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The introduction writing for an essay is a crucial part of those who are writing an essay for college assignments. This is because the writer can get the attention of the reader for their essay only in introduction part by writing a good essay hook.

So, if you are assigned with a five-paragraph essay on abortion by your professors and have no idea about how to write it then go through the free example given here. Students Assignment Help experts have suggested free persuasive and argumentative essay introduction samples on abortion here for graduates.

The given essay introduction examples can also be used for writing a persuasive essay introduction, contrast essay and even cause and effect essay introduction as well. So write your essay outline for the five-paragraph essay and then follow the given sample of introduction to start with a good essay hook.

The structure and format of five-paragraph essay on Abortion

If you have been assigned with five-paragraph essay then the primary task that you need to do is divide your essay into five parts. The following structure should be followed while parting your essay in different sections.

A five-paragraph essay could be as long as 2000 words and you need to keep an eye about the number of words in one page. So that, every part is divided with an optimum count of the word limit.

  1. Thesis statement: Give your thesis statement about the issue of abortion that what hypothesis and ideology you have towards the problem.
  1. Introduction: Talk about the major problems that are giving rise to the medical termination of pregnancy and why it is still legal. You can cite your goal about the essay that what you are going to give through your essay regarding the issue of abortion here.

Make your readers able to understand the background of the problems associated with abortion in different countries of the world.

You can also enable them to understand about your plans of research to figure out something important about the problem to enhance their interest.

  1. Main body:  In the main body of the essay you are supposed to talk about all the problems their solution through research step by step. Divide your essay into several parts and discuss every issue separately about abortion.
  1. Conclusion: Here you have to justify that your hypothesis is valid and you become able to prove your ideologies on abortion in the essay.
  1. Bibliography: The resources used in the research work should be cited in the bibliography of the essay at the end.

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Examples of argumentative and persuasive essay introduction on abortion

Here are the best abortion essay introduction writing examples that will help you to write both persuasive and argumentative essay for college. Apart from these two types of essays, you can also write the introduction of all other types of essays by following the same pattern.

  1. The example of argumentative essay introduction on Abortion

For a long period of time, the burning issue of abortion is very much in the light owing to serious problems associated with it. Abortion is considered as the most convenient way by society to get rid of an unwanted child.

But a mother never finds her child what we term as unwanted as social pressure compels her to grab that ideology and take such a heinous step.

The pregnancy which is an outcome of finished live-in relationship is often seen as sin on the part of girl but boy is never interrupted for this which leads to the abortion by the mother to save her from the disgrace of society.

If there will be suitable law regarding pregnancy and abortion the count of them can be reduced to a level. Of course, there are some genuine abortions that take place when the growing embryo is not considered good for birth owing to various complications.

But this is not the case always and mothers are helpless to lose their baby many times under pressure of society.

So here we will discuss the law system required to give the firm law for abortion. Also, the great attention will be given to come up with the solutions that can save the expecting mother from aborting their fetus from the fear of social taboos.

  1. Sample of persuasive essay introduction on abortion

The medical termination of pregnancy is not a new phenomenon in society as it is prevalent from ancient time. Earlier girls used to be aborted in the uterus only by the patriarchal society.

But nowadays the issue has taken a new form where both boys and girls are being aborted by the parents owing to multiple reasons.

Some of them are associated with social taboos which do not allow an unmarried woman to expect a child. At the same time, others go through MTP for their better career choices.

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There is no legal bar on abortion in many countries as long as the mother is willing to get her baby abort. Here we will discuss the issue on a more serious note by talking about the right of the embryo living in the womb to take birth.

How the problem of social taboo associated with pregnancy can be checked any many other such issues. Great attention will be given to come up with solutions for pregnant women who have to sacrifice their pregnancy to achieve success in a career.

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