Air Pollution

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Today air is polluted to a dangerous level due to different activities performed by the human. For instance, the running of millions of vehicles on the road emit very harmful substances in the environment that pollute the air. At the same time, we cannot ignore the pollution spread by aerosols and industries in the air. To prevent this pollution in our air to breathe normally requires taking certain measures. Only then we can save our environment from air pollution and ourselves as well.

Thesis Statement

Air pollution gives rise to a number of diseases which are mainly associated with lungs at the same time it affects flora and fauna of the society.

Main Body

Air pollution needs to be addressed at a global platform so that all the nations of the world get them involved in the pursuit of keeping the environment clean and serene. Here are some causes and remedies for air pollution to mitigate this issue from the society of the world at large.

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Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollution could be caused by multiple numbers of mediums. Here are some of them at a glance mentioned in the following points. Students can get to know about other types of medium that are spreading air pollution from some authentic resources.

  1. Exponential Growth of Industry – With a rise in the growth of industrial air pollution becomes very common. Industries expel very harmful chemicals in the atmosphere which pollute the environment very much. The needs of people are rising every day on a global scale as a result of which the problem of air pollution is also rising.
  2. Pollutions from Vehicles – Vehicles are the other medium of air pollution. Today there is no need to explain the huge growth of vehicles on roads. To get evolve from the pollution that is spread by these vehicles we cannot afford to stop transportation. This environment is getting polluted more and more every other day as the number of vehicles are increasing on roads.
  3. Burning of Non-Biodegradable Products – There are two types of products in the environment, one which gets degraded by the microorganism and known as biodegradable. Another is non-biodegradable products which are burned by the people as their degradation in the soil is not possible. These products are like polythene and plastic. When they are burned causes pollution in the air to a huge extent.
  4. Aerosols in the Stratosphere – Airplane and other Jets leave heavy air pollution in the stratosphere in the form of aerosols which are the reason for air pollution. These aerosols even affect soil as well when it comes down with the rain. As the flights cannot be stopped our atmosphere has to suffer from this problem.

How to Mitigate the Problem of Air Pollution Effectively

Air pollution is becoming one of the biggest issues in the present time, more and more people are getting caught in the dangerous arms of air pollution. Some of them are not able to breathe properly while others have to suffer from infection in the lungs. Here are some ideas that could be followed by getting rid of the problem of air pollution in different geographical and topographical conditions.

  1. Plantation of Green Belt of trees along Roadside – When we will plant a number of trees along the roadside like a green belt, it is going to be very helpful to absorb harmful chemicals be the plants. This could be done in steps by taking the local people of that area into your movement. Once trees for the green belt would be planted, it can relieve us from air pollution for a generation.
  2. Replacement of Freon gas from Air Conditioners – Freon gas that is being used in the air conditioners and refrigerators is very harmful to the environment. As a result of which a new alternative could be used by the people that are discovered by the green chemistry. We should give preference to green chemistry in our life to keep our air clean from pollution.
  3. Use of Bio-degradable Products – There are a number of non-biodegradable products which are replaced by degradable products. We should get aware of these products and never make a buy to the one which pollutes the air. Thus we can discharge our duty of responsible citizens of a nation or country.


The high time has arrived when the problem of air pollution needs to be discussed on a bigger platform. Even international conventions like United Nations Organization are also giving its focus on the pollution problem. That is why various steps are also being taken by the people on a global scale. We all should take part in this movement to keep our earth clean with utmost cleanliness. Only then a good life could be lived on this earth. If this air pollution is not limited by today it can prove very dangerous in the coming time when people will suffer by taking a breath even. is giving essay writing services on air pollution through the Online Essay Writers. The essay writing services given by the eminent writers which are subjects matter experts can increase the score of your assignments. So avail this cheap price service for best quality in essay writing on air pollution. You will be glad to take this help from us at very nominal charges.

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