Avail Top Ideas of Medicine Dissertation Topics For Medical Students

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  1. How medicine work on our body to cure the diseases.
  2. Which type of diseases cannot be cured without the help of medicine at any cost?
  3. Role of medicine during the critical surgery of a person in the hospital.
  4. Is it good to take antibiotics during infection of microbes in the human body?
  5. Effect of medicinal drugs on the body, if consumed for a long time.
  6. Is there any alternative or substitute for pharmaceutical medicines to treat the patient during ill health?
  7. What proportion of drugs is added to the medicine to make them useful for medicinal purposes?
  8. Is it suitable to take those medicines for a long time which have a high quantity of drugs, how they affect the health of a person?
  9. Describe the role of medicines to treat a person suffering from hypertension from a long period of time.
  10. Enumerate the major instances where medicine has saved the lives of people suffering through major diseases.

Dissertation Topics on Medicine that deals with the New Types of Medicine in the Market

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  1. How there has been a change in medicine over the period of time with the coming of biotechnology.
  2. Is it true that biotechnology is providing improved medicines which are more effective than earlier?
  3. How new medicines are different from that of previous with the coming of biotechnology.
  4. Explain the new mechanism of medicine manufacturing with the passage of time.
  5. Role of pharmaceutical companies in the invention of more effective drugs than earlier.
  6. Which types of new medicines are coming in the market with an increase in the variety of diseases?
  7. As pathogens become resistant to the medicine over the period of time, so what kinds of changes are being made to fight with this challenge?
  8. Can we produce medicines which resist the infection of microbe permanently with the help of biotechnology?
  9. Give the biggest challenge in front of scientist to invent medicines for the cure of fatal diseases.

Research-based Dissertation Topics on Medicine

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  1. How the research for medicines against AIDS and Cancer is taking high pace with the coming of Biotechnology.
  2. Explain the major success of Biotechnology to fight with cancer.
  3. Can we cure cancer completely with medicine?
  4. Why it is difficult to invent a drug against AIDS in the world of high technology.
  5. Explain the effect of the drug on the body which is discovered against cancer by the scientist.
  6. Which type of research is being carried in the arena of medicine in the past few years?
  7. Role of scientist and researcher to discover new types of effective medicines to cure cancer and other fatal diseases.
  8. Describe the role of research in the field of research to come up with new ideas of fighting against stubborn diseases.

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Dissertation Topics on Occupational Health

Occupational health deals with health problems or treatment related to the employees in an organization. This is a perfect area for dissertation writing and some of the vital topics are listed below-

  1. Factory workers health safety
  2. The psychology of stress management in occupational health
  3. Petrochemical plant workers health and working conditions
  4. Techniques for preventing injuries and illness related to work
  5. The occupational stress and long term after-effects of policemen

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Dissertation topics on Mental health

For your mental health dissertation, some of the topics are provided here for help-

  1. Adolescent mental health in the area of ecological disorder
  2. Personnel mental health safety in security companies
  3. The relationship of persons mental health with quality of life
  4. The mental health of a woman with gynecological abnormalities
  5. The mental health of military personnel

Dissertation Topics on Clinical Management

Managing all nursing aspects with clinical setting comes under clinical management in medicine. Few of the dissertation topics on clinical management are included here-

  1. Methods in taking care of the patient and managing patient with acute pain
  2. Health care and management strategies for the patient with cardiovascular diseases
  3. Clinical management risks concerning prostate cancer patients
  4. Stroke patients optimal management strategies in medical institutions
  5. The best management strategies for people with post-traumatic stress disorder

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