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Persuasive essay on bullying is the demanding essay topic in senior high school & college. The persuasive essay topics given in college are written in such a way that the reader is able to persuade his audience about the perception he has about the topic of the essay. He must be able to win the interest of his reader that whatever he is saying about a particular topic is the truth and worth reliability.

For example, if you are given with cyber security essay topics research work is required to complete such essays by using relevant examples related to your opinion on the topic. One must be aware of one’s readers or audience before start writing a persuasive essay on bullying.

Also, the outline of the essay should be prepared in the beginning by giving a thesis about the topic. A rough draft of the persuasive essay also helps the writers a lot to complete their essay in professionals way.

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Thesis statement- Bullying Essay Example

Bullying is prevalent in every area of life nowadays from cyberbullying to bullying in the classroom is getting very common these days and it’s getting difficult to check the several instances of bullying for authorities.

Introductory Part Of Bullying Persuasive Essay

Bullying someone for their weakness in the classroom or by society was very common in earlier days. But nowadays we can evident cyberbullying along with classroom bullying and several other types of bullying as well. As a result of which it leaves a great impact on the psychology of human being who is being bullied.

Several actions are taken by the anti-cyber crimes branches, school authorities from time to time but all in bane. So far we are almost unable to counterattack this situation with rules and various reforms taken by the government. Here we will discuss the different types of bullying that people get the victim to and how to overcome the scenario. Also, the effect of bullying will be discussed here with deep concern.

Main Body

  • Bullying at school especially in inclusive education: The inclusive education school includes especially abled students along with other students from regular schools. The people, who are visually impaired, have locomotory issues are often mocked by those having their body parts intact. As a result of which most of the time these differently-abled children have to suffer a mental trauma in such an atmosphere of the classroom.

This kind of bullying is very harmful to the educational growth of a child who is already suffering the challenge of visual impairments of other. That is why teachers should show their effective involvement to check such matters with firm strictness in the classrooms.

  • How bullying is prevalent on social media among teenagers: The social media bullying is giving rise to several cases of anxiety, depression and even teenage suicides as well. The bullying through social media can be done by making poor comments or destroying the social image of a person on social media by saying lies to other people.

This works very fast to put down the social status of a person by using the internet. At the same time, we can witness the many other problems that are created by online bullying of girls by the boys through their fake id. It is becoming one of the worst issues these days with the coming of the internet that people are not finding them even secure with the use of social networking sites.

  • Impact of bullying on the psychology of an individual: The bullying leaves the very worst impact on the brain of a human being because it takes shelter in the psychological development of the person being bullied. People even commit suicide when they are openly bullied on social media and such other networking sites.

At the same time school bullying impact, the behaviour of the person and many differently-abled students even fail to withstand this humiliation and leave their schools before the completion of their education.

So we can take a guess from the situation that it is very important to work on this field in order to make sure that bullying is not harming people to such an extent that they end their life. Taking action against bullying is very important in such a time when cyberbullying is at its peak nowadays.

  • Actions that can be taken to prevent bullying from different arenas: The bullying is a crime that is committed by most of the people in one or other way against the person that they can be bullied easily. But it is not a right of anyone to harass someone openly on social media or in dark as well. That is why certain useful laws must be prepared related to this matter by the government.

The existing laws have so many loopholes which easily provide the relief path to the culprits without any interrogation on them. That is the reason the count of such crimes is at its peak and we have to just become the viewer without any hope of justice to us.

If intellectual people of the society will think on this issue a good solution or law can be given to the society to help them fight such discrimination against them. Suicide should not be the last option that people left with once undergoing through this sort of bullying.

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The essay reaches the conclusion that bullying is very common these days among teenage people. The coming of social networking sites is fuelling the fire of bullying to a great extent. The effect of bullying on the human mind can also be seen in the essay how it put a great role in the psychological development of the person. The efforts taken by the government can be seen going to the rubbish bin without proper implementation schemes. So we can say that there are still miles to go to check this issue of bullying in various ways at public places and on social media as well.

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