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Is the cost of College too high argumentative

It is alright with the basic education but when it comes to think of the higher education in countries like USA, UK and France then students have to think twice before walk into a course. This is because of the reason that higher education is very costlier in these countries and people fail to afford the cost easily especially who are in the middle section of the society. That is why most of t

What age is Appropriate for Dating

Dating a person from the same different gender or for that matter it could be the same gender does not require any suitable age. It depends upon the person when he or she gets a tinge of dating someone as a romantic partner in life. It has been become a trend from the recent time to date someone before getting into a romantic affair so that the person could be known in depth. There are differen

Nursing Admission

I have been always motivated towards helping people who are in pain and any other health issue from the very beginning of the childhood. As I am raised in a family which is full of professionals from medical science it gives me the aptitude to choose the same arena with full interest. With the passage of time I came to realise that it is best idea for me to switch a career in the field of nursi

Animals in Captivity

There are human beings who have the hobby to spend their quality time with the animals and for this purpose they keep many animals in captivity. For instance we can take the example of animals and birds like parrot, humming birds, dogs, cats and many more which are captive by many people. Most of the facilities and luxury items are provided to these animals by those who have the interest in rar

Space Exploration Introduction

Space exploration is becoming one of the important and favourite tasks for the scientists or better to say astronauts. Today we can see the number of satellites revolving in the different orbital which make us aware of the situation and rising space exploration actions that are being taken across the world. The reason why people are so much enthusiastic about the space exploration is to satisf

About Leaders

Leaders play a very significant and vital role in the development and prosecution of every arena of life. We cannot suppose a better world without the help of best leader in a given field of life. For example the need of leaders in medical science, engineering, politics, social harmony etc. cannot be denied at any cost. These leaders have the quotient to unite the power of every person and then

Leadership in Nursing

Nursing and leadership both are complimentary fields to each other and exist parallel hand in hand. One cannot suppose to be a good nurse if he or she is not a good leader this is because all that is required for the profession of a nurse after knowledge of medical science is the team leading or leadership quality. There are instances in the life of a nurse in which they are forced to take sudd

Public Transport

Public transport is a very wonderful medium in the places where the traffic is not controlled by the system and authorities easily. Some of the cities in the world are polluted to an extent that instant requirement of launching the only public transport can be seen in these cities. Public transport can also be taken in other aspects like affordability and symbol status. For instance those who a

Social Media

Social media and its craze among the people of every generation can be seen very easily. Earlier it was limited to the youth only but now old age people and kids are also getting involved in the use of social media for one or another reason. Some philosophers start throwing their ideologies and opinions on the use of social media and its benefit and drawbacks. Such people says that the major pa

Heart Diseases

The reason for massive boom in the heart diseases can be given to the modern lifestyle where we are more dependent on the greasy food. Late night working hours and sitting over than the capacity of human body on the office chairs make our body prone to the diseases like high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and such other lifestyle diseases. To earn money and survive in the cut throat competitio