Divorce Argumentative Essay

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Divorce is a big social and legal issue that is associated with many important aspects of life. We can see it as the integral decision of a person’s life because when a couple gets separated it affects people who come in the boundary of the relationship that is the immediate family of the couple. It is the right of a person whether female or male to get detached from a bond in which he or she does not want to continue further. There are different procedures in various countries for getting a divorce some beliefs in religious rituals to get apart from each other while others are based on legal prosecution by the judiciary. Here this essay is based on the arguments that are it right to forcefully get divorced when the other partner is not willing to separate.

As long as we talk about the idea of a one-sided divorce it is very difficult to react in such cases for the judiciary. Some patriarchal societies give preference to the male section of the society to decide on the matter of divorce while others believe inequality in this concern. When only one partner is dissatisfied with the bond of marriage and wants to walk away full concern is shown during the judicial prosecution and time is given to think on the matter again so that couple can take a wise and fair decision. But still, if the person is firm to his decision strong excuses are needed to prove the reason for divorce and then the court decides its decision or judgment based on the circumstances.

In case of women’s right to get separated from their husbands based on the allegations of violence and cruelty stern actions are taken to know the depth of the truth and if the husband found to be guilty immediate divorce is given to them. The children and their custody are given to the parents based on their capabilities to bring them up in good conditions. Those who are able to think and interpret can choose on their own whether they want to go with the mother or father.

Talking about the divorce rules they are in serious need to change in many countries which finds women unsuitable to take this important decision of their life. Every single person has the right to live their life with full freedom without any discrimination based on sex, gender, class, and descent. The government must pay attention to this dark end of the human right where exploitation with the women is at peak by not allowing them to get divorced as per their will.

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Important measures need to be taken for sure in regard to the divorce law and their prosecution in real sense. Only then we can think of a world which is equal for men and women both. Here the fight is not based on the grounds of Women empowerment or Men empowerment but the issue is about equality among humans. Living a life of misery is not the right of human beings and each one of us can do something well to make out life happy by putting colors to it and giving another chance to it. It is completely fine to give a second chance to marriage but in some cases, no such thoughts are needed when domestic violence and social torture are there.

Suffering and becoming a victim of the crime on the hand of your partner is not a good decision and it must be understood to male and female both. There are female partners that dominate over the male and set their hegemony on them. This can be put to an end by divorce after meticulous ponder on the issue. That is how the divorce can become a medium of getting you out of the violence that a relationship gives. It is not important to bear the burden of a relationship that is not working for a long time.

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