BLAW 3920: You have just finished your Law Degree specializing in Business: Employment Law of British Columbia Assignment, UoW, Canada

University University of Windsor (UoW)- Canada
Subject BLAW 3920: Employment Law


You have just finished your Law Degree specializing in Business. You have been hired by a busy employment law firm as an Associate. As a part of your job, you draft contracts on behalf of clients, some of whom are employers while others are employees.

In this assignment you will act on behalf of:

a. If your first name starts with a letter between A-K – the Employer;

b. If your first name starts with a letter between L-Z – the Employee.

You will an employment contract for your chosen “dream job”. The contract you will draft will have terms and conditions which protect your client. In other words, if you are acting for the employer, you will draft an employment contract favorable to the employer (and vice versa).

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Your instructor loves creativity and simplicity. You will need to use some language that we have discussed in class, but no need to use other “Legalease” (look it up). Make the employment contract easy to read and understand with no ambiguity. Remember Contra Proferentum! You may get fired if you draft an ambiguous contract that is drafted in favor of the other party.


  1. Be no longer than 8 pages;
  2. Double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 as a font;
  3. Meet the following basic qualifications:
    • Identify the appropriate parties throughout the Contract;
    • Clearly identify the terms of the contract; the rights and obligations of each party;
    • Correctly include conditions and warranties;
    • Include terms to address default, venue, jurisdiction, remedies;
    • Include all of the contract “basics”: Date, Preamble, signature blocks, etc.

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