Men VS Women – Gender Comparison Essay Example

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Men v/s Women – Gender Equality – Compare & Contract Essay 

Well, this is the most controversial topic from even ancient times. At ancient times, there were wide differences between men and women as they carry different roles. At that time, men were seen as the protector of the family whereas the women were seen as the caretaker.

But now when the women are giving competition to men in each and every field, still the condition is not very much improved. Still the women are assaulted by society in many parts of the country. But keep on talking about the fact that both should be provided with equal rights if both can equally work. But men are still not able to come out of the traditional mentality that women are made to carry out all the household activities.

Comparison – Gender Comparison Man V/S Female

  • The most common difference between the male and the female is their physical power. The men are comparatively longer in height and heavier in weight than women. It proves that men are stronger than women. In terms of muscles also, men are stronger than women.
  • Women are more emotional than men. Men take everything practically whereas women connect most of the things with their emotions.
  • The next difference is about their intellectuality and brain structure. The researches show that men carry mental mathematical calculations better than women. Whereas women succeed when it comes to showing emotional intelligence level.
  • Men are still offered with better employment and compensation as compared to women, instead of the fact that women are equally active and showing intelligence in their work and they also take the responsibility of their house on their shoulders.
  • Many employers prefer to hire men instead of single women or mothers as they think that men can work for a longer duration as compared to women.
  • Also, the differences can be noticeable between men and women by their way of communication. Women talk more openly than men. Women are more humble and gentle when they talk as compared to men. Women talk by their heart whereas men talk by their mind and only convey the manipulated things.
  • The friendship of boys is stronger than girls as most of the girls are selfish little or more. But girls give more important to their relationships than boys.

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  • Men never talk about their weaknesses and vulnerabilities whereas women never deny showing their weaknesses. This proves that males are more aggressive in nature. Males also show competitiveness in their relationships, therefore they always avoid talking about their weaknesses and emotions.
  • Females tend to avoid arguments whereas males are most likely to indulge in the same. The reason is that men always want to prove that they are right. Men are likely to talk more in public and avoid talking in private. But the case is the opposite for women as they talk more in private.
  • When it comes to showing emotions, women are more emotional than men. Women usually not able to handle much pressure and use to break down their emotions in such situations. Men cry very rarely as they relate it with weakness. Women behave in a polite manner as compared to men. Women show their emotions and feelings whereas men show their anger.
  • Men are very tough and considered as the main provider of their family whereas women are sophisticated and if they work too, their salary is considered as extra income. This is the reason why some jobs are only made for men. But this is been changing over the past many years as women are giving competition and equating themselves in each and every field.
  • There are not any proves until now about the hormones that make differences between male and the female. The difference only made due to socialization that only considers the world as the male-dominated and women are made to look after their house and children.
  • According to science, there are also chromosomal differences between men and women. The human body is made to contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 are similar in both male and female, the difference comes in 23rd pair. In the 23rd pair, the women contain two of X chromosomes whereas men contain 1 X and 1 Y chromosome.

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Conclusion Of Gender Roles

In the end, we can say that all the difference between men and women are because of their appearance and society. There are not any laws that differ from men from women. They have the rights equal to that of men. But both of them have different capabilities, hobbies, physical properties, etc.

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