Argumentative Essay on Cyber Bullying

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Before providing you a sample of argumentative essay on Cyber Bullying, firstly we will discuss what is argumentative essay. The argumentative essays topics as the name speak for itself are written by defending an argument throughout the essay through examples. This type of essay needs extra attention of the graduates to figure out the various aspects of the essays.

In order to prove your argument given at the beginning of the essay, you have to cover every aspect associated with it in different parts of the essays. The thesis statement is generally comprised of the argument that will be discussed and proved by the end of the essay.

Introduction of such essays gives a brief scenario of the essay topic like argumentative essay on cyber bullying and your goals regarding the essay. The main body of such essays is divided into several arguments and every argument tries to justify the existence of the thesis given for the essay.

Finally, the essay needs to be concluded by a conclusion which explains that you have reached at your point what you said in the thesis. The following argumentative essay sample of cyberbullying is going to help you in preparing an outline, introduction writing and also in concluding the argumentative essay.

Thesis Statement on Argumentative Essay on Cyber Bullying

There is no strict action is taken by the government at the international level to check the issue of cyberbullying with a great effect.

Introduction oF Argumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying

A big boom in social media use can be seen among the people of different age groups in the past couple of decades. The period of also witness to lots of suicides and other states of depression caused by cyberbullying on these networking sites.

Popular business people are also involved in the quagmire to promote their own business by ruining the market reputation of the business rivals. At the same time, people try to post controversial comments against women to destroy their prestige in the public on these sites.

The threat calls of murder are also received by the people on these sites. As a result of which social media becomes more or less like a haunted place for many people. But this cyberbullying must be checked by the authorities to bring peace and security among the citizens of the world.

Here we will try to understand how the various rules of government on cyberbullying are overpowered by the anti-social elements involved in bullying. Also, certain effective solutions are also suggested here that should be taken by the government here.

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Main body – Cyber Bullying Argumentative Essay 

Here are some important reasons that will help you to understand why cyberbullying culprits are still roaming openly in the cities. Also, poor rules and laws are also discussed here by comparing them with developed and developing nations.

Failure Of Government And Law to put the cyberbullying criminals underbar

The government and law both are not able to check the serious issue of cyberbullying in an effective way. Although, certain laws are made which punish the people making illegal racial comments and abusing women on this social platform but everything is in bane. This is because rules are not that much strict which can hinder the criminal to commit the crime again.

The loss that victim bear from the cyberbullying is very high as compared to the minor punishment that is given to the culprits. That is why they find no reason to lag behind in making such illegal comments against people to hurt their sentiments. Very few of the culprits have to visit the prison and that is too with minor punishment time.

The difference in the rules on cyberbullying in developed nations and the developing countries

The developed countries consider the issue of cyberbullying very carefully and seriously as compared to the developing nation. That is why such incidents are more happening around the nations where the women are subjected to insecurities by social media.

The FIR lodged against the criminals is just an action which is suppressed with a bribe in most of the cases that hail from influential backgrounds. The high population of the developing countries is one of the biggest reasons to control such activities which dilute the effect of law by corruption. That is why criminals often commit these crimes in such nations where the command of the law is very poor.

What appropriate actions should be taken against cyberbullying?

Although the law has been framed by the government to check the corruption against then cyberbullying still there are so many things to do. The first and foremost thing that government should do on this issue is to check whether the existing laws are capable of dealing with an issue or not. If there is any loophole then the amendments should be done in such anti-cyberbullying laws.

At the same time, the account of such users must be suspended by the authorities or owner of these social media sites. That is the best options which can be taken into account for reducing the level of cyberbullying in poor countries where people do not get even justice against the crimes to happen against them.


The thesis statement of the argumentative essay on cyber bullying can be justified through the above arguments that the government is not so far successful in checking the issue of cyberbullying.

People are still committing suicides and facing troubles from these networking sites in their daily life. Racist, sexual harassment posts and such other posts can be seen on a daily basis which gives rise to open riots among various communities.

That is why it becomes crucial for the government to make strict law so that defaulters do not manage to skip the path of the punishment easily. The culprit should be dragged to the prisons always only then this type of problems can be sorted out at ground level.

Shouting on the roads and making rules is not enough as their effective implementation is the real success of the government to deal with the problem in real sense.

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