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Oliver Perez - US

Masters in Sociology from University of Chicago


I have done Masters in Sociology from the University of Chicago.

Subject paper expertise:

I can write assignments on any of the subjects related to Epistemology of the social sciences, Sociological Theories of Modernity, Classical Social Theory, Classical Political Theory, Qualitative Methods of Social Research, Sociological Perspectives on Globalization, Selected Topics of Globalization and Culture, Selected Topics on Democracy, Governance and Political Communication and The genesis of Political Sociology.

Academic paper expertise:

I’m a Professional Sociology Essay Writer and can write any type of assignment related to this field. I have written hundreds of papers for my clients, including Research Papers, Case Study Reports etc., so there is nothing that would be beyond me.

Work experience:

I’m working as a community service manager in a reputed firm in the USA, and love to help students with Sociology assignments, I’m so glad to collaborate with students assignment help.

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Sociology 27th February 2020

Cultural Diversity & Language Backgrounds – Reflective Essay

The case scenario focuses on a student named Jia who lived in China, but from the past six months, she lived in America for study purposes. The teacher will engage in teaching the lesson on the lifecycle of a butterfly that would ensure a student to be culturally and linguistically responsive. However, the student Jia was struggling with English as from childhood she was more comfortable speaking the Chinese language. It is important for the teachers to understand the cultural identities of the

Sociology 15th April 2016

Race & Ethnicity Inequality Sociology Essay Sample

Question Write a 1,400-word essay by using sociological concepts and theories learned from lectures form that week on the topic:- racial or ethnic inequality. Write an essay to formulate core arguments and extend discussions. A suggested structure of the essay includes the following main sections: • Introduction • Literature review • Main arguments • Summary In writing your essay, you may consider the following questions to check whether you are on the right track (this is not exhau

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