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PhD is considered as the prestigious degree that is based on research fully, a student who pursues a degree of PhD has to write a dissertation to complete the course. Different dissertation topics are assigned to PhD Scholar based on the stream.

PhD Scholar Dissertation Topics

Sometimes it so happens that in order to check the creative mind of students, the professor asks them to get a topic for their dissertation by themselves. At this stage, it becomes like a thunderbolt for the students and they start looking for help.

Here we are providing a list of PhD Scholar Dissertation Topics that are given to PhD scholars for their dissertation writing by experienced experts.

Dissertation Topics for PhD Scholars of Science Discipline

Science is a very vast discipline which covers half of the universe under its umbrella. Here are topics which will cover the arena of science like biotechnology, medical science, computer science etc. You can consider it as Biotechnology Assignment Help, medical science assignment help etc.

  1. How can we use Biotechnology to improve the healthcare department?
  2. How information and technology are taking medical science to new peaks.
  3. New inventions that could be carried out by the joint efforts of medical science, biotechnology and information technology.
  4. Which is the biggest invention in medical science with the help of Biotechnology?
  5. Enumerate the advancement in the field of medical science with time.
  6. How DNA is being altered nowadays by using biotechnology and its principles.
  7. The pace with which biotechnology is rising, after a few years are might be able to create human also, comment.
  8. Why many people do not appreciate the role of science in their life and still rely on conventional methods.
  9. How technology has made our life easy in the present time.
  10. Are we heading towards a world full of technology and science?

Topics of Dissertation for the Scholars of Literature

When someone says a dissertation topic for literature, it has no boundaries, because everything that comes under the sun is literature. It merely depends upon the interpreter how he sees the things. Here are some topics for a literature dissertation to P.hd scholars.

  1. How can we do justice to a text by not reading it with any set critical approach?
  2. How feminism is different from that of a stream of consciousness in literature.
  3. Is all the written literature in different languages deals with the same issues or different?
  4. How can we interpret the mythology and their appreciation?
  5. What should be there in the mind of the reader while reading a literature manuscript?
  6. What is a universal writer and why Shakespeare is known as universal writer, interpret with his standard text.
  7. Role of literature to build a good human who is sensible and kind towards things.
  8. Can we use term metaphor and simile as a synonym, explain with solid examples from the text you read.
  9. What is the gothic culture and how the concepts of supernaturalism take existence from it?
  10. Which literature is considered as standard eastern or western, substantiate.

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Economics Scholar and Topics for their Dissertation

Economics topics are presented in the list below for those who are going to have their P.hd in Economics, have a look at them.

  1. Criteria to set the budget of a country.
  2. Being an Economist how would you distribute the resources among people?
  3. Is it possible to follow the philosophy of Carl marks in Economics?
  4. What is the theory of demand and supply, how it affects market forces?
  5. Banking sector and its evolution with time with the change of public requirements.
  6. Best way to deal with the fiscal deficit of any country.
  7. How much a country should invest in the security of its citizen on the border?
  8. How can we keep inflation and deflation in check?

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