Roald Dahl: Use of ridicule for attacking children.
  2.  Use of imagery Beasts: How it influenced children literature.
  3.  Adventure: The essential ingredient of Enid Blyton work.
  4.  Ingredients of epic writings: Assessing works 1900 onwards.

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