Poetry Analysis – Introduction & Conclusion Paragraph

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The Poetry analysis is done to analyze the purpose of the poet behind a given poem by finding out its central theme and ideas. Analyzing a piece of the poem includes elements like the setting of the poem, its theme, the main examples given in the poem and literary devices. There are different types of poems which are analyzed with a unique approach based on the period to which the poem belongs. For example, the importance of rhyme scheme and couplets can be seen in the classical age.

At the same time, we can see the effect of nature on poetry in the romantic period. Few examples of poetry analysis are given here that will help you to understand the way by which a poem can be analyzed on literary grounds by criticizing it on both positive and negative note.

What is a poetry analysis?

As the name indicates poetry analysis symbolize the subjection of a piece of poetry for critical analysis. The themes, central idea, literary devices and examples of the poem are subjected for analysis to come up with the motif of the poem for writing the given poem. At the same time, a poem is also analyzed on the basis of contemporary social, political and economic situations of the society.

A good poetry analysis always includes the setting of the poem, its major themes, and literary devices that are used in it like alliteration, metaphor, and simile and so on. Poetry analysis of a poem helps or guide a person about a poem and its important points before he proceeds further for reading a poem.

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Poetry Analysis example for the poem The Sun Rising

The sun rising by John Donne at a glance

The Sun rising is a poem written by the metaphysical poet John Donne in which he talks about the unruly sun who is making him up in the morning when he does not want to. The poem addresses the sun like a fool and asks not to disturb him by waking up in the morning by peeping through the curtains.

He directs the Sun to wake up apprentices and those who are courts men. He also derogates the sun and its powerful beam that bright rays of the sun are not so strong to make him left his bed as he can ignore them just with a wink of an eye.

Critical analysis of the poem

  • Title:  The sun rising is the title of the poem which is given by John Donne represents the Metaphysical element in it. The Donne relates the sun with the human world very finely by using such title in the poem. This is the uniqueness of John Donne’s poetry that his titles are always compared to that of Meta-physical world.
  • Themes: The theme of the poem reflects how people were affected by the science and its discovery. The personification of the sun in the poem also reflects that people were a bit superstitious as well but the effect of science can also be seen developing in their brain.

The poem is devoted to the age of renaissance which started with the discovery of the printing press and new inventions of science as well. We can also say that people of the age were not ready to leave their traditional approach towards the sun and were not accepting it with the spectacles of science.

  • The setting of the poem: The poem is set in a stagnant location where the sun is considered as a part of life for a human being. A reference of Indian species is also given in the poem which reflects that the people were traveling from one place to another in this period of time. Trade economy can also be seen developing at this time as the reference of species can be seen in the poem.

Impact of colonialization and its beginning can be seen through this particular reference of species from the Indian region in the poem. The poem is written in the age of renaissance and we can see the objection of the people along with acceptance about the new knowledge in the poem through the poet.

  • Literary terms and devices: Literary devices are used in the poem to a great extent, for example, we can see the use of words fool and unruly for Sun as personification in the poem. At the same time, various alliterations and symbolism devices are there in the poem, which is used by the poet.


The poem is showing us the period of renaissance that started with the age of knowledge and science. With the coming of the printing press and sea routes, people were traveling from one place to another. As a result of which culture, trade, and the economy were also flouring throughout the world.

Also, the origin of science was coming up with new discoveries and inventions which were either accepted by the people or they were raising voice against it. Some of them were not happy with the change and others were objecting science even. At the same time, the inclination of the people of the age can be seen towards the Metaphysics as well.

Vanity of human wishes- Poetry Analysis

Samuel Johnson’s The Vanity of Human Wishes, Brief idea 

The Vanity of human wishes is a poem that is written by Samuel Johnson and mocks the painful wishes of a human being. The Johnson talks about the different wishes that are made by a human being like Wealth, territorial power, beauty, brain and so on and how they are not long-lasting. Poet gives several examples to prove the vanity behind every human wish that is made strongly by humans. For example he talks about the wealth which is desired by many but it is always associated with the risk of life.

People having wealth can never remain happy as they are always in fear of getting looted by someone. Similarly, he talks about the vanity of beauty desire as beauty is never permanent and it perishes with the time. Further, he mocks at the brain as Milton was the most intelligent person what at the end of his life he had to encounter mental illness.

The Johnson also gives the example of Alexander the Great who conquered the world but at the end of his life, he was suffering from a serious ailment. That is how he depicts the vanity of all human wishes that are desired strongly.

Analysis of the Poem

  • Title of the poem:  The Title of the poem the vanity of human wishes reflects how people were getting reasonable and impact of science on their life. The superstitious nature can be seen at the level of extinction at this time. That is why the title of the poem is so scientific and full of Victorian epithets where people were in a middle state of the classical age and Victorian age.
  • Symbols, literary devices: The various symbols and examples are used in the poem to co-relate the wishes of the human with vanity. For example the example of Gold is given for the vanity of wealth. At the same time, we can see the example of Alexander the great for territorial power wish.
  • Setting: The setting of the poem the vanity of human wishes can be seen in Victorian and classical age both. People were getting reasonable for the things and not accepting them out of a superstitious nature. The use of wit can be seen in the poem by the Johnson which is an aspect of the classical age. At the same time, we can see so many other examples in the poem that proves out the classical and Victorian setting of the poem The Vanity of human wishes.
  • Tone: The tone of the poem is written in formal note mostly by using informal examples by the poet. The poem is written for both upper class and middle-class people and that is why we can encounter the use of simple language and vocabulary by the poet in this poem.
  • Themes, Ideas:  The main theme of classical age can be seen in the poem which makes people use their wit and reason for analyzing the things. We can see how people were getting against the set norms in the poem where the common human desire was getting objected by the poet. As the poet is the mirror of nature according to the philosophers we can see how people were getting witty in the age when the poem Vanity of human wishes was written.


The conclusion of the poem can be seen with respect to the development of the human brain with the coming of science. Also, the use of classical language along with the Victorian touch can be seen in the poem.

The overall purpose of the poem is to reflect how people were not ready to accept the things as it is and they were trying to know the reason behind their existence.  All this can be seen with a co-relation to the science and technology along with its flourishing.

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Free sample of poetry analysis for the rime of ancient mariner

The rime of ancient mariner poem overview

The Rime of the ancient mariner is a poem written by the Samuel tailor Coleridge which is written in the romantic age of English literature.   The poem talks about the hurdles that were faced by a mariner when he made an alligator dead while sailing through a journey. The mariner went through a lot of problems throughout the journey and meets so many creatures that look ugly in the journey.

Also, he finds troubles to manage food and water while sailing through a river after slaying that alligator. The overall purpose of the poem is to give importance to the small creatures and nature in the poem. When the mariner accepts the creatures as part of life all his troubles get vanished within moments.

Critical analysis of the Rime of Ancient Mariner

  • Title: The Rime of the ancient mariner is the title given to the poem by S.T Coleridge to show the importance of nature. The name of the poem is given on the basis of natural elements and it is a specific element of romantic poetry.
  • The central idea, themes: The theme of the poem is to talks about the impact of nature on human being if they will not respect the nature and natural creatures. The slaying of an alligator in the poem creates so many hurdles in the way of mariner as he did not show respect to nature.

So the poem conveys the idea of the importance of nature to human being and why it is always good to synchronize with it. By the time mariner understand the importance of nature and started obeying its rule he becomes free from all his troubles suddenly which is a direct hint that it is a romantic era poem.

  • Location and setting: The setting of the poem is also in nature where the mariner is sailing through a river and finding various creatures in the journey. So we can say that Samuel tailor Coleridge is making every effort to put the element of nature in the poem through setting and its lines as well. Also, the rhyme scheme is natural in poem and no stress is given to make it classic like that of a heroic couplet which was popular in the classical age.
  • concept of writing: The poem is written in a mixed formal and informal tone and we can see that the poet is giving stress on the neutrality. The forceful rhyme scheme and proper words are not inculcated in the poem by keeping the era of the poetry in mind.

The poetry shows how the people were disgusted with the rules of the classical age in English literature and that is why they are heading towards the nature or age of romanticism. A complete analysis of the poem shows that no aspect of the poem is based on the classical age where only formal tone can be accepted in the poetry with complex words as it was meant for the people of the upper cast.

  • Literary figures: There are so many literary figures that are used in the poem the rime of ancient mariner by the Samuel tailor Coleridge. For example, we can see the use of metaphors, similes, and alliteration in the poem several times by the poet. At the same time, the use of various other allegorical figures can be seen in the given poem. The overall purpose of the poem to set the poem and use these figures is to make the people understand the importance of nature.


The conclusion of the poem can be given in such a way that it is romantic age poetry. The poet is trying to reflect the impact of killing and going against nature on human life through this poem. After the poem rime of ancient mariner, the life of alligators gets good in the world as people used to consider it as sin for killing an alligator and other natural creatures.

This is the biggest benefit that can be seen through the poem the Rime of the ancient mariner. At the same time, people start coming out of the manacles of rules and regulations of classical age after reading this poem of S. T. Coleridge.

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