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The potential effect of discrimination is a very crucial topic of Sociology in which the consequences of multiple jeopardize are analyzed on the victim. This Jeopardy can be based on race, caste, social status, class and gender as well. The students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social studies at Universities like Oxford University, Cambridge University are supposed to develop a good understanding of the given topic.

Mostly they are assigned different types of essays on potential discrimination throughout their course to make them clear about the topic. An example of a descriptive essay on potential effects of discrimination is given here for such UK students by experts. With the help of this sample essay, sociology graduates can develop a good understanding of the subject before writing their college assignments on it in the UK.

Descriptive Essay Example on Potential Effects of Discrimination 

Thesis Statement

Social discrimination affects the psychological, physical, emotional, and career state of a person immensely.


There are millions of laws that are framed by the government on discrimination based on caste, race, gender, and class. But still, it is prevalent in major proportions throughout the world. Some people are discriminated against for their physical appearance other for financial status and caste as well.

The ultimate consequence of this discrimination results in different types of problems in the life of individuals who are subjected to this discrimination. Here we will discuss the different types of discrimination and its effects on the life of people which falls under various age groups.

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Main Body of essay

  • What are the different types of discriminations in society

Have a look at the different types of discrimination that are prevalent in society for a long time. Though so many rules and laws are made to prevent it but everything is in vain.

  • Skin, class, gender-based Jeopardy

One of the major causes behind the discrimination is skin complexion, gender, and class of the person living in a particular society. Those who are fair in skin complexion belong to the upper class and have a good race of ancestors fly with the wings of arrogance by suppressing others with dark complexion. 

  • Discrimination in Office

People are often discriminated at the workplace on the basis of their caste and financial status while giving bonuses and high designations. At the same time, gender discrimination is at its peak where women are given unequal emoluments for equal work. This is the reason why most of the women develop inferior complex in them.

  • Sexual discrimination

Sexual discrimination deals with the Jeopardy based on the sexual orientation of a person living in a given society. Mostly the orientation towards the same sex is not accepted by society so far and people having such sexual orientation suffer a lot with sexual discrimination.

  • Social discrimination on physical appearance and disability

If a person is unable to move without the help of a wheelchair or stick he is considered as a point of making fun. People start mocking on such a person without knowing about their special abilities. Physical appearance and body also plays a big role in the discrimination in society.

  • Consequences of social discrimination in different areas and age groups 

Here is a detailed account of the potential effects of discrimination that can be seen in people of different ages.

  • Psychological effects on Children and Adults from public discrimination 

If a person is mocked at a public place for his physical appearance he will develop an inferior complex in his personality. Children going through this discrimination start feeling inferior to others and similar is the case with adults.

The psychological approach towards society changes altogether for such people and they do not feel comfortable in social gatherings.

  • Effects on the health of different age group from domestic discrimination

When a person suffers from domestic discrimination like one child is given more preference than other his mental health gets affected a lot. Discrimination in the family can be based on the intelligent quotient of two male, female members of the same family. It leaves a very deep impact on the person going through discrimination at the domestic level. 

  • Consequences of social discrimination on career at the workplace

When a person is discriminated on the workplace he loses the chance of a successful career in life. This is because when he will move to a new workplace he will consider him inferior to others owing to the previous experiences.

  • Impact of social discrimination on the emotions of an individual 

When an individual is subjected to social discrimination his emotional sentiments are hurt at the peak. Such people fail to synchronize normally in society and lose their confidence as well. Teenagers are affected by the worst state by social discrimination on the basis of class and race.

  • Formation of a new legal system in society due to discrimination 

The most effective result of discrimination can be seen in the coming of a new legal system and rules in society. Those who are discriminated against time and again by society become rebellious at one point in time. As a consequence of which new rules are framed to protect them from the social Jeopardy. 

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Conclusion can be derived from the above essay that a person suffers from different aspects when he is subjected to any sort of discrimination. Psychological trouble, health loss, emotional disturbance, and career everything is affected by discrimination in society.

The people of all age groups suffer from these multiple Jeopardise of society differently. So there is a dire need to install an egalitarian approach in the society to abolish the roots of discrimination. 

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