6N1957: Discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of the SNA in General Terms: SNA Level 6 Assignment, Trinity College, Ireland

SNA Level 6 6N1957 Assignment Question

Question 1: Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the SNA in general terms and in terms of what you carried out while on placement?

Question 2: Discuss the desired skills and qualities of an SNA?

Question 3: List your own main skills and qualities and how they helped you with your placement?

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Question 4: Discuss the relevant legislation: DES Curricular, Health and Safety at Work Act, NCSE, SESS, UN Rights of the Child, Tusla Children First?

Question 5: Reference the relevant?

Question 6: Provide a detailed account of the day’s activities?

Question 7: What you learned. What were the major highlights? Any areas for self-improvement?

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