A Major Reason for MNC Failure is that They don’t Understand Enough: International Human Resource Management Assignment, CU, UK

University Coventry University (CU) London
Subject Human Resource Management

My chosen MNC is Apple

Set Exercises Brief

This set of exercises provide the three tasks;

Task 1: Individual Presentation Slides (with Commentary of 500 words)

A major reason for MNC failure is that they don’t understand enough about the differences in managing HR in foreign environments (Dowling et al 2013). With reference to an MNC of your choice, critically discuss the key factors that underpin the differences between domestic and international HRM. You should include references to both theory and practice.

LO1 Critically analyse and evaluate the structures, cultures, and processes in domestic and global settings and strategies of organisational performance.

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Task 2: Individual Report (1,500 words)

Investigate the importance of HR practices to the business strategy of any MNC of your choice. The report format should include sub-headings and should be written in the third person.

Your report may include diagrams and/or tables. If you wish to refer to additional data to support your discussion/argument, these must be placed in the appendices (accurately labelled within the report and in the appendices).

LO2 Critically evaluate the contribution of HR practices to strategic management and achieving organisational goals at local and international levels.

Task 3: Reflective Essay (1,500 words)

Investigate how career development and career management work within the organisation selected for the individual report section. Include any personal work experience if applicable. Discuss tools such as career management practices and performance management with relevant theories/models.

LO3 Critically explore and evaluate tools for global talent management and succession planning.

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