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To nurse someone in actual way is far different than what we understand it in the modern context which is limited to the treatment of patients in clinic and hospitals. It is not important for a nurse to have a professional degree always to get this title because a mother who is nursing her children, a nanny at home who is raising the child effectively or any such other person can also known as nurse in wide perspective. The entire philosophy of nursing is based upon the inner reflection on the ideas like helping, caring and nurturing someone who is in need for this help. It could be scientific through medical treatment or general as in case of mother and child at home. Every aspect of nursing is important to be understood very carefully by the people to know the actual philosophy behind Nursing by coming out from the cocoon term which is always connected with the treatment of patients by giving medicines at the hospitals.

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Different roles of a nurse like she is a mental health counsellor of the patients of person who is in pain or illness, full time partner in sharing the pain of the patient by giving him proper medicine and to empathise with the discomfort of the patient can be included in the single profession of Nursing. It is very hard to mark a solid line between the dos and don’ts of nursing career and it is their duty to have that flexibility as per the circumstances to give the utmost level of satisfaction to the patients. This satisfaction could be associated with the relief from the ache, medical counselling, and emotional strength by making them mentally strong to fight the disease and pushing them towards eating food that is too with full enjoyment and happiness.

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One of the most important and difficult thing that is connected with the career of nursing to serve as professional nurse is to deal with the different types of patients at different stages of their career. As a result of which they have to be very much dynamic in their character. Understanding the mind set of various people and then finding new ideas every time to deal with their issues and problems cannot be learned through the course of nursing by students. All the perfection only comes from the day to day experiences and things that are confronted by the nurses in their career to cater the needs of various patients effectively. This is how a professional nurse can serve her or his purpose to treat the patients by giving the utmost care to them.

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Having a feeling of empathy at the personal level is very important for the nurse and in order to attain that bonding various research and surveys are needed at every stage by the professional nurses. If you are not that much into the habit of understanding the concerns of people than it is better for you to quit this professional at its early. This is because no one can serve this career best if he or she is not able to understand the people without listening to their words. Some patients are not able to speak owing to their medical conditions and that is why to nurse them properly a connection at the personal level with them must be build by the nurse. This is how it goes to the personal level when it comes to deal with the variety of cases.

Research plays a significant role in the life of a person who is pursuing as a professional nurse. This is important to come up with the new theories and solutions for the different types of problems encountered by the patients. If there will be no new inventions and studies in the field then it can harm the entire future of nursing for that person and nobody wants to hire a person as nurse which is not able to meet the needs of the patients with utmost care and fineness as well. Pursing large number of research work is not that much suggested by the professional but at least one research in a given time is crucial to learn something new apart from the experiences that a nurse is subjected with the different types of patients.

The conclusion of the essay on nursing philosophy reach to a point that it is not easy for a nurse to rely upon the things he or she has learned in the course. Learning something new and research work both are the backbone of this arena. That is why a nurse must be open to learn new things always which can be done by understanding the patients at their level and not by putting your ideologies on the patients. A mutual bond of understanding between the nurse and patient should always be there to serve the best.

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