Inventors and Inventions Essay

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Thesis Statement

Every invention takes place only when its need arises to the society or community and thus need to serve as the biggest inspiration for an inventor to bring his discovery.


If we observe meticulously there is a reason behind every single invention that took place in the field of technology or for that matter in any area. But the point is that how inventors come to know about the need for such inventions and what is the reason why common people are not able to grab that idea at its early.

Although we are heading towards the most advanced forms of discovery in which we can include the invention of nuclear power and weapons as well. But it is not an essay process to discover a new thing as various royalty and other issues are always hindering the way of an invention. Here we are going to discuss the different types of major inventions that are invented by the inventors over the period of time and their significance in human life.

Main Essay

Here are some crucial and notable points that must be understood about the inventors and inventions before making inferences on the topic. The essay throws its reflection on the points like how major inventions takes places and what was the hindrance in their way before coming into the light. Read the essay until the end and make out your own critical ideas on the topic.

What are the notable inventions that have been taken place in medical, technology and agriculture?

It is quite impossible to discuss every invention that has been taken place in the field of the aforesaid arena but at the same time, we can enumerate some of them which are notable till date to a large extent. For example, medical science has invented the process of radiotherapy in which it becomes possible to destroy the tumour cells easily. The invention of laser technology by the Goldman is serving as a lifeline to those who do not have to go for the surgery for the minor kidney stones and other treatment which are replaced by the laser that does not require the cutting and incisions on the skin. Discovery of the microscope by Leeuwenhoek is another big achievement of medical science.

Technology and science go hand in hand so whatever inventions cite here for medical science can also be connected to the technology as well. Biotechnology and its branches are another big achievement and discovery in the field of agriculture by the inventor Karoly Ereky. So these are the major inventions that have been taken place so far.

Why it is significant to keep on inventing new things on a regular basis?

The needs of human being changes from time to time and new inventions are always in demand and it can be justified if we take a glimpse in the past. Life keeps on changing and in order to make it worth living technology is making it more easy and luxurious. If a person who is not having the access to technology and these inventions he must have subjected to a rigorous work to meet his daily requirement of food and shelter. To avoid the hard effort for getting done common and normal things within every period of time it is important to discover the new set of inventions in every era. That is why we can still see the dreams in the eyes of the inventors who want to give their best for making the lives of people easy and full of comfort.

What are the major obstacles experienced by the scientist while coming up with their new inventions?

There are so many pebbles in the way of scientist and inventors that block their way of coming up with these new inventions. For instance, sometimes copyright issues arise there which disturb a scientist who is doing his work honestly by the anti-social elements who want to take the benefit of other’s hard work and such things to create an unwanted atmosphere in the society for the new discoveries.

But we can put an end to these ill practises by making the strict rules against the people who try to bring the complexities in the process of coming up with the new discoveries and inventions. Those who are culprits must be put into the prison with the help of a legal system which supports the growth of technology, science and new changes in a positive way. This is how we can make a world better living with new and innovative things and inventions.

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The essay gave us a conclusion through its discourse that invention is the very important and crucial part of the life of human being. In every age, we need new inventions to meet the needs of people from that time period. The demand for technology, medical science inventions and research on the types of diseases changes as we move forward with the time. It is not like that we find the previous inventions and discoveries as outdated but yes a new development can be seen in the previous one for the better use of people as per the present context and life situations which keep on changing from time to time. The essay also highlights the issue that there is a strong need for bringing the law system for those who are giving their own hegemony on the work of others.

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