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Components of a financial statement

Financial reports are the written statement presented either quarterly or annually to the company’s shareholder and general public which include at least three significant financial accounting statements:

1. Statement of income- It shows the net profit that a company had made during the financial quarter. It is given by the formula: Net profit= revenue-expenses

2. Statement of cash flow- It simply states how much money came in and how much money left the company in the financial sheet. It consists of three parts:

3. Balance sheet- It is the final steps in preparing the financial reports. It lists the assets of the company on one hand and liabilities on the other along with owner’s equity.

What are the methods of financial analysis?

Financial analysis is mainly done through financial ratio analysis. Some of the chief financial ratios used in financial statement analysis are:

• Profitability ratio
• Current liquidity ratio
• Profit margin
• Debt ratio
• Dividend cover
• Earnings per share
• Quick liquidity ratio

What is financial statement analysis?

Financial analysis or simply economic analysis refers to an examination of stability, viability and profitability of a business enterprise or an organization as a whole or a particular project that it has undertaken. It is performed by the expert professionals who prepare the reports using information taken from the company’s financial statements. These reports are used as the chief and important tool in making business decisions and are usually presented to the top Management. So, in academics and professional world financial statement analysis has immense value.

On the basis of these reports, management can take any one of the possible decisions:

  • Continue or discontinue part of its business interest or its primary operation.
  • Acquire, rent or lease certain equipment and machinery.
  • Make or purchase certain materials to manufacture its product.
  • To increase its working capital issue stocks or negotiate for a bank loan.
  • It may also make decisions regarding lending or invest capital.

In short, it allows the management to make an informed choice regarding the overall operation of a business enterprise or a company. Our financial statement analysis Assignment Help Services will be the best assignment assistance you are looking for.

What are the main goals of financial analysis?

There are four primary goals of creating a financial statement analysis. They are:

  • Profitability - Profitability refers to the class of economic metrics used to assess a business enterprise’s ability to generate income. It is given by the ratio obtained from the analysis of financial statements. Under financial ratio analysis, it is called as profitability ratio.
  • Solvency - The ability of a company to meet its long-term financial goals is called its solvency.
  • Liquidity - Liquidity is the ability of a company to meet its short-term economic goals or objectives. Solvency and liquidity are related terms which allow investors to look closely at a company’s economic health. In our financial statement analysis assignments, investors look at both solvency and liquidity while making investment decisions. It is based on healthy debt to equity ratio, which a company must have.
  • Stability - It is the ability of a company to remain in business for a long run without incurring major and significant losses.

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