Why You Should Adopt A Dog

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 Thesis Statement

Dogs help us in every way by protecting from the danger of thief and robbers to getting connecting in an emotional way in a time of misery. They act as our real companion in the journey of life.


The relation of dogs to a human being can be traced to the medieval era very easily when we turn the pages of history. Dogs play a significant role in defence forces of various countries as well. But apart from it human being also adopts them like kids at home for multiple reasons. The idea of adopting the dogs is not bad as they are the companion of a human being in every thick and thin.

From protecting us against a thief to providing emotional support in a gloomy state they are good in everything. Here we will discuss the most important things that dogs give us in our life when we adopt them and how they become a life-changing element of human life.

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 Main body

  1. Best Affection:  The affection that a human being gets from the dogs by connecting to them in real sense is the best affection. Dogs are very much compassionate towards their owners and support like a family in the gloomy state by sitting beside you. You will feel a bond of emption to your dog just at the moment you hire them.
  2. Protecting power from various risk:  Dogs are capable of protecting you from a robbery of attack in your house by their high smell sense. They can easily recognize the smell of the thief and bite them out with sharp canines.   So if you are also not having a dog at home you might get attacked by a thief easily. They always remain active in day and night to protect their owner from all kind of risks.
  3. Best in terms of loyalty:  The dog is considered as best loyal animal ever on this earth because of the experience of the previous dog owners. They keep on saying that dogs never harm the master in any scenario and always remain loyal. Also, they are very much touchy and get hurt when their master starts ignoring them. So it is important to reciprocate for their affection shown by them towards you as an owner.
  4. Help you in smart errands:  The best breeds of the dogs can help you to find out the things you have misplaced with the help of smell sense of the dogs. At the same time, you can also ask them to bring small objects from one place to another. Your children can play with the dog and thus you can devote the time in other household chores. That is how dogs also help you in your little errands. So, nobody can avoid dog adoption after knowing such benefits of adopting a dog at home.
  5. You don’t feel alone:  When you have a dog at home it is very hard to feel alone and lonely in any state. This is because a dog is going to show his affection to you by sitting near to you, playing with your hairs or even crouching on you like a small kid playing with dad. So, that is how dogs also give their owners a company when they are alone and feeling lonely. This is also a reason why a person should keep dogs at home always by adopting them.
  6. They will detect your enemies in disguise: Some people have negative intentions to harm a person but come in disguise as friend or relatives. But owing to the powerful sense of the dogs they recognize the people with the wrong intention very easily. If your dog bark at the person in front of you continuously you can figure out something wrong with that person and his intentions as well. So that is how dogs are also helpful in making true and honest friends as well.

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So from the above essay, we can reap out an idea that no other pet can ever be compared to that of dogs. In term of their loyalty, affection, protecting power and many other good features we cannot just go away from them once they enter in our life. That is why one must go for adopting at least a dog in his entire life to experience this good thing.

The affection shown by the Dogs is irreplaceable and cannot be compared to anything. Apart from that, they do not demand anything in return of the affection like a human being which always sounds selfish. So we can say that dogs are the best pet that a human being can adapt to get benefitted in every way.

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