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There is no doubt that law schools are terrible. While accomplishing your law degree program, one of the biggest hurdles which come in the way of every student is choosing a topic for your dissertation.

After having a dissertation topic, you need to write an in-depth dissertation proposal to exchange your idea to your dissertation evaluating committee. Hence, to help you out with this troublesome task, is offering you Law Dissertation Topics [2016,2017,2018,2019].

What difficulties do students face while writing a law dissertation topic?

A law dissertation topic has to be suitable according to legal authorities. It is a subject where you cannot put down anything on your own as everything mentioned ask for a proper source.

The law dissertation topic should be fascinating to both the writer and the reader. Also, it should adapt to the content of your research. Keeping all this in mind it becomes troublesome for the students to choose an appropriate law dissertation topic.

Dissertation Topics in Criminal law

Criminal law is an interesting and important area that covers a broad range of areas. Some of the suggestions on your criminal law dissertation topics are:

  1.  The plaintiff in the criminal justice system: investigation and proof.
  2.  Problematizing public order, state affairs and the threat of groups.
  3.  Character, capacity and choice conceptions of culpability.
  4.  Evaluate problems in recognizing the nature, extent, and distribution of crime.

Dissertation Topics in Commercial law –

Commercial law is a wide area and cannot be dealt with in isolation. More often than not it will significantly involve some equivalence with other countries. Some of the suggestions are:

  1.  Critically analyze the international commercial arbitration system.
  2.  Critically examine the international law on the passing of risk.
  3.  A discussion of European union sale of goods legislation and its place within the UK.

Dissertation Topics on Company law

In company law, there is numerous area of interest and topics can include, the productiveness of the companies act, the advantages of incorporation, lifting the veil of incorporation, limited liability, raising of capital and payment of dividends to shareholders. Some of the company law related dissertation topics are listed below as a guide:

  1.  Transplantation of corporate legal regimes: Does it encourage better corporate governance?
  2.  The protection of minority shareholders rights: Remedies to unfair prejudice and premises for bringing proceedings.
  3.  Critically assess the law on corporate manslaughter.
  4.  An evaluative interpretation of the regulation of the UK public company.
  5.  Protection of minority shareholder.

Tort law dissertation topics for College Students-

The concept of tort law efficaciously defines what is deemed a legal injury, and practices the circumstances whereby a person may be held liable for another’s damage resulting from either international acts or accidents.

  1.  A critical analysis of economic loss.
  2.  Critically analyses the issues of foreseeability and causation concerning the duty to take care.
  3.  The duty of care owed to children- A step too far?
  4.  The point of the road for loss of a chance?

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