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1. Identify your own cultural profile by making a cultural profile of yourself. Based on your
cultural profile on the eight parameters below in Model of Culture:

Your profile should be in the following table format:

Then plot the values on a “Radar Chart” based on the following format below:

2. Choose a country where you intend to do business. Using Chapter 3 and 4 of the main text (Understanding Cross-Cultural Management, Browaeys & Price, 3e or 4e) or other supporting references, work out how you perceive the culture of the country concerned.

Draw up the cultural profile of this country’s “representative” whom you have to do business within the same way as you did when you prepare your own profile. For example:

3. Compare the two profiles and determine the differences and similarities in the parameters.
4. Define what you believe are the critical issues when the representative and you meet to work together.
5. Finally, determine the strategies needed to make a success of your job in the country that you have chosen. Identify the impact which the main differences in the eight cultural values have between you and the country “representative” in regard to the 5 (five) Management Tasks: Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling.
6. Reflect on how you can best adapt in order to operate in the business environment of the
chosen country taking into account individual, national and professional culture
differences. An example format you can adopt is:
Management Task: Planning
 Differences in cultural values regarding management tasks.
 Management strategies


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