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Introduction to Ethical Dimensions

In any organization, firm, or business, the business leaders of the particular organization and the decision makers have to make sure that there is a balance in the demand and ethical imperatives. However, at sometimes, there is no way in which a decision can be made which is completely agreeable by all the parties which are involved. However, if not even a single person is aware of the ethical impact of what they could make as a leader, the results can be hurtful. If the decision makers are aware of their ethical dimensions, they can get to make the best decision possible ever. The decision which they make will not only be beneficial for themselves as leaders, but also for all the employees, various parties involved, and the business overall.

Most of the universities introduce these programs for students who are pursuing a management course. This subject is aimed on making the students great leaders and decision makers so that they can introduce decisions which are happily acceptable and agreeable by all and that they manage and supervise and lead their fellowship easily, efficiently, and effectively. The main motive of teaching the subject of an ethical dimension to students is to make sure that the student not only makes smart managers but also great ones. There must be a hint of harmony and compassion in them. And this kind of compassion and ethics can come in the students only if they are made to learn a subject as such which will not only help them in their professional life but more than that in their real and personal life.

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There are a Number of Courses Under Which the Students are Abided to Learn Ethical Dimensions and They have been Stated as below:

  1. Ethical dimensions in IHRM,
Theory of moral unityTheory of amoralityIdea of mutual ruleEthical dilemmasHR ethical issuesManaging ethicsCorporate policy ethics, and many more.
  1. Ethical dimensions of Renewable energy and sustainability,
Trade secretsPlant breeders’ rights
Geographical indicationsTrademarks
  1. Ethical dimension in Health profession.
Ethical standards set for nursesDignity related to each individual
Patients’ rights from a nursing perspectiveCode of conduct of nurses
PrivacyIndividual value system
Advocation of dignityComplying with codes
Promotion of interests of patientsConfidentiality
Rights of
  1. Ethical dimensions of Nursing,
  2. Ethical dimensions of Political Science, and
  3. Ethical dimensions of Leadership.

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