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Sample essays are the only key that helps students to understand the format of writing an essay assignment. This is because the format of the essay and its main points could be understood easily by the students. But it is important to note here is that we should read only a similar essay on the topics that are assigned to us by the professors. Many students, for instance, get the essay work on the topic of happiness upon which they have to frame an essay. Here is a sample essay on happiness that will help you to understand how to understand an essay and how it could be helpful for your Essay Writing assignments. The complete format and arguments along with the conclusion are written by the experts of Students Assignment Help and thus students can take a look at it for quality purpose as well.

Thesis Statement

Happiness comes with satisfaction and if a person is not satisfied he will not be happy at any cost.


Most of us are recklessly striving for the happiness in our life some are doing this by making heavy chunks of money while others are involved in another pursuit. But the ultimate happiness could be obtained or gained through satiety only. When we are in a position to judge the things and learn the vanity of our expectations and wishes we will be able to gain that happiness in our life. But that sounds very weird to many people and they give explanations that satiety is opposite to hard work. Here we are going to discuss the different things that humans do to obtain satisfaction or happiness and way through which happiness could be obtained. Also, we will discuss the fact that is satisfaction is good for the growth in life or not. Each and every aspect of the topic will be covered by the experts.

Main Essay

Here are some arguments that are in defence or favour of satisfaction and happy relations. A brief and clear understanding of the topic could be taken by the people by going through the following essay with complete understanding.

Need for Happiness in Human Life

We all aspire for happiness in our life to gain the ultimate pleasure of our life. It is considered by the race of human being that if you are happy it is the ultimate gain on life. But the way of happiness is different for every individual. Some of them are involved in managing more and more money through legal and illegal way to becomes happy while others are involved in the prayers of God.

But the ultimate pleasure is needed by everyone. As said by John Keats in his poem A thing of beauty is a joy forever that we cannot remains on this earth without that beauty which keeps us motivated to live on earth despite so many challenges. So this is the reason why many people are making their hard efforts to gain that beauty of Keats that he mentions as beauty in his poem.

Actions of Human Being to Obtain Happiness

There are many efforts that a person makes to bring happiness in his life. For example, some of them obtain this happiness by giving food to an empty stomach person, while others accumulate wealth in their safe and fins themselves secure. There are others who offer their prayers to the almighty so that their hard times could be demolished by God. So if you are also going through the same situation it will be your action to obtain happiness.

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Role of Satisfaction in the Happiness of a Person

There is a wonderful poem that reads as Vanity of Human Wishes in which the poet talks about the vanity of the wishes that human aspire for. For instance, some of us aspires for beauty to gain happiness which goes away with time. Others aspire for wealth that brings the risk of life along with it as looters can kill you at any point in time. If you ask for the political power then you can see the results with Alexander the great who died of major diseases and lose his all power in the last few days of life.

Similar is the case with happiness so if you are satisfied no such things are going to trouble you at any cost. You will internally feel happy but that does not mean that you left all your work behind and just sit ideal. Of course, that is not going to work in your case as work is an inseparable part of our life that must be done by every human to eke out his livelihood and two squares of meal per day.

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So if you are finding happiness in your life make sure that you are not going after the trivial things that are for some time only. Try to gain something that pushes you towards the internal and in-depth peace of mind. That is the ultimate happiness you will ever get instead of hankering after the hedonism.

This is the sample essay on happiness written by the experts. So if you need help in writing an essay on happiness takes the guidance of Students Assignment Help Experts. The high-quality essay will be given to you by the experts and that is too with on-time delivery. Low money is charged for writing the essay of students by reliable helpers.

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