As the Supervisor of HR Assessments, You have Performed an Analysis of the Validity: Performance Management Assignment, SAIT, Canada

University Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Canada
Subject Performance Management

Assignment Overview:

As the Supervisor of HR Assessments, you have performed an analysis of the validity and reliability factors for the performance management of employees in your company, ElectroTech. The analysis shows that older techniques used by senior staff lacked validity since each senior staff person used their own system, different from the others. Also, other techniques lacked reliability as they did not have good results in improving the performance.

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One of the senior staff was too nice and always gave good reviews; another did not want to take time to make proper assessments so she always gave neutral results; another was always biased by those employees he knew and had hired, giving them better scores than staff who were transferred over by HR.

Assignment Question:

Assess the types of interview methods that had been used, stating which error types they each were. Then propose a common system for use by all senior staff for performance appraisals at this professional engineering company.

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