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The child neglect essay sample for college students is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals. With the help of this cause and effect essay example, top quality essays can be written by the students easily for their college assignments. So if you are given child development research topics then for writing an essay for college then this sample is going to be very useful for you. From writing the best essay outline to the conclusion everything is possible with the help of this example for graduates. In case you are not clear about the MLA and APA format of writing an essay then go through this sample to have a rough idea about it also. You can also find out the research methods used in the essay to carry out research properly. So follow this essay sample and write your college essay on child neglect or related topics easily. 

Thesis statement

Long term negligence of the child by the parents affects the psychology of the child and he starts showing poor social behavior with the developmental stages of his life.


The child developmental stages in the childhood of a person play a significant role in the behavior of the child in society with time.  If he or she is developed with poor affection by the parents and not heard on time to time they will develop an inferiority complex with time. As a result of which it indirectly affects the social behavior of the person as well. That is why it is important to cater to the needs of the child and listen to him regularly without neglecting him. Here we will get some ideas regarding the consequences of neglecting a child for a long time and effect his behavior in society due to this with time. Also, we will get deep insights into the role of psychological counseling on the mentality of the child suffering from inferiority complex.

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Main essay

Effects of neglecting a child on his psychological development

When a child is not given attention by his parents owing to their hectic lifestyle or other reasons he gets subjected to the solitude gradually with the passage of time. There occurs a stage when such children feel secluded from society and also develop an inferiority complex in them. As a result of which they do not become able to give their best in the basic things that can be managed easily by average people. Internal psychological disturbance becomes very high in such a scenario of the child which affects his entire personality.

Social behavior of the person who is neglected by the parents in childhood

This is very obvious that a person who is having a poor social behavior is somehow lacking best cognitive development during his childhood. Some parents do not bother answering the silly questions of their kids and as a result, o which children feel segregated from society. This feeling gets so intense with the time that a person prefers to remains scheduled from society. He or she tries to find solace in them rather them merging up with the society because of their upbringing. That is why it is important to deal with the psychology of a child from the very beginning to make him healthy both mentally and psychologically as well.

Why parents should give time to their children rather than neglecting them in childhood?

If a child is not given proper time by his parents he or she is going to have psychological issues with the passage of time in adulthood. Such children do not find them comfortable in the social gathering and rather prefer to enjoy their own company in loneliness. But a good cognitive development of the child keeps him or her away from such problems. That is why parents should shape their wards in the best way to make them comfortable in society. Those who do not bother about it can see the results in the form of ill-behaved children when they grow up and also lack of emotions in them. This is the reason why parents are supposed to give their best in keeping their children out from the fray of psychological depression and poor upbringing on psychological grounds.

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Role of psychological counseling to bring the child out of psychological trauma accumulated from negligence by parents

Those who have not given time to your children in childhood and now they are going through psychological upheavals should be given with good psychological counseling. A good session with the psychologist is going to save your kids from any type of depression and anxiety they suffer with by being alone in the solitude. Even most of the parents try to get psychological counseling for them before raising children to understand the fundamentals of developmental stages to ensure the best development of children. You can also apply the same method on your in case you have small kids at home. That is how good development can be given to the children by the parents rather than neglecting them always.


From the above essay on child negligence, we can bring out the facts that it is very important to raise a child with the help of proper cognitive development. A person who is raised with poor developmental psychology always finds it hard to settle in the society among people which is a bad thing. Every person is dependent upon society in one or other way and getting detached from society makes them alone. That is why parents should always give attention to their children whether they are getting the best development in childhood or not. Also, peer pressure and many related things should also be supervised by the parents to ensure the best care and development during the cognitive development of the child.

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